Christ Consciousness


The attunement Christ Consciousness is a very valuable help for all spiritual seekers. It’s the consciousness that opposes the ego consciousness. Where ego consciousness is the cause of all trouble and misery on earth, the Christ Consciousness will help you find the Light. Where ego stands for separation and illusion, the Christ Consciousness is synonymous with Oneness and Truth.

The Christ Consciousness, embodied by Jesus Christ, is the Light that leads you out of the illusion, into the higher dimensions. And that can achieve wondrous things for you. Do you feel called to do more for your spirituality? Do you feel that you have already made the necessary spiritual developments? Then the attunement Christ Consciousness will find a fertile ground in you, to make all its wonderful possibilities germinate.


Oneness Consciousness, Ultimate Consciousness, Christ Consciousness

The attunement Christ Consciousness is a particularly valuable help in our ascension process. The Christ Consciousness is the consciousness of the higher dimensions. And also the consciousness of our Higher Self and our I AM Presence. And the consciousness of Light Masters like Jesus Christ, who was the embodiment of this wondrous Light. It is also called the Oneness Consciousness or Ultimate Consciousness. Because with this form of consciousness, you begin to exchange separation for Unity or Oneness.

With the Christ Consciousness, you immediately change your life for the better. You transcend the ego, you grow spiritually over it. You are simply less sensitive to all kinds of illusions, manipulations and pitfalls. Because these are immediately understood. Just like the motivations of the ego, which produces them.

Ego Consciousness vs. Christ Consciousness

The ego consciousness is a consciousness of superiority and control, of being right, of perpetrators and victims. The ego consciousness destroys and disgraces. This awareness is the foundation of everything we see in this world as inadequate, incomprehensible and unloving. Look at this world and you’ll see it everywhere. Every conflict and every war thrives on it. Anyone who feels himself as better and therefore believes to be entitled to satisfaction, revenge and destruction, identifies with it. Every political, religious and social atrocity is fed through it. It is in all its contexts a consciousness of limitation, exclusion and incomprehensible inconsistency.

The Christ Consciousness is exactly the opposite. This sees everyone as equal, knowing that each is the creator of his own life. Seeing in all people their highest potential. It is the consciousness of abundance, of ultimate possibilities, of joyful and inspiring creation.

3 forms of consciousness and their sublimated new form

There are 3 basic forms of consciousness: subconsciousness, consciousness and super consciousness. The subconsciousness causes all kinds of processes in our body to run automatically and quickly. Without having to know how exactly that happens. The Consciousness controls our daily lives. You can see this as our common consciousness. The super consciousness is our consciousness when we are not limited by the physical conditions on earth.

However, there is a fourth type of consciousness: the supra-consciousness. The supra-consciousness is the combination of these 3 consciousness forms, in which they are fully integrated. Which transcends this awareness to something new and gives it its unique and unlimited creative possibilities. The supra-consciousness is nothing but a different name for the Christ Consciousness.

When things are looking dark, seek the Christ Light, seek Enlightenment

The Christ Consciousness or Christ Light is also another name for Enlightenment. The state in which you are completely free from illusions, in which the ego is transcended. It’s the Pure Being where you’re no longer flooded by your senses. So there’s no more sense of misconception, maya, illusion. Then your world forms itself to your consciousness, and you are no longer drawn down into the fog we call maya.

It is the consciousness of the Light Masters. A consciousness that we can also achieve. Every now and then we may do that, possibly without realizing that this is the Christ Consciousness. Sometimes you recognize it as those little moments of happiness, or when you feel completely peaceful. But also moments that you are flooded by love and you completely feel One with your loved ones, the universe. With All That Is.

Regaining our natural consciousness state, the Christ Consciousness

This wonderful Christ Consciousness in fact isn’t something that is far away. It is our natural state of consciousness, which has been lost in the illusion. But which we can embrace once again. Leading yourself to the Christ Light is an important life goal. And a joyful enterprise if you know what it will do for you. As a result, you are completely creative because everything answers this masterful consciousness. It is the state in which your soul, also at this physical level, can have access to all its possibilities.

If you want to achieve mastery yourself, or at least experience more of it in your life, then the wondrous Christ Consciousness is the way to it. This attunement helps you to experience the Christ Consciousness more often and longer. To grow in it and to hold it ever better and longer.

Highly recommended for spiritual advanced users. Just as the attunement Divine Nature.