Chakra 4


Chakra 4 is the chakra of the middle. The chakra of harmony and balance that likes to live and likes to let live. The Heart Chakra  supports you there to live out of love and harmony in relationship to everything and everyone with whom you come in contact. And forms the connecting link between all the opposites. Whereby it generates friendliness where problems are, and feels softness where hardness makes life difficult.

Chakra 4 stimulates this: Loving and . Tenderness. Hearty. Affectionate. Warm and accessible. Peaceful. Empathy. Friendliness. Gentleness. Optimism. Positivity. Selflessness. Sensitivity.
Chakra 4 reduces or prevents this: Disappointment. Depression. Being too critical. Jealousy. Sentimentality. Feelings of guilt and unworthiness. Vulnerability. Heartlessness. Loneliness. Intolerance.

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The location of Chakra 4: the center of the chest

Chakra 4, the Heart Chakra, is in many ways the center. It is located on the chest, a bit beside the physical heart. It is controlled by the element Air. Physically it is about the upper half of the chest and back: the lungs and respiratory system, heart, blood and circulatory system, the skin, the thymus gland, breasts and arms. The heart chakra is the center of the chakras. The lower three chakras are the more physical chakras, the top three the more spiritual chakras. But the nature of this chakra is as a center and meeting point. There where everything comes together, the meeting place of heaven and earth, body and spirit.

The connecting effect of the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the chakra of connection. Here is the supervision of the entire body. The heart chakra controls the heart, which ensures that all our organs and tissues are provided with food and oxygen. And that all waste will be removed. The heart is much more than just a blood pump. It’s like a mother who always pays attention to all her children. Is all still well, don’t they lack anything? This connection, this unifying nature in contrast to the separation of the ego in Chakra 3, applies to both the physical connection as to the connection to the outside world. It is about making contact, being open to the outside world, feeling and sensing. Here arise heart relationships, intimacy, friendships for life. And love relationships that can be very intense or very long-lasting. Which after they have ended are often still of great significance and value.

The house of love

The heart chakra is like a love sun: if it functions optimally it radiates love in all directions. It loves life and recognizes and acknowledges life in all that creation has produced. Here your soul communicates with you through feelings (Heart and Soul). A good example is a young mother holding her newborn baby in her arms. She is full of love for her child, she is nothing but unconditional love. The baby does not have to be or do anything to receive this love. The heart chakra cherishes, embraces, accepts the way you are. In addition, there also may be warmth, happiness and joy of life between mother and child. Surrendering to each other’s energy, that forms a mutually reinforcing connection. It is love that can also express itself as acceptance, self-love, kindness, gentleness, tenderness. Or as friendliness, helpfulness, selflessness, generosity, optimism, peacefulness, empathy, or compassion.

Harmony and Balance as a natural gift

In the Chakra of the Middle we find besides love also Harmony and Balance. The heart chakra is as the center of the chakras naturally a harmonious and balanced operating system, for all processes with which it comes into contact. The heart chakra creates harmony and balance between all the chakras and all energetic systems where it is involved. But that can also reveal itself in the balance between opposites like giving and receiving, to do and to be, yourself and the other, inside and outside. Between male and female, let in and let go, acceptance and resistance, sympathy and antipathy, coercion and freedom …

When and for what can I use Chakra 4

Chakra 4, the Heart Chakra, is a good choice for diseases and conditions from heart and lungs. Complaints like palpitations, high and low blood pressure, atherosclerosis, pain between the shoulder blades, chest pain. Or asthma and COPD, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, inflammations in general and skin diseases. Use the fourth chakra whenever one way or another you are out of balance. If you are struggling to let in love, or when you might have an unloving attitude to persons or situations, have fear of love relationships, feel vulnerable and are reluctant to love and acceptance. Also when there is a tendency to be judging and condemning, having a critical attitude, being in resistance. When having difficulty to take life as it comes, being irreconcilable, jealous or possessive, or when finding it hard to make contact. And also with fear, sadness, pain, depression, or being insensitive, dismissive, or heartless.

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LOCATIONIn the center of your chest. The center of the Heart Chakra is exactly between the nipples at young age.
BODY PARTSHeart. Circulatory. Blood. Skin. Chest. Lungs. Breathing. Arms and hands.
KEYWORDSLove. Trust. Harmony. Balance. Feeling of unity. Acceptation. Surrender. Compassion. Positivity. Freedom.
BALANCELoving. Tender. Affectionate. Warm-hearted and open-hearted. Peaceful. Empathic. Optimistic. Selfless. Sensitive.
DISBALANCEDisappointment. Depression. Criticism. Jealous. Sentimental. Feelings of guilt and unworthiness. Vulnerable. Heartless. Intolerance. Loneliness.
COLORGreen (main color). Pink.
SCENTRose. Jasmine. Rosewood. Geranium. Lavender. Cypres.
GEMSTONESGreen: Jade. Malachite. Emerald. Peridot. Heliotrope (or bloodstone).
Pink: Rose quartz. Rhodochrosite. Rhodonite.