Consciousness or Light is with Love one of the main pillars of a spiritual life. We all like to understand how cause and effect work. What the consequences are of the things we think, say and do. Whether our choices ultimately will deliver according to our expectations. Consciousness means looking in the mirror and seeing what your creation, your world, looks like.

Consciousness works similar as a puzzle. Piece by piece you see an image emerging: the reality. You as the creator of your life become aware of every new detail. In this way you gain more and more insight into the bigger picture. Living consciously means knowing what you do, and steering your life the way it fulfills your wishes. That makes Consciousness an enormously valuable spiritual tool.

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Observing the universal intelligence

The attunement Consciousness is for our spiritual life of the utmost importance. It is the Light in the spiritual expression Light and Love. The state of being that clarifies the present moment. Similar to the rays of the sun: it makes visible. Consciousness is the energy that precedes matter, that gives matter its existence. The power that we call All That Is and that with Love gives shape and structure to all matter. It is the mighty universal intelligence which forms life and organizes creation.

Everything is consciousness, everything is connected, everything is infinite and ever evolving. By being aware you get awareness of cause and effect. You understand whereby and why your choices have a certain effect. So you can create and observe what is happening. And develop a sense of why it works like that. Consciousness is the tool with which to tailor your experience to your desires.

Reality in the making: see the puzzle of life arise

Consciousness Development is our nature and our spiritual purpose. Consciousness creates experience, determines what you are going through. Everyone should seek consciousness growth, especially when not being totally satisfied with your experience. For that you have to be aware of your choices, thoughts, words and actions. Awareness is a process, often occurring in small steps.

Compare consciousness development with a puzzle: each puzzle piece that you place properly, gives you more insight into the picture. It makes you realize what a certain reality implies, what it means and how it works out for you. However, we are always working on many puzzles at the same time. All are in various stages of consciousness growth: some are still very vague, others are entirely clear to you. And finding the missing pieces and understanding your reality better is gratifying. It is like looking in the mirror at yourself and your own truth.

Being conscious or being unconscious, that’s the question

Besides that what we are aware of, we also have a subconscious mind. The subconsciousness is a type of computer that is filled with a lot of programming. So we for instance know that we can burn in fire and can drown in deep water. Programming making us know instantly what to do in an emergency, without the need of thinking. So there is no loss of time. These are automatic processes that are important for our well-being and survival. The autopilot that controls a lot of things for us. Enabling us to function properly.

It does not make sense for us to register every cell division and every eye blinking. Our hard disk, our brains, would get completely overloaded. But the subconscious is also a storehouse of experiences. The question is: what is good to be aware of, and what is not useful to know.

The subconscious mind: what you don’t know won’t hurt you?

Conscious living requires responsibility. The subconscious mind is by unconscious people much too often used as a dumping ground for anything negative. That what brings you emotional pain. The things you don’t like about yourself and prefer hiding. You should program your subconscious mind as pure as possible. And not as a garbage bin for anything you don’t like about yourself. Because what you throw in it retains its influence. Just without you noticing it anymore. It may then still affect your thoughts and your choices.

It is like an iceberg: you can’t see the part that floats under water. But that won’t make the collision any less dangerous. That’s why it is very wise to live as consciously as possible. And it’s even good to embrace all things that come to the light again. Because what you resist persists, and what you embrace you can change.

Raise your consciousness, improve your world

Consciousness is the guiding principle of All That Is. Everything that lives is endowed with consciousness. And aims to continuously expand further. Consciousness is what we are and projects itself outwards. As our experiences, as how our life manifests itself. The more aware you are, the more joyful, happy, kind, interesting, magic and positive your reality becomes. Therefore: improve the world, start with your consciousness.

The attunement Consciousness makes something very desirable possible: that we have control over our lives. That we can direct our experiences. It gives us the opportunity to see what is and adapt that to what we desire. To, change, adjust, beautify and fulfill our lives. Because consciousness is creation, and raising consciousness is the basis of any change for the better. So: let your Light shine, because only what you can see, you can change, and thus improve.

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