Chakra 7


Chakra 7 is our connection with the universe and the higher dimensions. It is the direct line to our Higher Self and Divine Self. This chakra gives us the feeling that there is more in life. The faith and knowledge that we are more than our body. Here we feel we are a soul. A soul with a temporary physical experience.

Through this chakra we regain contact with our soul. And with All That Is, the All-Consciousness. This reduces a sense of purposelessness and a lack of zest for life, which so many of us experience. The Crown Chakra helps us to be open-minded and non-judgmental. Promotes spiritual interests and gives us a sense of connection with All That Is.

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The location of Chakra 7, the Crown Chakra: top of the head

Chakra 7, the Crown Chakra, is located at the top of our head. Like Chakra 1 it is a vertically oriented chakra. It is the top of the Root Chakra, and has a direct connection with it through the channel of the Kundalini. Where Chakra 1  is the connection with Mother Earth, Chakra 7 is the connection with the cosmos. Physically, the Crown Chakra is responsible for the proper functioning of the large brains, the epiphysis or pineal gland, and the cerebral cortex. Keywords are: Spirituality, Consciousness, Meditation, Light Work, Higher Dimensions, Higher Self, I Am Presence, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Unity, Self-Realization.

The Crown Chakra is the place where small, our body, connects with great, the universe. It is the chakra of spirituality, of claircognizance and clairspeak (the speaking of Divine Truth). An optimally functioning Chakra 7 gives a feeling of Oneness, the Unity with All That Is. The experience of the Divine World.

The Thousand Petalled Lotus

The other name of the Crown Chakra is the Thousand Petalled Lotus. The lotus is a symbol of beauty, harmony and spirituality. A flower that works itself up from the ground, and let all the mud and dirt drip of from her leaves. The thousand petals symbolize here the many possibilities this chakra has.

The crown chakra is the top flower of the Lotus. Which on top of our heads has opened itself up to the universe. And to the greater Being you are: your soul, your Higher Self and your God Self or I Am Presence. Who in the body, within the limitations of a physical world, likes to let flourish certain aspects of the soul. To bring heaven on earth to let it shine brightly. In doing so elevating humanity to let the Divine be. And in this way changing humans into Divine Creators.

Chakra 7 and the transcendence of opposites

The Crown Chakra is where the physical Kundalini ends. Here there is a merge of our male and female part that together transcend duality. This way we experience a reality which is so different from the illusion, seeming so deceptively real, yet still unreal.

The 7. Chakra is simultaneously the connection and the opening to the universe and the higher dimensions. The point where body and spirit, and finite and infinite, meet. The connection to The Divine, to All That Is, to Home. Here we can learn to feel and understand The Divine. And from there integrate our own truth, the deeper truth, into our lives. For the Crown Chakra is also the chakra of transformation, transmutation and transcendence. The instrument with which we can bring inspiration and other higher energies to the earthly plane (channeling). And make contact with our guides, guardian angels, archangels, light masters and light beings.

The Seventh Chakra and the way back home

The Crown Chakra is the last one in a series of 7 development stages and consciousness levels. It is the connecting place between being completely physical and being completely spiritual. And the place where we go out to play freely at the time of sleeping and dreaming. Stripped of all the constraints of the physical world and its illusions (Chakra 6).

Then we take our earthly experiences with us to evaluate them on a higher place. And then bring back the resulting knowledge as wisdom to our earthly home. In this way increasingly becoming the creator of our own lives. Bringing more and more oneness and perfection into our earthly conditions. In the Seventh Chakra you live your highest potential. It is the place where wisdom comes into bloom. Where self-development and self-realization unfold, and you finally achieve mastery.

When and for what can I use Chakra 7

Chakra 7 helps with physical problems such as Dizziness, Meningitis, Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, Headache, Photosensitivity, Neuralgia, Epilepsy, Brain Diseases. And negative things as: Aversion To The Truth, Resistance To The Divine, Denying Spirituality, Lacking Life Purpose, Experiencing Life As Meaningless. For Escapism, Self-Denial, Cynicism, Apathy, All Must Be Explained, Judging, Being To Intellectual. Or to invite these positive things in your life: Awareness, Conscious Living, Spirituality, Spiritual Discipline, Faith, Greatness, Truth, Self-Development, Self-Realization, Understanding Creation, Meditation, Light Work, Channeling. And Connection With The Divine, Enlightenment, Being Without Judgment, Oneness, Higher Self And God Self Or I Am Presence.

The Crown Chakra, is important for transcending our emotions and personality. Seeking the oneness and wholeness of the world, instead of the everyone and everything is my enemy, the separation. Where the universal consciousness can replace the ego. Where we give our Self a fully integrated place in our physical lives. Chakra 7 is the crown on our spiritual and consciousness work.

Table Chakra 7

Chakra Chakra 7, The Crown Chakra
Location Top Of The Head.
Core Idea I Know.
Body Parts Central Nervous System. Large Brains. Cortex. Pineal Gland. Scull.
Keywords Spirituality. Meditation. Faith. Universal Consciousness. Order And Structure. Connectedness. Inspiration. Wisdom. Spiritual Clarity. Detachment. Meaningfulness. Enlightenment.
Balance Living Consciously. Spiritual Interests. Spiritual Power. Unity, Oneness. Intelligence. Nonjudgmental Attitude. Light work. Self-realization. Connection with Your Higher Self and God Self Or I Am Presence.
Imbalance Aversion To Spirituality. Aversion To The Truth. Self-Denial. Lack Of Life Sense. Aimlessness. Separation. Judgment And Condemnation. Rigid Beliefs. Escapism. Cynicism. Apathy. Learning Difficulties.
Diseases Nervous System Problems. Brain Diseases. Headaches, Migraines. Hormonal Problems. Mental Diseases.
Color Violet (Main Color). White. Transparent.
Scent Sandalwood. Incense. Myrrh. Pansies / Violets.
Gemstones Violet: Amethyst. Fluorite.
White: White Opal. White Chalcedone.
Transparent: Quarts Chrystal. Diamond.