Dolphin Spirit


Dolphin Spirit will connect you with the soul or spirit of the dolphins. Dolphins are beautiful and exceptionally loving creatures, related to us humans. But already of a higher spiritual level, because they carry with them all the energies of the fifth dimension. Many people who have seen the dolphins up close, know how beautiful their spirit is. With this attunement you have their wonderful energies always at your disposal.

Dolphin Spirit lets you enjoy the friendly and gentle energy of the dolphins. This attunement is great for everyone who wants to feel young and free. Adults as well as children. And their loving, gentle and uplifting energy will do many people good, and give them extra life courage.


With Dolphin Spirit delightfully resonating with the Dolphin Energies

Dolphin Spirit is an attunement that connects you to the soul of the dolphins. Dolphins are beautiful and particularly loving creatures, related to the whales. Unlike generally assumed, dolphins and whales aren’t animals, but humanlike beings. Beings that have already reached a higher spiritual level. It is therefore not surprising that so many people react with indignation and horror when these beautiful and loving beings are killed.

Dolphins and whales also play an important role in transmitting high cosmic energies. Which protects Mother Earth and its inhabitants, so we can keep developing ourselves spiritually. Dolphin Spirit is made in collaboration with the dolphins, and is also a tribute to the dolphins. This attunement gives you the opportunity to resonate with all the wonderful energies of which the dolphins are the carriers.

Touched by softness and love: Dolphin Healing

Dolphins are highly intelligent, friendly creatures that have a very soft character. Their whole being radiates gentleness and love. Dolphin Spirit lets you feel and enjoy their valuable energies. Dolphins also have remarkable healing qualities. They are with reason called sound healers. It feels like something in you is touched when you come into contact with their spirit and sounds. That softness and love is immediately felt.

For example, dolphins often know that someone is sick. Or when a woman is pregnant. They are able to scan our body and let their love and healing resonate in the right places. This Dolphin Healing can be very complex and difficult to explain. But many people who have been swimming with the dolphins, or have seen them close up, can testify. We are very fortunate that we are allowed to make use of their beautiful spirit.

Dolphin Spirit, for a youthful appearance and joyful love

Dolphins are very playful and creative and they have the appearance of eternal youth. Playing means for them to live, and they do that happy and creative. Through their spirit you will feel young again. A lot of creative energies will come up. Enthusiasm for what you could all do for fun. You start to feel like making something beautiful of your life.

In addition, dolphins also have a joyful erotic energy. They show the beauty of a loving togetherness. Sexuality for them is a loving and joyful game, and no stressful performance. As it can become with us when we care too much about what others think. Even in love, Dolphin Spirit can help you to be more relaxed, loving and joyful. And in a loving way enjoying being with your loved one.

Towards a loving contact between humans and dolphins

Dolphins are also often very sociable and contact happy towards people. You see it in their attitude and feel their positive and uplifting energy. They make contact with people when the circumstances are good, and people do not pose a threat. They swim with you and sometimes touch you gently. You will feel their harmonious energy and that you are fully accepted.

Swimming with the dolphins is a very moving experience, even for those who have hardly any spiritual interests. Often people speak of one of the most beautiful experiences of their lives, and of a very precious memory. Dolphins swim and play not only with people, they sometimes protect us as well. For example against sharks. Therefore, it would be an act of thankfulness to give them our protection and love in return.

Being in your element with Dolphin Spirit

The water is the element of the dolphins. It gives a sense of freedom as they swim almost effortlessly through the water. Dolphins have an aura of life joy and childish fun. They love playing and enjoying themselves. Dolphin Spirit can therefore certainly be valuable for people with depressed feelings. For people who lack life spirit and enthusiasm for life.

Perhaps you will also notice some kind of spiritual intelligence that is being stimulated. Because dolphins are also guides. They already live in the fifth dimension. And they will guide us there when we work with them in love. Not everyone is able to swim daily with the dolphins. And enjoy their loving loving contact. But with this lovely attunement Dolphin Spirit, you can delight in their wonderful energies as often as you like.