Brainwave Package


The Brainwave Package enables you to determine yourself in what kind of consciousness state your brains are. This way you can adapt your brainwaves to what at that moment works best for you. This can reduce a lot of stress, and is good for your health and wellbeing. Take the stress management in your own hand with this Brainwave Package.

Wouldn’t it be fine when you were focused on your work, without feeling all that pressure? Or to feel relaxed in your mind, and feel the stress flow away? And even being able to meditate without that interfering thoughts all the time? The Brainwave Package makes it all possible. 3 attunements to determine fully what is happening in your brain. And how relaxed you like to feel.


Reducing stress with the Brainwave Package

The Brainwave Package makes it possible to change your brainwaves in a positive way. Because that has many advantages. But what exactly are brainwaves? Brainwaves indicate the brain activities that are going on at any moment. They are differentiated into types, each with their own characteristics. Brainwaves can also be measured. For instance by medical devices like an EEG.

In our present world our senses are flooded with signals, who all have to be processed by our brains. With all the stress of it. Sometimes this is inevitable: traffic, work, school, appointments … But unconsciously or consciously, we often want to have control over our world. So we will try to keep track of every sound, every signal coming from the outside world. That’s why it’s so important to be able to control our brain activities in a targeted way. Because that way we can significantly reduce the stress we have to endure. The reason for this Brainwave Package.

Master of your own mind, choosing the better brainwaves

Because we often want to control our world, we are very sense orientated. This makes that the unhealthy, stress producing brainwaves, the Beta Brainwaves, are dominant in many people. And far too often present as well. So our brain activities are strongly determined by what comes to us from outside. And also by our desire to have everything under control.

We are not always well aware of what that does to us. And so we are not able to actively adjust our state of mind. To actively determine our brainwaves ourselves. However, with the better brainwaves you can reduce the stress in your head and body significantly. And this will bring you more often in a healthy, meditative mood. This Brainwave Package offers you 3 different healthy sorts of brainwaves, that offer several advantages. So that you yourself can exert a positive influence on the stress in your head. That’s  mind power.

The 3 attunements of the Brainwave Package

For a better idea what these three attunements of this package can do for you, see the short description beneath.

The Alpha Brainwaves for working relaxed

The Alpha Brainwaves already feel much more relaxed than the Beta Brainwaves. Alpha is most suitable if you want to work or study well without much stress. Focusing on what you are doing. And working effectively, yet in a relaxed way. You can also use Alpha Brainwaves if you want to learn to meditate, or just for reasons of feeling relaxed. Read more here.

The Theta Brainwaves for meditation

The Theta Brainwaves bring even more relaxation than Alpha. They are very well suited to relax, giving you a wonderful feeling of freedom. For people who like to meditate, Theta is a great help. But you can also use it for activities where better relaxation is the intention. Like being in nature, walking, swimming, sauna, yoga … Read more here.

The Delta Brainwaves for deep relaxation and Light Work

The Delta Brainwaves are by far the most relaxing and de-stressing brainwaves. When you are looking for deep relaxation, being very stressed or feeling bad, Delta is the attunement you are looking for. People who are very experienced in meditation, and would like some extra help in spiritual exercises, will appreciate these brainwaves too. Also Delta Brainwaves is a good one if you are often very restless or have sleeping problems. Read more here.

Determine the state of your mind, with the Brainwave Package

With the 3 attunements of this package you can change the state of your mind positively. They all have their own characteristics and advantages. So all can be valuable. These 3 attunements, Alpha, Theta and Delta, are the best match.

In addition, there is also Gamma. This one is and feels rather different than the other 3. And is therefore not included in the Brainwave Package. However, you can buy Gamma Brainwaves here at too.

Package Information

Package Brainwave Package
Number 3 attunements
Attunements Alpha Brainwaves, Theta Brainwaves, Delta Brainwaves
Single Price 87 Euro
Package Price 69 Euro