El Morya


El Morya is a Light Master that seeks the connection between people, religions and cultures. But also helps you restore the connection with your Higher Being. He gives you support and confidence. So you can overcome fears, doubts and uncertainties. And become tolerant of other people and views.

Light Master El Morya helps you to have confidence in what you are and what you can give this world. He gives you courage and helps you to welcome the Divine Will. Making it ever easier to put your ego aside. And realizing your spiritual goals. This can also reduce and prevent a lot of problems in your life. El Morya, for many a wonderful spiritual friend.


El Morya Khan, ascended master of east and west

Light Master El Morya gives us support and confidence. And helps us to follow the Divine Will. El Morya is an ascended master who lived in India, under the name El Morya Khan. He has been on earth rather recently. In 1898, during his last incarnation in India, he ascended. From this incarnation he is known by the name El Morya.

El Morya has had many well-known incarnations on earth. He had roots in the east as well as in the west. Someone who tried to build bridges between people and to promote the connection between them, as well as tolerance. Between religions, cultures as well as spiritual. This ascended master asks us to see every other person as your equal, to be your brother’s keeper. Like the Divine Will asks us to do.

The incarnations of Light Master El Morya


The prophet Abraham originated from Ur, and was of the people of the Chaldees. He was the ancestor or patriarch of the people of Israel. The Arabic name for Abraham is Ibrahim.


Melchior was one of the three wise men from the East. They came, led by the star of Bethlehem, to welcome after his birth on earth the great Light Master Jesus/Sananda. Melchior brought gold. See also Kuthumi (Balthasar, incense) and Djwhal Khul (Caspar, myrrh).

King Arthur

Arthur was king of the British. He gathered 12 knights around a round table, which was the symbol of the equality between all. King Arthur was the initiator of the search for the Holy Grail, to find the Inner Christ or Christ Consciousness.

Thomas Becket

In 1155 Thomas Becket became the chancellor of king Henry II of England. In 1162 he became archbishop of Canterbury. Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170 and shortly after that canonized by pope Alexander III.

Thomas More

The great humanist Thomas Moore (1478-1535) was the writer of the book Utopia, which was about an ideal society. He was also a lawyer, statesman and philosopher. And an important councilor of Henry VIII. Thomas More refused to regard Henry VIII as head of the English Church and was sentenced and executed after a trial for treason.

Akbar the Great

Akbar the Great, 1542-1605, was emperor of the Mughal Empire. He is considered to be the greatest of the Mughal Emperors. Akbar also was a patron of art and architecture. In his later years he was a supporter of tolerance, both within his own religion (Islam) and towards other religions.

Thomas Moore

Almost the same name as the humanist, now for the Irish poet, who lived from 1779-1852. Thomas Moore also was a singer, songwriter and entertainer. This loved poet is considered to be Ireland’s National Bard.

El Morya Khan

The last incarnation under the name he is known as Light Master is El Morya Khan. This one was in the 19th century. About this incarnation only little is known. But we do know that he has tried to bring the spiritual knowledge of east and west together. His teachings were spread by people like Nicolas and Helena Roerich, and Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Pure faith, integrity and spiritual leadership

Faith is very important to Light Master El Morya. The faith or belief that isn’t negatively influenced or determined by political power. See Thomas Becket and Thomas More. But respecting everyone’s personal beliefs and without any religious or political coercion. Because true faith can never come from books or laws, it can only come from the heart. Pure and deep faith is always formed by your soul, which forms the connection with the Divine World.

El Morya also supports good leadership (King Arthur, Akbar the Great). That uses power to help, to give others back their strength. One can show this spiritual leadership as a statesman or director. But just as much as parent, girlfriend or friend or in any other equal relationship. Freedom is also part of his energy, such as the liberation from the tyranny of the ego. So important for spiritual growth.

With Light Master El Morya welcoming the divine within you

A very important quality of the Light Master El Morya is the Divine Will. El Morya helps you to submit your little self or ego to the Divine Will. The Divine will is present in everyone, and in everyone it is the same. And no ego can stand up to that. It is therefore the best answer to the problems of this world.

The Divine Will is also the will of our Higher Self and I Am Presence. Both will help you to ground more and more of this divinity in your personality. Connecting yourself to the Divine Will is a very important process. Because this helps to realize your spiritual goals. And can also reduce and prevent a lot of problems in your life. So we have every reason to welcome the Divine Will in ourselves. El Morya will be happy to help us with that.

El Morya gives you confidence and courage to go your own way

Ascended Master El Morya is also about confidence. Trusting who you are and that the Divine Will not only is worth that trust. But also will help you on your path. It gives you as a personality that confidence. Based on this self-confidence, you will develop courage. Makes you overcome your fears, doubts and uncertainties. All this gives you the determination to go your own way, the path that will make you the most happy.

The most important characteristics of El Morya: Divine Will, Faith, Acceptance, Self-Confidence, Freedom, Connection, Tolerance, Spiritual Leadership, Integrity, Courage, Power, Wisdom. The energy of Light Master El Morya feels soft and trustworthy. That’s why many will love to connect with this ascended master.