Chakra 5


Chakra 5 is the center of communication and expression, the energy that shows who you are. The Throat Chakra helps you to give a voice to everything that lives in you. To bring yourself in the lights of the world, and express yourself in a good way when coming in contact with others. Helping you enjoying to show who you are, and what you stand for. So you can go dancing through life.

Do you like to speak your truth, without feeling like you’re walking on eggshells? Do you think it’s important to be loyal to yourself so you can be authentic and independent? And would you like to do more with your creative abilities? Then Chakra 5, the Throat Chakra is a good one for you.

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The location of Chakra 5, the Throat Chakra: the center of the throat

Chakra 5, the Throat Chakra or Neck Chakra, is located at the front in the center of the throat, a bit under the larynx. And at the back just below the center of the neck. The throat chakra rules the throat and neck, the shoulders, the upper part of the lungs. And besides that the esophagus, voice and vocal cords, ears and hearing, and mouth. It also rules the thyroid and parathyroid.

Chakra 5 belongs to the element Akasha or Ether, from which the other four elements arise. It forms the transition between head and chest, between thinking and feeling. If there isn’t a good connection between the two, you often are very intellectual or very physical orientated.

Your inner life and your own truth

Besides the truth there is also a personal truth. The Throat Chakra tells what lives inside of you: your Inner Life. Here you give expression to what touches you, what inspires you, what excites you. Your feelings, thoughts, insights, preferences. Will you stand for what you see as truth? Are you supporting yourself, or are you letting yourself down? Is your truth of worth, or are you going to drop it as soon things get difficult?

Being faithful to yourself, defending your opinion despite opposition, is a characteristic of a well-functioning Throat Chakra. Here you actually decide for yourself how true your truth is. By speaking and expressing your truth, every time you want to live yourself. Because your personal truth can only exist if you protect it. Moreover, you experience intuitively that this is satisfying and also works well for you. It then feels that you are loyal to yourself. And that feels much better than denying yourself.

Chakra 5, the chakra of resonance and communication

The Fifth Chakra as the chakra of the voice is also the chakra of sound and vibration. Sound is a form of vibration whereby resonance can occur. Resonance is when a vibration is answered. When you come together with something else in the same vibration. It is always important that you respect and maintain your own, natural vibrations. But you can also take on the good vibes of someone else. When someone smiles at you and you smile back, you are in resonance together. When you hear beautiful music and you begin to sing along, you resonate with these pleasing vibrations.

A keyword of the Throat Chakra, related to sound and vibration, is communication. Communication in the broadest sense of the word. First of all of course in the form of the human voice. But also any other form in which you communicate with the outside world. Just think of your posture expressing approval or disapproval, for example. A glance that expresses dislike, or a look of understanding with someone you know well. The many subtle ways in which partners sense each other or notice small changes in each other. Communication knows many forms.

The Throat Chakra as center of expression and creativity

Another keyword of the Throat Chakra and closely related to communication is expression. You could see expression as any form by which you show who you are and what lives inside you. You recognize it, for example, by the way you say something, and the moment you use your voice. But it also shows itself in many other ways. From your physical posture to the way you move. From the way you dress to everything you surround yourself with that expresses your preferences. In pronounced form, you see it in people who act differently, authentic and often are quirky, striking personalities.

One more keyword of Chakra 5 is creativity. Any way you show your Inner Being (Chakra 4) to the outside world. Expressing what moves your soul. Like musical groups that are creative with sound. Or performing arts like dance and ballet that communicate with their audience through rhythm and movement. Communication, Expression and Creativity know many forms, and they all donate our soul stirrings to the world.

When and for what can I use Chakra 5

Chakra 5 helps with problems of the throat area. Weak Voice, Stuttering, Throat problems, Mouth problems. And also with several problems concerning communication and expression. Talking Too Much, Avoiding Others Talking Or Overwhelming Them, Gossiping. Being Narrow-Minded, Timid, Silent, Withdrawn, Overly Introverted. Difficulty Making Contact Or Making Friends, Being Closed Off From Your Inner World. Afraid To Show Who You Are, Or Not Being Loyal To Yourself And Your Own Truth. When People Don’t Understand You Or When Misunderstandings Quickly Arise.

The Fifth Chakra is very important to express who and what you are. To guard the boundaries of your individuality. It helps you to be authentic, independent and autonomous and to guard your freedom. It gives you love for the truth and helps you to live according to your truth. Chakra 5 gives you the power to show yourself to the world. So that you feel good about yourself and have a satisfying connection with the outside world.

Table Chakra 5

Chakra Chakra 5, The Throat Chakra
Location Throat Area. Just Below The Larynx.
Core Idea I Speak.
Body Parts Throat. Esophagus. Trachea. Jaws. Ears And Hearing. Voice. Neck. Shoulders.
Keywords Creativity. Expression. Communication. Resonance. Truth. Authenticity. Independence. Rhythm. Movement. Danse.
Balance Clear Communication. Clear Voice. Creativite In Acting And Expression. Good Listener. Loyal To Themselves. Authentic Expression. Sense Of Rhythm And Timing. Truth Love. Speaking The Truth.
Imbalance Aggression. Manipulation. Arrogance. Selfishness. Greed. Impulsiveness. Insecurity. Restlessness. Fatigue. Apathy. Hyperactivity. Irritation. Control Freak.
Diseases Weak Voice. Overly Introverted. Shyness. Narrow-Mindedness. Difficult Expression. Difficulties Expressing Yourself Well. Being Misunderstood More Often. Stuttering. Talking To Much Or Talking Rarely. Poor Communication.
Color Light Blue Or Heavenly Blue.
Scent Sage. Clary. Eucalyptus. Peppermint. Chamomile.
Gemstones Aquamarine. Chalcedony. Chrysocolla. Turquoise. Blue Tourmaline.