Chakra 5


Chakra 5 is the center of communication and expression, the energy that shows who you are. The Throat Chakra helps you there to give a voice to everything that lives in you. To bring yourself in the lights of the world, and express yourself in a good way when coming in contact with others. So you will find it enjoyable to let see who you are, and what you stand for. And in this way you can go dancing through life.

Chakra 5 stimulates this: Creativity. Expression. Communication. Resonance. Truth. Authenticity. Independence. Rhythm, movement and dance. Clear voice. Creative abilities. Good listener. Loyal to yourself. Sense of rhythm and timing. Expressing yourself in a pleasant way.
Chakra 5 reduces or prevents this: Weak voice. Being introverted. Shyness. Difficult expression, being unable or unwilling to properly express yourself. Stuttering. Talking too much or too little. Poor communication, so people do not understand you or misunderstandings may occur.

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The location of Chakra 5: the center of the throat

Chakra 5, the Throat Chakra or Neck Chakra, is located at the front in the center of the throat, a bit under the larynx. And at the back just below the center of the neck. The throat chakra rules the throat and neck, the shoulders, the upper part of the lungs, the esophagus, voice and vocal cords, ears and hearing, and the mouth. And rules the thyroid and parathyroid. It belongs to the element Ether or Akasha, from which the other four elements arise. Chakra 5 forms the transition between head and chest, between thinking and feeling. If there isn’t a good connection between the two, you often are very intellectual or very physical orientated.

Your inner life and your own truth

Besides the truth there is also a personal truth. The throat chakra tells what lives inside of you: your Inner Life. Here you give expression to what touches you, what inspires you, what excites you. Your feelings, thoughts, insights, preferences. Will you stand for what you see as truth? Are you supporting yourself, or are you letting yourself down? Is your truth of worth, or are you going to drop it whenever things get difficult? Being faithful to yourself, defending your opinion despite opposition, is a characteristic of a well-functioning Throat Chakra. Here you actually decide for yourself how true your truth is, by speaking and expressing your truth every time you want to live yourself. By living your truth. Because you make true your own personal truth, by just experiencing it and then demonstrating it. By knowing that it’s right, that it works best and feels best for you.

The center of expression and creativity

The throat chakra is a center of expression, and you can understand this expression or self-expression in many ways. Because the throat is concerned, of course all what is expressed through your voice. Like talking, singing, humming, chanting. But also by the way you move, your manner, the way you look, the way you talk, and the rhythm and the timing with which you do that. Any way you express what lives inside you. In which you are creative with your own being. In a distinct way you can see this in any kind of art, especially the expressive forms such as music, dance, ballet, theater, drama and film. Also in everything that happens in a very expressive way: extravagant clothing, pronounced behavior, original ways of doing things. Anything is throat energy that expresses yourself, that resonates with your soul, brings your inner being to expression, makes you authentic.

Resonance and communication

The fifth chakra is also the chakra of sound and vibration, and of clairaudience. With vibration (and sound is vibration) you are also speaking about resonance. Resonance is when you and someone else come in the same vibration, when a vibration finds a response. Firstly when having and maintaining your own natural vibrations. But you can adopt the vibrations of others too. When someone smiles at you and you smile back, you are in resonance with each other. You could describe this as communication, a keyword of the throat chakra. Which is also associated with that other keyword: expression. This communication does not only consist of words, but goes much further than that: seeing in the eyes what your friend or lover means, exchanging intimate feelings, laughing together. Or get the feel of each other, catching subtle signals, knowing what the other is going to say or do …

When and for what can I use Chakra 5

This attunement Chakra 5, the Throat Chakra, is very important to express what you are. To monitor the boundaries of your personal identity. Keywords are: veracity, truthfulness, authenticity, independence, freedom, expression or self-expression, self-reflection, communication, creativity. Physically it can be used in a weak voice and loss of voice, hoarseness, cough, throat complaints, stuttering, mouth problems, excessive swallowing, ear problems, neck problems. Use it also when talking too much, getting overwhelmed by others, gossip, telling untruths. When having difficulties to express yourself, hiding yourself, being narrow-minded, silent, withdrawn. With shyness, timidity, when there is a bad connection between head and heart, when you are too intellectual. Or when having difficulties in making contact or making friends, or when being cut off from your inner world.

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LOCATIONThroat area. Just below the larynx.
BODY PARTSThroat. Esophagus. Jaws. Trachea. Ears and hearing. Voice. Neck. Shoulders.
KEYWORDSCreativity. Expression. Communication. Resonance. Truth. Authenticity. Independence. Rhythm, movement and danse.
BALANCEClear communication. Clear voice. Creativity. Good listener. Loyal to themselves. Shows himself in an authentic way. Sense of rhythm and timing.
DISBALANCEWeak voice. Introverted. Shyness. Difficult expression. Difficulties to express yourself the way you like. Or sometimes being misunderstood. Stuttering. Talking to much or talking rarely. Poor communication.
COLORLight blue or heavenly blue.
SCENTSage. Clary. Eucalyptus. Peppermint. Chamomile.
GEMSTONESAquamarine. Chalcedony. Chrysocolla. Turquoise. Blue tourmaline.