Chakra 2


Chakra 2, the Sacral Chakra, regulates our emotions and our sexuality. It helps you to feel good in a body, and with having a body. Whereby, as a physical being, you bring lightness and joy into your existence.

The Sacral Chakra helps you to experience your emotions in a good and healthy way. Besides that this chakra plays an important role in our sexuality. It regulates the hormones involved and prevents feelings of discomfort and shame. It also makes you experience intimacy with your own body or with other people as pleasant and natural. Chakra 2 is the chakra of dance and rhythm, of passion and creativity, and of desires and enjoying yourself.

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The location of Chakra 2, the Sacral Chakra: lower abdomen

Chakra 2, the Sacral Chakra, also called the Sex Chakra, is located on the lower abdomen. Halfway between the pubis and the navel. And at the backside a little lower, in the sacrum: the flat bone in the middle, just above our buttocks. Chakra 1 is the basis of our physical life, which ensures that everything is functioning physically. Chakra 2 is the center of experiencing physical life, and the creation of all that is physical.

The Sacral Chakra energizes the pelvic organs and genitals, and is important for sexuality, fertility and the female menstruation cycle. The Second Chakra is also responsible for all the feelings and emotions that are associated with our physical life.

The Sacral Chakra as the center of feelings and emotions

The Sacral Chakra is connected with the element Water. Water must flow to stay clear and fresh. Keywords of Chakra 2 are Motion, Feelings and Emotions. Feelings especially if they are physically, when they concern our body and what happens in and with them. But also with the so-called gut feelings. These signals of your body are telling you that something is not good for your body. That something is not good for your health, or even that there may be danger ahead.

This chakra is also the place where emotions are born. In fact where we give an opinion on situations or persons. Where we tell what we think about ourselves or others, and about the situations we are experiencing. In the word Emotion you hear the word motion. You could say that E-motion stands for emotional motion. Emotion as an inner energetic motion. With which we express what we think of something, the evaluation of our experiences.

Chakra 2 is about physical needs, desires, and pleasure

Chakra 2 also controls our needs and desires. In a broad sense everything you experience physically, that gives you physical pleasure. First of all, your immediate needs. Like what you like to eat and drink. But also every form of body care: washing, showering and bathing, and everything you use to take care of your body. The clothes you like to wear, which you find beautiful, comfortable and which suit you. In addition, the way you like to move. From running around excitedly (gratification of the Inner Child) to sports or movement arts like ballet, dance, yoga, tai chi. Anything you don’t necessarily need, but is beautiful or pleasant, important for your physical self-esteem.

Furthermore, the indirect needs. A house that looks nice and well cared for. Which is decorated according to your taste. And gives expression to who you are, what gives you pleasure and how you like to arrange life. This also applies to the immediate vicinity of your house and your possible garden. Here too you can give expression to your needs and desires. And with this too you can have a lot of fun. That way it bears your fingerprint and gives you satisfaction.

Sensory responsiveness, sense of beauty and enjoyment

Other keywords of the Second Chakra are receptivity and sensitivity. Receptivity then means: am I opening myself to the world? Sensitivity means: how does it feel what I myself do, and how does it feel what happens with me. The experiences that come through the senses. What do my eyes like to see, my ears want to hear, my nose like to smell and my tongue like to taste. Any kind of beauty and pleasure that is experienced physically, what gives a satisfactory physical effect.

The Sex Chakra also is about physical contact. Touch is often considered a necessity of life. Many people enjoy skin contact, caressing and massage. Just like satisfying the need to be physically intimate with yourself or with a partner. Or just being engaged with your body, enjoying your body and its beauty, and what it experiences. Besides sensuality the Sex Chakra also takes care of intimacy and sexuality. Where a good working Chakra 2 here also increases the experience of pleasure, enjoyment and beauty.

When and for what can I use Chakra 2

Chakra 2, the Sacral Chakra is a good help for Emotional Instability And Emotional Deficit. Hormonal Problems. Physical, Emotional, And Mental Sexual Problems, Also Concerning Fertility And Menstruation. The Sacral Chakra is the chakra of care. Caring for yourself and for everyone and everything you care about. It represents the development phase in which you as a child start to explore your body and its capabilities. And your immediate environment. As well as the pleasure a physical body can give you.

The Second Chakra is important for your physical well-being. And the rhythm that is good for the body: the time to eat or sleep, the seasons, the female menstruation cycle … Also to have a good feeling for motion and rhythm, for the moment it is time for change. For letting go the undesired and letting in the desired. Chakra 2, the Sacral Chakra, helps with all problems specifically related to experiencing and using the body.

Table Chakra 2

Chakra Chakra 2, The Sacral Chakra Or Sex Chakra
Location Lower Abdomen, Halfway Between Pubis And Navel. Back: Sacrum.
Core Idea I Feel.
Body Parts Sexual Organs. Female: Vagina, Womb, Ovaries. Male: Penis, Prostate, Testicles. Kidneys. Bladder. All Body Fluids Except The Blood (Heart Chakra). Hip Area.
Keywords Motion. Feelings. Emotions. Desires. Sexuality. Sexual Energy. Sensuality. Reproduction. Hormones. Intimacy. Rhythm And Dance. Passion. Body Care. Physically Letting In And Letting Go. Polarities: Yin And Yang.
Balance Harmonious Relations. Intimacy With Your Own Body. Intimacy With Others. Creativity. Emotional Stability. Elegance. Pleasure. Relaxation. Coping With Changes.
Imbalance Emotional Immaturity. Emotional Instability. Emotional Outbursts. Emotional Dependency. Aversion To Sexuality. Sex Addiction. Excessive Desire For Pleasure. Addictions. Lethargy. Fear Of Change. Shame. Neglect Of Oneself.
Diseases Hormonal Problems. Sexual Problems. Menstrual Problems. Infertility. Impotence. Frigidity. Bladder Problems. Kidney Problems. Hip Problems. Low Back Pain.
Color Orange.
Scent Ylang Ylang. Orange. Mandarin. Musk. Orange Blossom.
Gemstones Carnelian. Orange Calcite. Orange Moonstone. Fire Opal. Sunstone.