Beloved and In Love


Beloved and In Love is an attunement that makes young and cheerful. That can bring you in a wonderful mood, feeling so good about yourself. And making you recognize the divine in the other. It is an attunement for romantic people, that like to interact with each other in a loving and pleasant atmosphere. Feeling Loved helps you to be better for yourself. And easier towards others. Being in Love is a wonderful way to honor and celebrate someone’s Divinity.

One of the great evils of this time is feeling unloved. Because of an economic system that not only makes companies to competitors, but also people. Where people to often oppose each other. Letting arise frustrations and feelings of discomfort about yourself and the other. Beloved and In Love is a beautiful attunement to get the best out of yourself and see the best in others. And it just gives you lovely feelings.



For lovers and romantics

Beloved and In Love is an attunement for the romantics among us. For the people who like to dream and who can consider dreams to be reality. Or even like to make their dreams reality. And also for everyone who doesn’t like to live life in first gear, but desires to live it in a full way. But Beloved and In Love also is an attunement for anyone who loves Love. For the people who like to give love and who like to receive love. Beloved and In Love is being open for the essential, Love, that is coming towards you. It is a sharing of that essential with all you come in contact with. An active exchange of love, that gives everyone a good feeling about themselves and the other.

Protecting yourself against disappointments

One of the great evils of this time is feeling unloved. In a world where shortage is created by people with power and excessive possession, the others have to fight for their existence. That makes people to competitors. And where competition sets the tone, love for each other disappears. Making it more difficult to recognize what humans are besides competitors: love. And letting arise hostility. Confusing what people do with what people are, confusing act with offender. Due to such a hostile atmosphere is that many people adopt an attitude of restraint. To prevent any kind of disappointment, criticism, disapproval, blame, frustration, rejection, disillusion or another form of pain. You just like to avoid the pain of bad experiences you had. And maybe you get aware of the fact that you sometimes may, out of this hostility, hurt others too.

Being Loved and Being In love, a wonderful love couple

Feeling loved is a good remedy against the struggles of life. Against the problems that appear again and again when people as competitors or enemies oppose each other. Thinking bad about yourself makes no one better. Feeling loved does. It makes you more positive towards others and yourself. Feeling better and acting better, because out of love. Being in love is being loved the divine way. It is recognizing the love in the other person. Seeing the highest potential in the other person, the divine that can be found in the other. Being in Love gives your Divinity to the other, and finds it wonderful to receive this Divinity back (although you are free not to). Being in love is a fine activity, you in fact then see the Divine in the other. A wonderful way to honor and celebrate someone’s Divinity.

A beautiful new day

Visualize yourself in the following situation, that you may have experienced once or twice. You step out of bed in the morning with a cheerful mood. A beautiful new day has arrived. A bright shining sun bathes everything in a wondrous light. All the birds whistle at their best. You smell the scent of flowers, in a gentle breeze drifting in through the bedroom window. Taking a shower, you start to sing out your joy. Then in the mirror a radiating beauty is looking at you. And you air kiss this reflection, because you see how beautiful you really are. When you walk out the door you feel the delicious warmth of the sun on your skin. Outside it is even more beautiful than you already thought. You start to dance. Life is one big party and it is your birthday. You feel like embracing everyone and everything. You feel loved and in love.

A Wonderful mood

Beloved and In Love is an attunement that can bring you back in this wonderful mood of satisfied desires and fulfilled promises. Of full acceptance of life. From you to the other as well as the other to you. A wonderful mood of romance and beauty. While love flows from your heart to everyone who likes to receive it. And while your heart fully opens for the love of others that likes to come your way. Use this attunement to give yourself the feeling of eternal youth and never ending love. Give yourself with Beloved and In Love a wonderful present. Or maybe you like to make someone else happy, to use it as a gift, out of love …?