Chakra 6


Chakra 6 helps you to understand yourself, how you function exactly and why that is. In addition, the Third Eye or Brow Chakra also gives you insight into how the world functions. It provides understanding of how things work and how you can make use of that in a for you good way. This spiritual eye gives you the ability to see things that would otherwise remain hidden.

Chakra 6 stimulates this: Being open to the metaphysical world, the world that is not visible to our normal eyes but is no less real. Working with energies. Making use of energies that can bring us benefits in terms of well-being, healing and spirituality. Easy imagination and visualization. Fantasy. Broadening horizons. Helps you to see things in more than one way.
Chakra 6 reduces or prevents this: Lack of imagination. Poor concentration. Poor memory. Eye problems. Stubbornness. Rationalism. Materialism. Illusions. Obsessions. Mental inflexibility.

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The location of Chakra 6: between the eye brows

Chakra 6 or the Third Eye, is located between and just above the eyebrows. Its position at the back of the head is slightly lower, around the skull edge. The Third Eye is the energetic caretaker of the face, eyes, nose, sinuses, small brains and central nervous system. In addition, it is strongly associated with the hormones, because of the connection that it has with the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, which control all the glands in the body. It has an important relationship with the brains and nervous system, and thus with all our senses. But the Third Eye itself is a sense too, but a non-physical, a spiritual sense. You could also speak of a metaphysical eye, which is able to perceive paranormal phenomena.

Another way of functioning, a different view of the world

The way the Third Eye functions is looking in a different way, perceiving a different reality. It looks so to speak through the veil of the physical illusion to another, much more true reality: the energetic reality. This is a different way of observing, which leads to a different perception of the world. It is also a conscious perception of the world of energy. In this way Chakra 6 is seeking a connection with the reality behind the illusion. And is seeking and feeling the energetic connection with the world, feeling empathy for other people. Being able to imagine how life is for other persons, what situations can do to people. The Third Eye looks beyond the measurable reality. And can therefore be called the world explorer from within the body.

Understanding the world

Chakra 6 deals with insight, understanding, comprehension, developing a clear mind. It wants to understand how things are constructed and how they function, physical and metaphysical. But always from within the physical body. It wants to know, gain knowledge, but ignores the mantra of science when they don’t like certain things: That has not been proven! And it allows what is compatible with the Inner Truth (Chakra 5).

Chakra 6 helps you to understand clearly how you can tackle problems, and how you can do that your way. It is thinking that does not stop at rational considerations, and thus opens up a much larger world. It shows the larger context, and makes it therefore possible for you, to play in this regard a more meaningful role. Where joy and giving meaning to life come together in love, the child of creation and manifestation is born. A beautiful smiling baby, who likes to be cherished, in order to be able to flourish.

The connection between physical and metaphysical, give yourself new opportunities

The Brow Chakra promotes fantasy, imagination, visualization, dreams, visions, what symbols and symbolism are about, and how you can work with them. It is the chakra of clairvoyance, clairsentience, intuitive observations and extrasensory perception. The sixth chakra in fact makes the connection from being in physical conditions, with the non-physical. Thus unlocking a new world, a world of new possibilities. It helps you to create your own world, which can merge inside and outside. And that helps widening your view, broaden your horizon. Making a fantasy world that is not a place of refuge, but rather a matrix to beautify your world. In this way your dreams, your fantasies and visions, can manifest itself. For with what you say, think and do, with the choices you make and the intentions you have, you create your own life.

When and for what can I use Chakra 6

Chakra 6, the Third Eye is the place where you get a view of the connection between your world and the energetic world. Our truth (Chakra 5) is giving your life meaning, from a different perspective. Which allows you to use what is there, but cannot be perceived by physical senses. That what often isn’t measurable for science. But at the same time makes possible so much beauty: understanding, knowledge, dreaming, manifesting… It can be used with physical problems as forgetfulness or poor memory, poor eyesight and eye problems, nervous disorders, headaches, sinusitis, epilepsy, glaucoma and cataract. Use it also to change negative issues into positive ones: stubbornness, rationalism, materialism, intellectualism. A lack of fantasy or a lack of imagination, finding it difficult imagining things, aversion of spiritual deepening and reflection. And denying the non-material and what not has been proven, delusions or illusions, obsessions, concentration problems and mental inflexibility.

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LOCATIONJust above the middle of the line formed by the eyebrows. A little lower on the back of the head.
BODY PARTSSmall brains. Nervous system. Pine apple gland. Face. Eyes and seeing. Sinuses. Hormone system.
KEYWORDSFantasy. Imagination. Visualisation. Symbolism. Understanding. Consciousness. Intuition. Clear senses. Paranormal talents.
BALANCEOpen for the metafysical. Working with energies. Easy imagination and visualisation. Widening your view. Broadening your horizon.
DISBALANCELack of fantasy. Bad concentration. Bad memory. Visual problems. Stubbornness. Rationalism. Materialism. Illusions. Obsessions. Mental inflexibility.
COLORDark blue or indigo.
SCENTBay Leaf. Myrtle. Camphor. Pine.
GEMSTONESAzurite. Labradorite. Lapis Lazuli. Sapphire. Sodalite.