Chakra Harmony


Chakra Harmony helps to bring harmony and balance in the entire chakra system. Our chakra system is responsible for the energy supply of our body. When our chakra system doesn’t function well, then this is not without consequences. We then do not feel optimal, get complaints and eventually develop diseases. For this reason it is important our chakra system is in harmony.

The 7 main chakras do the most important work. Good functioning main chakras are very valuable. But a good cooperation between the main chakras and secondary chakras is also important. Therefore I offer the attunement Chakra Harmony. This attunement not only keeps or brings the secondary chakras (or small chakras) in harmony and balance. It also optimizes the cooperation between the large and small chakras. A valuable addition to the 7 main chakra attunements.

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The effects of Chakra Harmony

The attunement Chakra Harmony is designed to harmonize and balance the entire chakra system. Chakra Harmony distributes its energy over the chakra system, the main chakras as well as the secondary chakras. And it also helps to connect with the non-physical chakras. Like the Earth Star Chakra that brings us into contact with the earth energies. And the Soul Star Chakra or Chakra 8, our connection to the cosmic chakras.

Because not only our physical body has chakras, also planets and the universe have them. All that lives is made of energies, that should be in the right frequencies and arrive at the right place. That is what chakras do. These extracorporeal chakras are also important for us. For our physical and spiritual well-being. And Chakra Harmony helps to make all these chakra energies accessible to us, and optimize their functioning. So that we have their benefits.

Disharmony in the chakra system and the compensation mechanism

In our body there is a vertical row of 7 main chakras, of which Chakra 1 and Chakra 7 are the bottom and top. The chakras 2-6 cross this row horizontally, each having a front and back. All 7 main chakras are connected by the Kundalini, providing the whole chakra system with life energy. Chakras ensure that a physical area is provided with energy, and brought in the right energy frequency. Besides physical health and emotional and mental wellness, also making spiritual developments from within the body possible.

Chakras can be clearly distinguished from each other, but they are not living on an island. They work together on the same system, influence each other and have a compensation mechanism. When a chakra is not functioning properly, the surrounding chakras will use their energy to optimize it. Say for instance Chakra 3 is not functioning well, Chakra 2 and Chakra 4 will use part of their energy to heal Chakra 3. When a chakra is disturbed too deep or too long, the compensating chakras often have to work too hard. And the chakra system may be drawn into a downward spiral. Chakra Harmony then brings back the balance into the entire chakra system.

Big chakras, small chakras and Chakra Harmony

The major chakras generally are known quite well. For an explanation of their effects see the main chakras. But in addition there are also minor chakras or secondary chakras. They can do similar work as a major chakra, but often for a specific area. Or they have their own special function. Chakra Harmony also works on these minor chakras. The fact that they are smaller means that their effect is more difficult to observe. Therefore, there is not so much known about them. But here is a short description of some of the better known secondary chakras.

These are some of the most important minor chakras:

The Hand Chakras can be used to give or receive energy. Giving energy in the form of for instance Reiki or any other healing energy. But it is also possible to feel energy with these chakras. Try some time to hold any food in your hand and feel the energy: will this do me good, or can I better leave it? With your hand chakras you can also feel parts of your body that could use some healing energy. Or gemstones, trees… By physical contact with your hand chakras you may be able to feel if someone or something would be a good match.

The Foot Chakras are important to be grounded. In this way, we are well connected with the earth. And at the same time we can release waste energies, to be cleansed by Mother Earth. Foot Chakras also have sensory qualities. Try to feel the energy when you’re in an old church, at a waterfall or somewhere in nature where you really feel at home. Maybe some time you visit a power place like Stonehenge or Mount Shasta.

The Thymus Chakra works for our immunity. In our thymus (above the Heart Chakra) immune cells are trained to be aware of intruders. But not to overdo it, as what happens in autoimmune diseases. When something shocks or upsets you, it may be that you intuitively put your hand on the thymus to strengthen it. This chakra has to do with self-esteem, feeling secure and feeling well.

The Spleen Chakra is often confused with the Solar Plexus Chakra, but is a different chakra. It is located at the chest, bottom left. It plays an important role in immunity, and may be connected with diseases of the blood. This minor chakra may also be involved in rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Liver Chakra is located at the chest at the same height as the Spleen Chakra, but now bottom right. It plays an important role in the detoxification of the body, and in supporting the liver function. It is a warming and energizing chakra.

The Breast Chakras are located above the breasts, about a finger length above the nipples. These chakras may play a role in preventing breast cancer. They also are about nourishment. Literally in the form of breastfeeding, metaphorically with what comes in and goes out. Are your experiences nourishing, and are you of value to others.

The Clavicle Chakras can be found at the left and the right below the clavicles. They support the lungs and can play a healing role in diseases such as COPD. They can give you the feeling of breathing full again, and of letting life in more complete.

The Back Chakras located about halfway of our back, are energizers of the adrenal glands. They give you the feeling that you are supported. They help with the fight-flight response in order to keep you save from danger, and are working for your stress management.

The Buttock Chakras at the edge of your lower back and buttocks, help to give you a feeling of peace. So there is a balance between working and resting. Good for people who cannot sit still, or who find it difficult to settle down and relax.

The Joint Chakras relate to activity and flexibility. The Ankle Chakras located at the inside, give you stability, and will let you find your way through life easily. The Knee Chakras at the back side help you to accept what life offers you. And let you continue your life path without fear. The Elbow Chakras at the inside of the elbows make you flexible in your actions. They give you perseverance and help you to find your way while respecting everyone and granting them their living space.

Chakra Harmony as helping hand for our physical and spiritual life

All chakras have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. They are just as important to our health as rest, cleanliness, regularity and healthy food. Spiritually, they are vital to us for being aware of what happens to and in us in certain areas. So we can do something about it. And it helps us developing ourselves to higher spiritual levels. The deepest effect have the 7 main chakras. But Chakra Harmony works for all main chakras, especially on their cohesion and cooperation. And also on the minor and non-physical chakras.

Also for the chakra system counts: this is just as strong as its weakest link. So harmony in the entire chakra system is important too. Use Chakra Harmony as balancing and optimization tool for our chakra system. As the perfect teamwork for all chakras. Recommended in addition to the 7 main chakras.