Delta Brainwaves


Delta Brainwaves gives a deep peace, in your mind as well as in your entire body. It’s relaxation and letting go of stress at best. Delta Brainwaves is ideal if you meditate or do spiritual exercises regularly, and you could use some extra help with that. Or if you are often anxious or restless, and may suffer from sleep problems.

Do you often suffer from grinding thoughts, that makes you very tired. Do you like to release a lot of stress and just feel most comfortable with a deep peace of mind. Or do you want a state of consciousness with which you can increase your spiritual opportunities considerably. With Delta Brainwaves you have a very fine tool at your service.

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Delta Brainwaves, the deepest of the valuable brainwaves

The attunement Delta Brainwaves is the deepest of the valuable brainwaves. This one has the slowest waves: 0-4 Hertz, and gives you the most relaxed feeling. The brain activities are almost stopped then. And you are almost entirely connected with your inner world. It is a consciousness state that often occurs in very young children, up to about one year. Where older people often could use more of them. But also people who meditate or do spiritual exercises can produce many Delta Waves. In addition, they can be seen with yogis, healers who are working, artists, and people with special gifts.

Delta Brainwaves are most commonly measured during the deep, dreamless sleep, the sleep that produces the most physical recovery. Many people with a stressful lifestyle are during their working hours often far away from Delta. Which in time can be very damaging to their health and wellbeing. Are you one of them? Then Delta Brainwaves could do you much good.

A pleasant calmness in your head

Just like the Alpha Brainwaves, Theta Brainwaves and Gamma Brainwaves, Delta is also suitable for meditation. It gives the most relaxed state of being and a feeling of peace and freedom. Delta Brainwaves are suitable for very deep meditation and especially for people who no longer need to learn to meditate. People who won’t get disturbed very quickly by the outside world or by their own thoughts or emotions.

You can have the feeling with Delta Waves that there is almost nothing happening in your brains. It is pleasantly quiet in your head, and there is a lot of disturbance that is falling off from you. This gives you the space to go deep inside. You can completely focus on your Self and get a feeling for what you love doing deep inside. For what really matters, for what you really want to do, be and experience.

Delta Brainwaves, suitable for spiritual adventurers

Delta Brainwaves is ideal for spiritual adventurers. People who want to explore and expand their spiritual potential, and who need the right meditative circumstances. Delta Brainwaves makes you so relaxed that things that are often quite difficult in ordinary consciousness, now become much easier. It can for example help you to make your body completely calm, while still having a clear mind with enough focus. Many people are so strongly focused on their body and the perception of it, that they cannot let it go.

Perhaps the tranquility of the Delta Brainwaves can help you to have an out of body experience (OBE). Or with Lucid Dreaming, so you can change your dreams, can turn nightmares into pleasant nightly experiences. Use it for other spiritual abilities such as telepathy, extrasensory perception or precognition. Or for developing your Light Body more quickly. Delta Brainwaves gives you the consciousness state that makes this so much easier.

Connection and Empathy

However, Delta Waves do not limit your spiritual discovery capabilities to your own spirituality. Because of being less focused on your physical body, there arises an increased sense of being connected. You feel your soul better and therefore your connection with other souls. After all, we are all One. You recognize more of yourself in the other and feel a greater commitment. At a deep emotional level there often arises real understanding of the other. Delta Brainwaves let you develop a greater capacity for empathy.

Delta Waves make it also possible to be in contact with the deepest layers of your sub consciousness. So you can change it for the better. Making it easier to let go of things that aren’t yours. Like forced opinions and values. And several kinds of political, religious and social views and beliefs that only serve the agendas of people you better avoid.

For sleeping problems and its healing abilities: Delta Brainwaves

Delta Brainwaves can be used if you have sleeping problems: difficulty falling asleep, irregular sleep patterns, waking up tired. The free Attunement Guide will tell you how you can use Delta Waves for that. Delta Brainwaves work like a deep and refreshing sleep. During this sleep the conditions for the body are optimal for releasing much stress. Often the cause of sleeping problems. This has a general harmonizing effect on many body functions.

Delta makes it possible that a lot of body repairs can be done. Hormones that ensure aging are removed from your body during sleep, just like stress hormones. So it can bring rejuvenation. It can also help with chronic muscular complaints such as fibromyalgia. Delta Waves are also described as having healing effects on the mind, and reducing headaches. A healthy sleep can do miracles. For that reason alone Delta Brainwaves can be valuable for many people.