Brainwave Package


The Brainwave Package is made for the reason that you can decide yourself in what kind of consciousness state your brains will be. Being able to manually operate the button with which you can reduce the stress in your head. Because who does not know it: a lot of things on your mind, work that should have been ready by yesterday, the performance pressure of today … Do something good for your wellbeing and health. Take stress management in your own hand with this Brainwave Package.

Looking for an attunement to get more balanced? Wouldn’t it be fine when you were focused on your work, without feeling all that pressure? Or to feel relaxed in your mind, and feel the stress flow away? And even to be able to meditate without that interfering thoughts all the time? The Brainwave Package makes it possible. Four attunements to determine fully what is happening in your brain and how relaxed you like to feel. Very good for your wellbeing.


Brainwaves as a degree of stress

The Brainwave Package makes it possible to change the way your mind functions. Brainwaves indicate the brain activities that are going on at a certain moment. They are differentiated into types, each with their own characteristics. Brainwaves can be measured by medical devices such as an EEG. In our present world we are flooded with signals, absorbed by our senses and processed by our brains. With all the stress of it. Sometimes this is inevitable: traffic, work, school, shopping. But unconsciously or consciously, we often decide that we want to be up to date. So we will try to keep track of every sound, every signal that comes from the outside world. Making that we want to read every new message on our phone right away. A detailed explanation about the brainwaves you can read here.

The Brainwave Package, for the better brainwaves

Because we often want to have it all, we are very sense orientated. This makes that the unhealthy brainwaves, the Beta Brainwaves, are dominant in many people. And far too often present. However, with the better brainwaves you can reduce the stress in your head, and other parts of your body, significantly. And this will bring you more often in a healthy, meditative mood. Using your mind power the right way. This Brainwave Package offers you 4 different sorts of brainwaves, the healthy ones: Gamma Brainwaves, Alpha Brainwaves, Theta Brainwaves and Delta Brainwaves.

Determine the state of your mind yourself with the Brainwave Package

With the four attunements of this package you can change the state of your mind in different ways. Here is a short description of what they do.

More about the Gamma Brainwaves

The Gamma Brainwaves clearly feel more intensive than the other 3 brainwaves of this Brainwave Package. They are located before the Beta Brainwaves. However, they don’t give the stress of Beta. Gamma Brainwaves have many good characteristics. They can help you in different ways to get more balance in your life. Gamma can also very well be tried at attention disorders as ADD and ADHD. On top of that they can be used to achieve better performances (Peak Performances). Read more about the Gamma Brainwaves.

More about the Alpha Brainwaves

The Alpha Brainwaves feel more relaxed than the Beta Brainwaves. They are located on the quiet side of Beta. Alpha is most suitable if you want to work or study well without stress. Focusing on what you are doing, and working effectively yet in a relaxed way. You can also use Alpha Brainwaves if you want to learn to meditate, or just for reasons of feeling relaxed. Read more about the Alpha Brainwaves.

More about the Theta Brainwaves

The Theta Brainwaves bring even more relaxation than Alpha. They are very well suited to relax and feel well. They give you good feelings and a feeling of freedom. For people who like to meditate, Theta is a wonderful help. But you can also use it for activities where relaxation is the intention. Like being in nature, walking, swimming, sauna, yoga. Or use it for learning and studying, to enhance your memory. The Attunement Guide that you will receive with this Brainwave Package will tell you how. Read more about the Theta Brainwaves.

More about the Delta Brainwaves

The Delta Brainwaves are by far the most relaxing and de-stressing brainwaves. When you are looking for deep relaxation, when you are very stressed and not feeling well, Delta is the attunement you are looking for. People who are very experienced in meditation and would like some extra help in spiritual exercises, will appreciate these brainwaves. Also Delta this is very nice if you are very often restless and have sleeping problems. Read more about the Delta Brainwaves.

Package Information
Package NameBrainwave Package
Number4 attunements
AttunementsGamma Brainwaves, Alpha Brainwaves, Theta Brainwaves, Delta Brainwaves
Single Price116 Euro
Package Price93 Euro