Chakra 1


Chakra 1 takes care of all basic functions of our body. Ensuring that all the conditions for a healthy body and a sense of familiarity with your physical body are met. Making you feel that you are here on Earth at the right place. This Base Chakra, or Root Chakra also means that you are properly grounded and have both feet on the ground, without denying your spiritual self.

Chakra 1 stimulates this: Sense of security. Trust and confidence. Willpower. Stability. Stamina and vitality. The right to exist as a spiritual being in a physical body. Earthing or grounding. Health. Life Force.
Chakra 1 reduces or prevents this: Trauma. Fear. Fatigue. Dissatisfaction. Weight problems. Eating disorders. Lower back pain. Hernia. Bone diseases. Osteoporosis.

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Location of Chakra 1: the lower body

Chakra 1, the Root Chakra or Base Chakra, is located at the end of our spine, and has a direct connection with Chakra 7. It is controlled by the element Earth and feeds you with the energy of Mother Earth. The name base chakra indicates that Chakra 1 is the base in our development, the foundation upon which you can build. And this includes the basic requirements for living, such as food, safety, and shelter. This chakra is called root chakra because it firmly anchors you in the ground, which enables you to resist every storm. Ensuring that you will monitor your physical limits to avoid diseases. The Root Chakra is responsible for the spine and skeleton, teeth, nails, cell regeneration and blood production. Also the feet and legs that carry the body, and the lower part of the torso: colon, rectum and anus. It also nourishes the adrenal glands.

Basic requirements to feel comfortable

When a baby arrives on earth, there are some basic requirements that make it feel comfortable. First, it needs to feel at home on earth, expressed by the term Grounding. So being connected to the earth, rooted in the ground you are living on. In addition it must be assured of food and drink (breast milk), it must feel safe and welcome. It should also have the confidence that the planet Earth is a place where it will feel itself at home. Where it can express itself well, where it finds a setting in which it can give love and can receive love. The Root Chakra makes this happen.

Sometimes a body, always a soul

To understand this first chakra better, imagine being a soul who has the courage to dress itself with a physical body. Especially bearing in mind that you are always a soul, but only sometimes a body as well. At the one side this can be frightening, and on the other side also a great challenge. Can I as a bird that suddenly cannot fly anymore, spread my wings in a different way? That is why this chakra is about creating the conditions the soul needs for her physical experience. In a literal sense, this means that the first chakra builds and maintains a body that is healthy and vital. That has reserves and provides stamina. Often having physical problems may very well indicate a weak Root Chakra. And when someone in many ways can withstand a blow, can cope with disappointments and setbacks, points out a strong first chakra.

A good relation with your body

The Base Chakra is about our connection with the physical world, living in a physical body. And is also about the connection with Gaia or Mother Earth. She ensures that all the energies that we release into the earth will be cleansed and transformed. And at the same time we can, with our energetic roots, get healing energies from her. Therefore Chakra 1 operates as the physical base from which your soul here on earth tries to design this life. And tries to ensure all conditions that are needed for it. We can see that when we look at the key words of the Root Chakra: Survival, Self-Preservation, Security, Trust, Health, Vitality, Energy, Life Force, Abundance, Body Love, Feeling Beloved, Feeling At Home, Warmth, Shelter.

When and for what can I use Chakra 1

A good way to work with Chakra 1, the Root Chakra, is to feel love for your body. And also have an eye for the beauty of the body, the perfection with which all tasks are performed, and being content with your body. Taking good care of your body, respecting and monitoring your physical needs and your physical limits. Use the Root Chakra with negative physical issues such as osteoporosis, bone diseases and fractures, blood diseases, eating disorders, obesity and leanness or anorexia, when having problems with the excretion like constipation and diarrhea. With problems with feet and legs, knees, lower back pain, diseases of colon, and rectum and anus. And negative issues as often having health problems, difficult cure, weakness, feeling unsafe, insecurity, fear, mistrust.

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LOCATIONAt the end of the spine.
BODY PARTSAnus. Rectum. Large intestine (last part). Adrenal glands. Bones. Spine. Teeth. Blood. Legs and feet.
KEYWORDSLiving in a physical body. Connextion with the earth: stability, grounding.  Love of life and joy of life. Start of kundalini. Will power. Self-preservation. Vitality. Endurance.
BALANCEFeeling of security. Will power. Trust and confidence. Stability. The right to excist. Grounding. Health. Life power.
DISBALANCETrauma. Fear. Fatigue. Discontent. Weight problems. Eating disorders. Lower back pain. Sciatica. Osteoporosis.
COLORRed (main color). Black.
SCENTPatchouli. Vetiver. Cedar. Clove.
GEMSTONESRed: Garnet. Rubin. Red jasper.
Black: Black obsidian. Black tourmaline. Hematite.