Chakra Package


The Chakra Package gives you the opportunity to thoroughly develop your spirituality. The Chakras are a very important part of our energy system. They ensure that all parts of our energy system are well connected. And that all kinds of body processes energetically have an optimal performance. The Chakra Package is highly recommended for anyone who finds his spiritually important. And at the same time wants to support his health and wellbeing. So that body and spirituality can both prosper.

The Chakra Package is designed to develop, balance and harmonize your entire chakra system. It consists of all main chakras, Chakra 1 to 7, and the attunement Chakra Harmony. This one makes sure that all minor chakras will function properly too.


Let all your chakras function properly, with the Chakra Package

The Chakra Package consists of all main chakras. From the Root Chakra (Chakra 1) to the Crown Chakra (Chakra 7). And added Chakra Harmony, to also balance and harmonize the minor or small chakras. But what are chakras, and why are they that important? Chakras could be described as energy centers, that ensure that energies get to the right place in the right energy frequency.

Our body cannot function without an energy system. It is the plug that provides the energy for everything that needs to happen in our body. Not only physical, but also emotional, mental and spiritual. Within our energy system, the chakra system is responsible for getting our life energy to where it’s needed at any time. The chakra system forms the heart of our energy system. If our chakra system is functioning optimally, it can prevent and solve so many problems. The Chakra Package is meant to let all our chakras function optimally.

When a certain chakra no longer works well

Our chakra system consists of 7 main chakras and several minor chakras. They form an inseparable whole and are essential for the proper functioning of our body. And therefore also for our health and wellbeing. In addition, all chakras also have spiritual qualities. The more chakras can develop, the greater our spiritual possibilities and our awareness.

Now it may be with you that a certain chakra is not working properly. And only that chakra. Then it is sufficient to improve only that chakra. However, if several chakras are malfunctioning, then it often works better to do the Chakra Package. Because mostly other chakras may not function well too. And therefore may after a while lose their optimal performance. You usually see then that the whole chakra system goes into a downward spiral. And then the Chakra Package may be the better solution.

The Chakra Package and the various aspects of spirituality

All facets of spirituality are virtually present in the different chakras. And are waiting to be developed and used. The better these aspects of ourselves function, the better we function as a whole. And the better we feel. And that works best if all the chakras will receive enough attention. Because the chakras ensure that all these spiritual aspects get the energy they need. This Chakra Package is made to do just that.

It contains all the main chakras (Chakra 1 – Chakra 7) and the attunement Chakra Harmony. So all main chakras and all minor chakras can be developed. And all the facets of our spirituality will receive enough energy. The Chakra Healing of this package helps to remove chakra blockages, and brings the entire chakra system into harmony and balance. Would you like to give your spirituality the foundation on which to build, then the Chakra Package is there to help you.

Package Information

Package Chakra Package
Number 8 attunements
Attunements Chakra 1, Chakra 2, Chakra 3, Chakra 4, Chakra 5, Chakra 6, Chakra 7, Chakra Harmony
Single Price 232 Euro
Package Price 185 Euro