Anticipation Love


Anticipation Love is a very special attunement. This one is used to bring love to anything you find difficult or undesirable. Knowing that love is the best answer to any problem whatsoever.

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, nervousness, irritability, disgust, distress, problems … When something brings you out of balance … Or when having to deal with difficult people, or people that make you unhappy … Anything that you experience as difficult, unpleasant or undesirable. Anticipate with love and it will help you to deal much easier with any problem. Anticipation Love is a wonderful help for many problems.


Love as a lifestyle, Anticipation Love as a tool

The attunement Anticipation Love is a wonderful spiritual tool to help you with all your difficulties and problems. Experiencing love and being love is an art in itself, a lifestyle. The younger children are, the better they often do that. Because they still carry the energy of heaven with them. But adults may well have lost that ability partly. They have already struggled through a lot of difficult situations. And probably have already taken several blockades and soul wounds.

Anticipation means how you react on what is coming towards you. How you cope with difficult situations. Coping well with difficulties and negative situations makes a world of difference. Negative experiences often lets us anticipate negatively on a similar situation. Anticipation Love however lets you cope lovingly with all you find difficult, with every form of negativity.

Problems ask for loving answers

One of the problems you may have to face is when life asks you questions by the situations you get presented. And we are through education and society conditioned to respond in a certain way. Then it is often easier to experience love when we are our normal self. At the moment we don’t experience stress, when there is no pressure exerted on us. But everything is different when stress makes its visit.

This will even get stronger when negative experiences lets you anticipate in a negative way in similar situations. Then negative expectations and a negative attitude may arise. What can lead to fear, panic, nervousness, doubt, insecurity, anxiety, fear of failure, anger, jealousy, dissatisfaction … But also to disappointment, feelings of unhappiness, frustration, grief, aggression or depression. These are all forms of negativity that ask for love, Anticipation Love.

Circumstances in which you may lose your balance

So negative experiences cast their shadows ahead when we do not react on them with love. But there can be various other situations too that may let you lose your balance. Which make you aren’t as lovingly at that moment as you would have liked. This also applies to negativity that comes from us. Sometimes this can originate from some kind of basic fear, maybe even from previous lives. But almost always this is about ego. A short summary of this is formed by persons, situations, themes, challenges which, when we anticipate on it with love, can be moments of spiritual growth:

  • People that make you feel uneasy
  • People you can’t get along with
  • Things you can’t stand
  • Situations you didn’t expect or which make you lose yourself
  • Situations in which you don’t know what to do
  • All that brings up resistance
  • All you don’t look forward to
  • Repeating patterns, because you still have to grow
  • Themes that continue to appeal to you, because your soul likes them
  • Learning moments
  • Challenges that are your next steps in spiritual growth

Anticipation Love: anticipating better on stressful situations

The attunement Anticipation Love can assist you to come immediately back into your love. In the above-mentioned situations and any other occasions when you notice you are saying goodbye to love. Whether it comes from the outside world or from inside you. Whether it’s a problem you’re facing, or your own negative way of responding or negative attitude. It in fact brings your love to the situation.

Think about stressful and frightening situations and the problems they can cause. Like exam stress, wedding nerves, stage fright, a surgery. Or your first day at school, a new job, the first date, the first time sex, starting a business, buying a house … All that can make you uneasy asks for a positive attitude, asks for Anticipation Love. Because what you resist persists, and what you embrace with love disappears.

Answering well on the many questions life asks you

In fact all negative situations are a call for love. Whether they are coming out of yourself, or as a result of reacting on the outside world. Anticipation Love makes you anticipate with love on all you find difficult. Because love is such a wonderful answer, and the best answer you can give! Love works like Jesus his cheek: disarming. It takes the sting out of difficult situations, soothes feelings of discomfort, improves relationships and makes the world more beautiful. Anticipation Love in fact is a wonderful answer, and a very positive one too, on a lot of questions that life asks you. And especially for this difficult transition times. Anticipation Love really is a little gem!