Aura Harmony


Aura Harmony gives you fine feelings around and in your body. It makes that the energy in your aura is in balance and will be in harmony with the energies that you come across. The energies of other people, other living souls and rooms and places. It also keeps your aura clean and brings others your harmonious energy. Which helps to keep quarrels and disharmony at a distance. And negative emotions like anger, hatred, irritation and disgust.

The aura is a protective energy field surrounding you and also in your body up to every body cell. It also is an energetic communication field. With your aura you exchange energies with other souls. The more clean and harmonious your aura, the better you will feel. Aura Harmony is very important for HSPs and other sensitive people. And when you come across many people or when you like to make dealing with others more easy. Or just because Aura Harmony gives you such good feelings.

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The aura, our subtle enclosure

Aura Harmony is the attunement for bringing your aura into balance and harmony. To cleanse it from negative energies. Aura Harmony gives you a wonderful feeling in and around your body. The aura is also referred to by terms such as radiation or charisma. You can see it in old paintings represented as a halo around the head of saints. Usually it is portrayed as an egg shaped energy field consisting of several layers or subtle bodies. Each with its own function. A developed aura that is connected with the higher dimensions, is called Light Body or Merkaba. All living beings have an aura. It can be seen with the Third Eye and felt by sensitive people like HSP’s. Bringing your aura in balance with Aura Harmony will make you feel more vital and cheerful. Helping you to get rid of diseases before they get the chance to manifest physically.

Protection and energetic communication medium

The aura egg is an energy field that consists of light frequencies. These are visible for the Third Eye as different colors. It is a protective energy field and an energetic communication field. As a protective energy field it filters energies from outside, decides what is allowed coming in. Which energy suits me and which energy won’t do me any good. At the same time it is an energetic communication field, functioning in both ways. It radiates your energy to others who can therefore feel your being. Get a feeling of who you are and what inspires you. Conversely, you will receive energetic information of all sentient beings you come in contact with. Feel their soul. An energy exchange from aura to aura. Auras respond to each other, open themselves for people you have an energetic affinity with. And shut themselves off when each other’s energy is unequal or incompatible.

Aura Bodies, corresponding with the chakras

The aura is a part of our soul and that enables communication on a soul level. It is located around our bodies and can also extend pretty far outside our body. But is also present at a cellular level in our body. It is a living energy field, associated with the chakras, reflecting all aspects of our lives. And composed of increasingly subtle energy layers. The most is known about the first four auric bodies. Our physical body corresponds to the first aura layer the Etheric Body. Our emotions we exchange with our Emotional Body. And our thoughts and reasoning are reflected in the Mental Body. And our feelings and inner stirrings we communicate through the Astral Body. These four bodies are connected to the first four chakras. Possibly there are three more auric bodies, which are much thinner, and correspond to the chakras 5-7.

A wonderful play of colors

A healthy aura often shows itself in sparkling and beautiful colors, characteristic of the owner. But also responding to what you experience, making the colors change temporarily. It does grow with your consciousness and your spiritual development. Always adapting itself to changing circumstances. When this occurs in harmony with your being, it has great benefits for your wellbeing. You can see this very nicely when two persons are in love. Then their auras often merge and temporarily form one aura. Are they each going their way, they both feel it as a loss. And they cannot wait to see each other again, to renew that wonderful feeling of Oneness. This merging of auras can also occur among parents and their baby. Aura sensitive mothers can sometimes feel that the baby is sick or in pain. And feel happy when the baby is cheerful and full of love for life.

Aura Guard and Aura Healing

Just as our physical body our aura can also be affected, by for instance radiation, air pollution, trauma or a damaged self-esteem. Imperfections in the aura may occur as stains, holes, stripes, etc., as well as disharmonious colors. Disease also very often works from outside to inside: an unhealthy aura may be the harbinger of physical illness. And can be healed at that stage much easier. Also for highly sensitive persons, HSPs, who with their open aura easily absorb negative energies from other people, it is very nice to have your own aura guard and aura healing at hand. The attunement Aura Harmony is therefore a recommendation for anyone who wants to bring his energy in order and keep it that way. And likes to enjoy the great feeling that an aura in harmony radiates to your outer and your inner world!

Aura Harmony is also part of the HSP Package.