Emotional Harmony


Emotional Harmony is a nice attunement. Emotions give something extra to life. Showing how you are related to the people you meet and the situations you get yourself into. The perception of how you deal with your outer world determines partly the quality of your life. And if your relationship with the outside world will lead to problems, that will not make you very happy. Therefore, it can be very helpful to determine your emotions yourself and bring them in a pleasant way to expression.

Who is not acquainted with this: with some person you ever had a little incident, and whenever meeting or thinking about that person, the same unpleasant emotion that occurred then is repeating itself every time. Or you have experienced a situation that made you feel fearful, and everything that reminds you of that situation also brings fear to the surface. Therefore, it is very nice to have a tool that allows you to experience your own positive emotions. Allows you to break through tedious and recurring reaction patterns. Use Emotional Harmony if you want to respond in a positive and pleasant manner on the things you experience. And bring in this way your emotional life back into harmony.

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Your emotional life and the perception of your world

The attunement Emotional Harmony is a nice tool for your emotional life and the relations you have with others. It is an attunement that is experienced as very pleasant. With Emotional Harmony you can quite easily and quickly bring a change in your perception of situations. And what people you come in contact with do with you, how they affect your inner life. With this attunement you can quickly react to that what happens with you, and give it a positive outcome. So you can see Emotional Harmony as a tool to change in a positive way your personal perception of the world.

Feeling as an exceptionally important instrument

To make things clear it would be good to distinguish between feelings and emotions. That can help us to get aware of the difference. And to use this attunement in a better way. Our feelings are a very important tool that tells us in which condition we are, what the effects are of what we experience, and what the contacts with other people deep inside mean to us. Feelings are the language of our soul, that we can feel in our heart and especially in our Heart Chakra. They every time tell us how our soul experiences situations, what the effect of it is on our inner life. Feelings are the purest signals we have. It is with all that happens to us our truth and because of that invaluable. (The attunement Heart and Soul is a very nice one to come in contact with your soul and your inner feelings more easier.) Every scientist can only dream of such a reliable and infallible instrument.

The difference with emotions and where they come from

Emotions you could see as related to feelings, but coming from a different source. They often arise in your belly (abdominal pain very well can be emotional pain), but can also appear in other physical areas. Emotions do not arise from your soul but are signals from our personality and our body. A reaction to what happens to us in the outer world. Emotions are actually a value judgment telling how you think or feel about something. How your body reacts on what you experience. Emotions are in fact a choice about how you like to react on what you think, say or do. A choice that not always is made fully conscious and controlled. So when we like to bring harmony in our emotional life, it is really important to get aware of this moment of choice. To recognize and to examine negative emotions, and to replace them with positive emotions. That is when we like to live positive and when feeling good about oneself is important enough to do something about it.

The basic emotions Love and Fear

There are two basic emotions: Love and Fear. All the positive emotions can be placed under Love: joy, kindness, happiness, enthusiasm, spontaneity, trust, hope, compassion, peace, gratitude, patience… All the negative emotions can be placed under Fear: sadness, anger, dislike, hatred, jealousy, irritation, greed, contempt, suspicion, resentment, arrogance, bitterness… So actually they are therefore always variations on the same theme: from the outside it looks different, but inside it’s either positive or negative, Love or Fear. And so you choose in every situation which of the two basic emotions, and which of the variants in that group, you like to use as a reaction.

And often not that conscious, and maybe very impulsive (like anger that becomes aggression). Or it seems to happen automatic and in every similar situation the same unwanted emotion arises. Also try to differentiate between unnatural and natural emotions. A child that falls down and hurts itself, and shows grief or anger, shows a natural emotion. Natural emotions shouldn’t be seen as negative or undesirable. And suppressing emotions is no good strategy. To show emotions in a positive way and when necessary change for the better, is.

Let natural emotions be, and change unnatural emotions

Emotions only are negative when they appear for no good reason. When they don’t help and make the situation, now or later on, only worse. For instance fear expressed in a good way helps you to be careful with what is of worth to you. It helps you, when it isn’t suppressed too often, to be master of the situation and not to panic. Grief is a natural way of dealing with a loss or something that isn’t possible. Not expressing grief in a good way can be the cause of many depressions. Anger helps you to make clear you don’t want something. Too often suppressed anger may lead to aggression. Envy stimulates you to make happen what you so much desire. Suppressed envy becomes jealousy, which can destroy a lot.

So differentiate between what is natural and positive, or unnatural and negative. The attunement Emotional Harmony helps you to get aware of that. And can be used very well to make a fine change in your emotional life. To replace fear with love in what you think, say and do. To get aware of automatic responses, and to give unwanted reactions a new and much more positive shape. Use it also when your emotions are overwhelming you, when they are a unpleasant surprise for you, or when they seem to come from nowhere. To bring harmony into your emotional life is worth the energy.

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