Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael, Who is like God, supports you to live your own truth. The archangel of protection helps when you feel unsafe and threatened. He is there for you in moments of fear, doubt and uncertainty. And gives you strength, courage and self-confidence in difficult situations.

The attunement Archangel Michael is a powerful energy. Very nice for people who welcome a loving and powerful helper by their side. He helps you to cut etheric cords and remove karmic ties. To release you from all kinds of fears and from many other negative energies. Are you looking for someone to live your life better and more positively, with less woes and problems? Then Archangel Michael is at your service.


Feel safe and protected with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the best known of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. He is loved in many religions and cultures. Often shrouded in blue and wearing a blue etheric sword, with which the energy that doesn’t serve our Highest Good can be cut away. The name Michael means: Who is like God. Michael represent the Element Fire and is the archangel of protection. The energy of Archangel Michael is luminous, powerful, protective, enveloping and strengthening. This faithful helper gives you a nice feeling of safety and security, enveloping you with his protective angelic wings. With which he is always ready to protect you from all danger.  

He is also the archangel of trust. AA Michael strengthens the trust in yourself, and the trust in your life path. The Archangel of Peace and Warrior of Love ends conflicts by spreading love. In external conflicts, when both warring sides are willing to give priority to love above their ego. And in inner conflicts to restore your inner peace.

Freeing yourself from etheric chords

Archangel Michael helps with his blue sword to cut etheric chords. Etheric chords are energetic connections between us and other people. Often the relationships and connections that have a negative influence on us, that can drain our energy. Or karmic ties or connections from the past that now are spiritually outdated. These chords can also be connected with situations from the past that still have a negative influence on our attitude. Or with outdated habits and thought patterns. These are often restrictive ties that give us an unfree feeling. Make us tired or anxious. Or cause other emotions and energies that aren’t ours, and don’t belong to us.

Also this powerful archangel helps us to recognize, accept and transform our shadow. And gives us clarity about who we are. So we can live a better life. And are able to align our will with the Divine Will.

The powerful angel energy of Archangel Michael

The energy of Archangel Michael is a very powerful energy. An energy that does not allow being pushed around. And that will pick up every energy that doesn’t belong to you, and remove it unceremoniously from your energy system. AA Michael increases your self-confidence and helps you believing in who you are. Additionally, his powerful energy works vitalizing and dispels any doubt and fear.

Archangel Michael gives us clarity about who we are. And the power and courage to make improvements in our lives. He brings back our faith in ourselves and this world, giving us inspiration and enthusiasm. Michael encourages us to see our truth and live it. Mirror his high Heavenly Energy and try to go along with it. Then you will have the most wonderful relationship with Archangel Michael. And a powerful and protecting friend as well. Who with his angelic forces is always ready to help.