Divine Nature


The attunement Divine Nature wants to bring back to blossom what we are deep inside. Namely a beautiful and perfect Divine Being. Our Divine Nature is still present in us, but for all kinds of reasons often deeply hidden away. This beautiful and perfect Inner Being deserves to be revived.

Each of us is by nature good, since our Divine Nature is perfection. As a child of God it is therefore important that the God / Goddess inside us can grow and flourish again. Small-mindedness, harming or hurting others and abuse of power may be normal, but they are not at all natural. Do you long for a more beautiful you, living in a more beautiful world? Then let your Divine Nature shine bright again.


Reviving our Divine Nature

The attunement Divine Nature aims to let blossom what you are deep inside. It helps you to bring your Divinity to the surface. So that your Inner Being will get free course again. Unnatural is that what emerges from separation. Everything that is unreal, illusions, that what doesn’t represent your deepest being. The wrong image you often have of your Self.

For all sorts of reasons, our Divine Nature is hidden away under layers of education, norms and values and social acceptance. However, naturally we are beautiful and perfect creatures. Sometimes very young children are able to preserve their naturalness longer. Especially when they are left free. When the Divine may flow freely in them. And when their environment has the wisdom to understand, respect and stimulate their Divine Nature. For what can contribute more to a beautiful world than the perfection of a child of God?

The influence of the world on our Divine Nature

Everyone has a Divine Nature, but through the influence of the outside world it can be deeply hidden. It is extremely difficult to preserve your Inner Nature when you have to meet so many conditions as a child. Then you so often must listen (as they did) to parents, educators, teachers etc. who tell you how to be. To receive their love. Even when they have the best intentions, they often forget that their world is not exactly divine.

Education teaches us what is normal, not what is natural. Maybe it’s good for all of us to remember that God / Goddess is better able to produce divinity, than a world so far removed from what is natural. It would be more desirable that we don’t teach our children to take over our fallible world too much. But that we instead refresh ourselves at their Divine Nature.

The big difference between normal and natural

The big difference between our world and the Divine World is the difference between normal and natural. We regularly indicate how important we think it is to be normal: Behave normally! Normal, however, turns out to be enormously variable. It can vary considerably from country to country, from culture to culture and from time to time. In former times, small-minded men couldn’t stand wise women, and brought them to the stake. Now we no longer think this is normal. In one culture religion is a free choice, in another it can be dangerous to choose the wrong one.

Normal is what’s the standard, and this changes every time. Natural, however, reflects our Divinity, and that never changes. Normal each time turns out to be fallible, and incurs many crimes. Natural mirrors the perfection of the Source, it is the goodness that we can always rely on.

Everyone is beautiful by nature, everyone has a Divine Nature

By nature you are not only joyful, cheerful, happy to live. You are positive because you and life are something wonderful. You are progressive, because the Divine is always looking for better, grander, more beautiful, more conscious. The Divine Nature doesn’t know aggression, destructiveness or the need to hurt. It doesn’t understand why you would do something like that. It delights in being together, creating together, growing further together. And wants to embrace, love, do fun things and create beauty.

Naturalness is not ashamed of his naked body, nor of sexual feelings. It only sees beauty. It has no feelings of guilt because it knows that’s talked into someone. (And, if desired, simply choose differently next time.) Naturalness embraces what wants to be embraced, gives love to what likes to receive love. It loves freedom and leaves everyone free to express themselves in the desired way.

Our beautiful and perfect Inner Being

We are good by nature, because our Divine Nature is perfection. After all, we are a child of God. Created to the image of the Creator, with the same beautiful Inner Being. By a perfect being who has endowed our soul with the same love, joy, beauty and creative possibilities. This has also made us a creator, albeit only for our own little world.

Do you long for making your world look more beautiful too? Then use these creative possibilities to express who you want to be. Do you follow your Divine Nature, then you follow the God / Goddess within you. And then you let the Divine Will do the Divine through you. This wonderful attunement helps you to make your Divine Nature flow into the world. A heavenly delight!