Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Gabriel, whose name means God is my strength, is the symbol of hope, optimism and new life. He is the archangel who brings joy into your life. And helps you when your life no longer comes naturally. For example, when you are depressed, or do not quite know how to give a new direction to your life. Then his radiant energy can give you courage and vitality again.

The most feminine of the 4 best known archangels suits women and children very well. With whom he has a special affinity. But also if you like harmony, beauty and art. When you would welcome an inspiring force into your life, Archangel Gabriel is there to help you.


The white lily of purity of Archangel Gabriel

You could call Archangel Gabriel the herald of heaven. His name means: God is my strength. He is considered the most feminine of the 4 best known archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Gabriel is known as the archangel who announced to Mary that she had been chosen to become the mother of Light Master Jesus. And her niece Elisabeth as the future mother of John the Baptist. Besides heavenly messenger of these biblical women, he is supposed to be the inspiration and heavenly support of many others. Like Joan of Arc. Because of his many contacts with people, he is considered to be the archangel of communication.

Archangel Gabriel symbolizes purity and cleanliness, expressed by the white lily with which he is often portrayed. The energy of AE Gabriel is purifying, radiant, joyful, hopeful and encouraging. He is connected with the Element Water. His field of action therefore includes emotions. When you are looking for help with emotional problems and pain, AE Gabriel is a good choice.

Symbol of joy, hope and optimism

Archangel Gabriel is also the archangel of joy. He helps you find and live your soul mission or life purpose. And how could that be if you do not experience joy in your life, and cannot enjoy life. Moreover, he can support you with fears and phobias, if they get in the way of your zest for life, and therefore your soul mission.

Gabriel is the symbol of hope, optimism and new life. He has a radiant energy that is uplifting in addition to joyful. Good for people who are facing setbacks, or are just struggling. But also for people who are depressed or desperate. Or have difficulties to find joy and purpose in this challenging time of transition. Do you feel drained, then AE Gabriel can give you power, courage and new life energy. As the Archangel of Ascension he can also make your journey to 5D easier.

Archangel Gabriel, loved by women and children

Archangel Gabriel has a special bond, often with mutual love, with women and children. Just like Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. Are you as a woman struggling to conceive, or would you welcome a fine support during pregnancy and childbirth? This attunement can help you. Also during parenting Gabriel can support you. It’s also wonderful that because of his feminine gentleness and caring, children often feel very much at home with Archangel Gabriel.

Additionally this White Angel can help you when you are looking for the truth. And when you could use guidance in your life. A special affinity of AE Gabriel is anything in the field of harmony, beauty and art. The purifying and harmonious energy of Archangel Gabriel makes hopeful and optimistic. If you like to have harmony in your life, and enjoy beauty, then this White Beauty will fit you very well.