Djwhal Khul


Light Master Djwhal Khul is an Eastern spiritual greatness. His energy has many features of the Tao. He connects harmony with well-being. Helps you to have strength and self-confidence. And to live your live with wisdom.

Light Master Djwhal Khul can be characterized as harmonious and powerful at the same time. Harmony that as the stream of water follows the path of the least resistance. The energy that knows which path one must follow, and gives you the confidence to accomplish that. Ascended Master Djwhal Khul shows you also your own energy. Where can I grow. Which aspects of me require my attention. How can I live my life in a better way. Djwhal Khul, a fine attunement to give yourself more wisdom.


Light Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan

Djwhal Khul is a Light Master from the east. His nickname is The Tibetan. In his last incarnation he led a large monastery in Tibet. His name is also written as Djwal Kul, Dwal Kul or Jwal Kul. Djwhal Khul has done a lot of work in the past for the Light Masters El Morya and Kuthumi (see Caspar). They work together in the Great White Brotherhood.

After his ascension he took on the task of spreading esoteric knowledge and truth on earth. He did so through Helena Blavatsky (The Secret Doctrine). And later through Alice Bailey. This made available important knowledge about the Universal Rays (like the Violet Ray) and our energy system. So we owe many important esoteric books to this light master. Because of this important knowledge transfer he has acquired another nickname too: the teacher of teachers.

The most important incarnations of Light Master Djwhal Khul

Lao Tzu, Lao Tse or Laozi

The name Lao Tzu, also written as Lao Tse or Laozi, literally means Old Master. Lao Tzu was a philosopher of great importance, and lived from 604-507 BC. in China. He regarded wisdom much more important than knowledge. And attached great importance to compassion, modesty, simplicity and integrity. To Lao Tzu the book Tao Te Ching (Daodejing) is attributed. The book of the source and ideal of all existence, in which the perfect harmony is pursued. The base for the later Taoism, and a book of great importance, praised for his wisdom.


The influential philosopher and teacher Confucius lived about 551-479 B. C. in China from before the empire. He focused mainly on political and social issues. In a society that was strongly dominated by social positions, Confucius learned that everyone is by nature equal. Confucius promoted the political and social importance of equality, and of the best person in the best place. He also taught the affection for the well-being of others.


Caspar was one of the three wise men or holy kings from the east, who came to greet and worship the great Light Master Jesus/Sananda after his birth. He brought myrrh gold as a gift, El Morya (Melchior) gold, and Kuthumi (Balthazar) incense. These two Light Masters were the mentors of Djwhal Khul.

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, for people who seek the truth

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul supports all seekers of truth. The worldly truth, but also the Inner Truth. He can be very valuable for people who often have doubts. People who are shy, or don’t like to be in the spotlight. People who could use more self-confidence. Or people who don’t really know how to proceed, how to live their lives better.

Djwhal Khul shows us our strength. Where can we grow. What lessons need to be learned. And which blockades need to be cleared. He teaches us to take responsibility for our lives, enabling us to overcome problems. Djwhal Khul also supports people in their healing, which in fact is also embracing the truth. Energy workers. Or healers who work with the aura, chakras or other parts of our energy system. Or with the particularly valuable Universal Rays.

Harmony and well-being, the path of the Tao

Djwhal Khul could also be called the Light Master of Harmony. As Confucius he learned to always be in harmony with other people. As Lao Tzu he taught Taoism, the pursuit of perfect harmony in your life. The Tao, the path of the middle, always seeks harmony and well-being. It is also the way of surrender. As a result of which the smaller, the flexible bamboo, stays upright in the storm. While the greater that resists, the mighty oak that is less flexible, can be uprooted.

Light Master Djwhal Khul can help you bring a lot of harmony into your life. Being flexible, yet firm. So you don’t resist so often what serves your Highest Good. And you, out of this self-confidence and strength, can work on your self-realization.

Light Master Djwhal Khul and the challenges to spiritual growth

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul helps humanity to enter the Golden Age. His harmonious but powerful energy shows us where we put away our own strength. Djwhal Khul helps us turn the doubts we have into security and self-confidence. So that difficulties can change into possibilities. As a result, they become challenges that incites us to spiritual growth.

Light Master Djwhal Khul promotes: Harmony, Balance, Healing, Well-being, Strength, Integrity, Self-confidence, Self-realization, Surrender, Flexibility, Wisdom, Truth. He will help you to better know what you want and which path works for you. And how to achieve this best and easiest. This is why his energy can be a great help in your daily life. Maybe the teacher of the teachers is also a good teacher for you. A daily help in challenging times.