Emotional Harmony

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Emotional Harmony is the attunement to experience your emotions in a good way. Emotions can make your life richer, but can also make your life complicated or unpleasant. They show how you are in relation to the people you meet and the situations you find yourself in.

Who is not acquainted with this: with some person you ever had a little incident. And whenever meeting or thinking about that person, the same unpleasant emotion that occurred every time repeats itself. Or you have experienced a situation that made you feel fearful. And everything that reminds you of that situation also brings fear to the surface. Therefore, it is very nice to have a tool that allows you to experience your own positive emotions. And that tool is Emotional Harmony.

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Improve your emotional with Emotional Harmony

Emotional Harmony is a nice tool for your emotional life and the relations you have with others. It is an attunement that is experienced as very pleasant. Feelings and emotions are usually considered the same, but are different. Feelings arise from our soul, and we can feel in our heart / Heart Chakra. Emotions are caused by our body, and are usually felt in our belly.

Emotions are valuable because they help you determine who you are and what you prefer. They show how you are toward people and situations. Emotions color your personality and your life, positively or negatively. They help you determine who you want to be. And how you want to respond to what happens to you. A positive emotional life gives your personality the good basis for a fine life. With Emotional Harmony you can work on that.

Emotional Harmony, for emotional stress and pain

Emotions are a reaction of your body, that can be felt everywhere in your body, but mostly in your belly. They are a reaction on what you think, the situations you experience and the people you meet. On what people say to you, what they do or think about you. Positive emotions are a honest representation of how you feel about something.

Negative emotions are caused by your ego and only show your ego’s nature. They cause emotional stress and emotional pain. They often go together with drama in relationships. The roller coaster which gives you a short kind of negative discharge, which then builds up again. That keeps going on without ever bringing forth something positive. Negative emotions are often responsible for blockades in your heart. Making you less affectionate and more coldhearted, so you won’t get hurt again. But they also make you unhappy. Emotional Harmony can break through these negative situations.

The basic emotions Love and Fear

There are two basic emotions: Love and Fear. All the positive emotions can be placed under Lovejoy, kindness, happiness, enthusiasm, spontaneity, trust, hope, compassion, peace, gratitude, patience… All the negative emotions can be placed under Fearsadness, anger, dislike, hatred, jealousy, irritation, greed, contempt, suspicion, resentment, arrogance, bitterness… (Also see the table.) Positive emotions are desirable, they create connection, satisfaction, and enjoyable experiences. Negative emotions are undesirable, they create separation, conflict, and unpleasant experiences.

The more you are aware of the arising of your emotions, the better you can cope with them. Negative emotions can cause stress and disease. They are not good for your relationships, not good for your self-image, and unpleasant for others. They can also be associated with grievances, regrets, guilt, shame, and emotional pain. But far better than suppressing them is to change them with Emotional Harmony for the better. By doing so, they become conscious and you can do something about their negative effects.

Table Negative Emotions – Positive Emotions

Negative Emotions Positive Emotions
Fear Love
Worry Lightheartedness
Greed, Selfishness Generosity
Anger Joy
Jealousy Magnanimity
Resentment Kindness
Dislike Affection
Hate Compassion
Agression Peacefulness
Irritation Forgiveness

Suppressed emotions aggravate situations and relationships

Emotions only are negative when they appear for no good reason. When they don’t help and make the situation, now or later on, only worse. For instance fear expressed in a good way helps you to be careful with what is of worth to you. It helps you, when it isn’t suppressed too often, to be master of the situation and not to panic. Grief is a natural way of dealing with a loss or unpleasant situations. Not expressing grief in a good way can be the cause of many depressions.

Anger helps you to make clear you don’t want something. Too often suppressed anger may lead to aggression. Envy stimulates you to make happen what you so much desire. Suppressed envy becomes jealousy, which can destroy a lot. So differentiate between what is natural and positive, or unnatural and negative. The attunement Emotional Harmony helps you with that.

Let natural emotions be, and change unnatural emotions

Anger, grief etc. are not necessarily negative. That they are only when they come from your ego. They give relief when not suppressed, but expressed in a healthy way. And will then reduce or dissolve. True negative emotions caused by our ego, will continue to arise. Until you get aware why they arise and make a better choice.

Emotional maturity means your emotions don’t determine how you feel, but you control your emotions. Emotional Harmony brings balance in your emotional life, helps you to get aware when unwelcome emotions arise. Then you can change them positively with this attunement very fast. Use Emotional Harmony when emotions are overwhelming you, when they are an unpleasant surprise for you. Or when they seem to come from nowhere. To reduce disagreements, conflicts and drama in your relationships. A harmonious emotional life is after all way more pleasant.