Chakra Package


The Chakra Package is designed to develop your entire chakra system, balancing and harmonizing it. It consists of all main chakras, Chakra 1 to 7, with the attunement Chakra Harmony added to it. Chakra Harmony energizes all minor chakras, and ensures that all chakras work optimally together, so in harmony with each other.

The Chakras are a very important part of our energy system. And they have the important function of connecting the parts of the energy system. They ensure that all kinds of body processes energetically have an optimal performance. And that our spiritual capabilities and talents in our body are possible. And get done in the right place. The Chakra Package is highly recommended for anyone who wants to develop his spiritually and at the same time wants to support his health and wellbeing. So that body and spirituality can go further together in a good way. It is an investment, but really a valuable one.


Our body and our energy system

The Chakra Package is important for our being as a whole. We are more than just a body, we are also an energy system. Our body cannot function without energy, it is the plug that provides the energy for all that needs to happen in our body. Within our energy system the chakra system is a very important part. It connects all parts of the energy system with each other and it is also the distributor of energy. A properly functioning chakra system ensures that every organ, every tissue and even every cell receives the right amount of energy at the right energy frequency.

The Chakra System: main chakras and secondary chakras

Our chakra system consists of 7 main chakras and several secondary chakras. They form an inseparable whole and are essential for the proper functioning of our body. And therefore also for our health and wellbeing. In addition, all chakras also have spiritual qualities. The more chakras can develop, the greater our spiritual possibilities and our awareness. This Chakra Package aims at the development of the chakras and keeping them in harmony.

The Chakra Package and the various aspects of spirituality

All facets of spirituality are virtually present in the different chakras and waiting to be developed and used. And that works best if all the chakras will receive enough attention. Therefore this Chakra Package contains all the main chakras (Chakra 1 – Chakra 7) and the attunement Chakra Harmony. In this way both the main chakras and all secondary chakras can be developed. Also chakra blockages can be released, and the entire chakra system can be brought into harmony and balance. The Chakra Package is valuable for many people. Especially if you would like to do a bit more for yourself in the area of health and spirituality.

Package Information
Package NameChakra Package
Number8 attunements
AttunementsChakra 1, Chakra 2, Chakra 3, Chakra 4, Chakra 5, Chakra 6, Chakra 7, Chakra Harmony
Single Price232 Euro
Package Price185 Euro