Basic Package


The Basic Package consists of four attunements forming a nice mix of spiritual tools. That also are a good basis for developing your spirituality. Enabling spiritual deepening in different and complementary ways. It’s not only great to have access to these attunements that are valuable for almost everyone. But they are also an excellent base to work further from there on your spirituality. And in this way to come more and more in your power.

With the Basic Package you have the four main attunements together to give your spiritual life a good foundation. Light and Love in the form of Consciousness and Source of Love. Heart and Soul as an instrument to communicate in a good way with your soul. Self Love to give love to your Self or Soul and in this way to embrace your Self and to invite it to be here. A superb all-round package.

Do you like to add one important step to it, by working with your Higher Self? Then choose the Basic Package plus (with the attunement Higher Self added to it), called the Higher Self Package.



The Basic Package, for who cares about his spirituality

The Basic Package is a very nice all-round package for everyone who is eager to work on his spiritual life. Who likes to have a number of spiritual tools at hand in the form of attunements, you can use as often as you like. And with which you can experience very nice improvements in everyday life and the problems associated therewith. There is also an extended version of this package, with the same 4 attunements plus the attunement Higher Self. Do you also like to do this extra step, then choose the Higher Self Package.

Light and Love, self love and spiritual communication

The Basic Package has 4 attunements: Source of Love, Consciousness, Self Love and Heart and Soul. The first two are the two pillars of spirituality: Love and Light, this nice spiritual wish. Love in the form of Source of Love, and Light as Consciousness. And added the two attunements Self Love, so important to feel good about who you really are and be open for what you all can do. And Heart and Soul, enabling you to listen to your heart and therefor your divine voice, and in this way learn to communicate with your Higher Self through your heart feelings.

Explanation about the 4 attunements of the Basic Package

Source of Love: Love is the basic energy of life, the energy that we all have in common, where we are made of, the pure love from the source. Even if we deny it ever so often. Radiating love is to show who and what you are. It is also emphasizing that what we share together, and encourages connection and acceptance. To let Source of Love flow is just really fun to do and also will help your health and spirituality.

Consciousness: Consciousness or light is to visualize what happens to you and around you. If you walk through life blind you literally and figuratively collide with people and objects. And you wouldn’t be able to organize your life as well as you would like. Consciousness will let you see the effect of your thoughts, words and actions, what the result is of your choices and intentions. And thus makes it possible to draw conclusions and make better choices. And that will improve your life.

Self Love: Look at the world with all its injustice, dishonesty, wars and problems and see the consequences of ego-acceptance. Self-love is its counterpart, loving your Higher Self means to see and accept the greatness in your Self again. And to let it all in. Self Love (or Love for My Self, Loving Myself…) is a great answer to every situation in which you do not feel loved. When you feel rejected or criticized, with frustrations, doubts and uncertainty. Actually, with every kind of stress that arises from doubting your Self and following your ego.

Heart and Soul: Your soul is all around you as your aura, but is also present in your body. The place where your soul can be contacted in your body is your heart chakra. There your Higher Self, your divine voice, communicates with you through your feelings. Your feelings will tell you immediately what works for you and what does not, what suits you, what helps you further. Heart and Soul teaches you to be alert to your heart feelings, and makes it easier for you to communicate with your soul. A very valuable spiritual tool!

Package Information
Package NameBasic Package
Number4 attunements
AttunementsSource of Love, Consciousness, Self Love, Heart and Soul
Single Price116 Euro
Package Price93 Euro