Archangel Uriel


Archangel Uriel, whose name means Fire of God, could be called the most earthly of the 4 best known archangels. He is connected with Element Earth. And makes sure that all matter has strength and structure, and when needed will be stabilized. Archangel Uriel sees to it that the Divine Plan manifests itself on earth. And helps all who wish to participate in that task.

As archangel of Peace and Dedication he assists in the development of dreams and the realization of goals. Whereby, whenever possible, he will remove all kinds of practical problems and obstacles. Would you welcome a more meaningful life, and work on your life goals, then Archangel Uriel is your best friend.


Bringing spirituality on earth with Archangel Uriel

The name Archangel Uriel means Fire of God or Light of God. He is the most earthly of the 4 best known archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. And makes sure that the Divine Plan will be reality on earth. He is connected with Element Earth. The energy of Archangel Uriel is empowering, structuring, ordering, stabilizing and connecting. All that makes that matter becomes an expression of the Divine World.

Now it may seem that he isn’t a very spiritual archangel. However, the reason we are here on earth is to bring and experience spirituality in a material world. And Uriel is the archangel that, with his Divine Light, can help us so good to do exactly that. Even if there are all kinds of practical problems and obstacles that make this difficult for us.

Someone you can trust and rely on

With Archangel Uriel you have the feeling that you have solid ground under your feet. Someone you can really trust and rely on. And who stands by you in word and deed. When you have difficulties with the earthly reality, then Uriel is your best friend. This may be on a personal level, for example if you have difficulty grounding yourself here. Or when you become exhausted from all the problems you face on earth. But Archangel Uriel also helps with big things, such as when you want to get a new project off the ground.

Anything to do with matter and form, which has to take shape on the earthly plan, is in good hands with AE Uriel. With that his energy helps giving you enough perseverance and faith in yourself. After all, what is to become of the things you want to manifest, if you not even believe them yourself…?

Finding your life path with Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel can help you to do what you are here for: to find your life path and to step by step manifest your life plan. He illuminates your path and his creative power may well be called a Gift from God. Because that gives your life goals more purpose and momentum.

Above that Uriel is the archangel of Peace and Dedication. He assists in the development of dreams and their realization. His energy is very creative and he also has great problem-solving abilities. He offers help with human weaknesses such as fear of abandonment and self-loathing. Or with overconfidence and self-satisfaction. And can also help you find peace in the face of mistakes and imperfections. To overcome these and put them behind you. When you take your physical life and your earthly life goals seriously, and really want to make progress in them, then Archangel Uriel will be a big support for you.