Chakra 3


Chakra 3 is your own power plant and radiates like a little sun from your belly to the world. The Solar Plexus helps you to become a stable and constructive personality. So you as a personality can stand in your power, no matter who and what you encounter. This gives you a solid foundation from which you can approach the outside world with confidence.

Besides that Chakra 3 gives you self-discipline and perseverance, and the power and intelligence to manifest your desires. It provides balanced relationships, based on respect and honesty. And helps you become a warm personality with humor and a healthy amount of self-esteem.

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The location of Chakra 3, the Solar Plexus: under the thorax

Chakra 3, the Solar Plexus, is located just below the thorax (front and back). The solar plexus includes almost all abdominal organs involved in digestion. And is therefore also a representation of what you do with what, as matter, comes into your body. It is also a distributor of energy, produced by the digestion process. Everyone who has energy problems (tiredness, lethargy, burn out, the chronic fatigue syndrome CFS / ME …), likely has a poorly functioning Third Chakra.

Where Chakra 2 has the immediate vicinity as home, Chakra 3 goes out into the wide world. It’s a chakra that actively participates in life. It shines like an inner sun in the center of our body. And what tells the outside world something about you: this is me and how I like to be. This is how I see myself and how I like the outside world to see me. Keywords of the Third Chakra are Power, Will and Action.

Director and leading actor in the movie of your life

The Solar Plexus continues the taking care of all basic needs in Chakra 1, and how it feels to live in a physical body in Chakra 2. It is the chakra of manifestation, will, acting and power. Of shaping your life. It makes that what is in you shines as a sun out of you. Like the desires and feelings of Chakra 2, or the love of Chakra 4.

Inner stirrings get converted into outer behavior. And you are the director. You decide how you like to be every day, and what you want to do. How you prefer to respond to what happens to you, and the things you experience. Here you let know how the movie of your life should be. Here you are designing that film every day, giving it your personal touch. This is where you decide: am I dull as dishwater or a shining and warm personality?

The Solar Plexus Chakra, home of your personality and ego

You can consider Chakra 3 as the home of your personality. Your personality largely decides how you react to the situations you experience. And what choices you make in response to it. From this come many of the things you think, say and do. Your appearance and attitude, how you are perceived by others, and what you radiate to the outside world.

Also, the ego is part of this chakra. In a positive sense because it makes you an individual that can’t be mistaken for someone else. Helping you to decide who you want to be, and how you like to be seen. The ego also gives you focus. So you can decide where you want to give your energy to, and what you want to accomplish in your life. But because the Solar Plexus Chakra falls under the element Fire, this makes it sensitive to ego impulses. Which may cause undesirable behavior. Are you aware of this in time, then you can prevent many problems.

Chakra 3 and shaping your relationships

With your personality, the Third Chakra is also a builder of relationships. For example, look at how you experience yourself when you are alone. Is it different than when someone else is there? And does it differ depending on the person or group how you behave? This tells you whether you are a stable personality or that you can still make improvements.

Also look at various different parts of your personality that play an important role in relationships. And therefore always try to keep a healthy balance between things as: abuse of power and playing the victim, dominance and submission, insensitive and hypersensitive. Arrogance and self-doubt, manipulation and letting yourself down, sympathy and antipathy, greed and warmheartedness, uncertainty and overconfidence …

When and for what can I use Chakra 3

Physical problems related to chakra 3: Stomach Complaints, Intestinal Problems, Problems With Organs Involved In Digestion, Diabetes, Muscle Diseases, Chronic Fatigue, High And Low Blood Pressure. And issues such as: Uncertainty, Resistance, All Forms Of Selfishness, Can’t Cope With Life, Can’t Digest Experiences, Attitude Problems. Having Often Problems, Lack of Self-Esteem, Impulsivity, Hyperactivity, Relationship Problems, Impulsiveness, Greed, Aggression.

Chakra 3, the Solar Plexus is a designer of your personality and your physical life. Of how things take shape in the physical world. This chakra determines what to give your energy to, and what is less important to you. Key Questions of the Solar Plexus Chakra are: who do I want to be, how and with whom do I prefer to live, what do I like to do in my life. The chakra of the Sun gives you the opportunity to strengthen every weakness. To take your life into your own hands and make something beautiful out of it. Now only the will and the courage (also Chakra 3) that is needed to give this plan energy.

Table Chakra 3

Chakra Chakra 3, The Solar Plexus Chakra
Location Just Below The Chest, Under The Sternum.
Core Idea I Can.
Body Parts Stomach. Liver. Gall Bladder. Spleen. Pancreas. Small Intestine.
Keywords Power. Will. Action. Courage. Energy. Strength. Relationships. Ambition. Friendship. Confidence. Balance. Ego. Discipline. Creating Your Own World.
Balance Responsibility. Confidence. Self-Esteem. Discipline. Perseverance. Spontaneity. Respect. Humor. Warm Personality. Balanced Relations.
Imbalance Aggression. Manipulation. Arrogance. Selfishness. Greed. Impulsiveness. Insecurity. Restlessness. Fatigue. Apathy. Hyperactivity. Irritation. Control Freak.
Diseases Stomach Complaints. Intestinal Complaints. Diabetes. Hypoglycemia. Muscle Diseases. Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME). High Blood Pressure. Low Blood Pressure.
Color Yellow.
Scent Lemon. Petitgrain. Bergamot. Juniper. Rosemary.
Gemstones Citrine. Golden Topaz. Pyrite. Tiger-Eye. Yellow Fluorite. Champagne Calsite.