Alpha Brainwaves


Alpha Brainwaves is very useful for people with too much stress. These brainwaves help you to be more centered, yet at the same time being alert. Without being so impulsive that you will react to any sound or incentive. Or needing to know everything going on around you. To ensure that you are safe and nothing unexpected will happen.

Do you have trouble with the heavy workload and the performance pressure you have to deal with. Would you like to do your job well without too much stress. Or would you appreciate a fine help for study and when having exams. Alpha Brainwaves is a wonderful attunement for working focused, effective and enjoyable. It helps with anything that requires you to perform and is valuable for stress reduction.

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With Alpha Brainwaves more connected with your inner world

The attunement Alpha Brainwaves has a frequency between 7 and 14 Hertz. Alpha Brainwaves are the first brainwaves that follow the stressful Beta Brainwaves (14-25 Hz). But is placed at the other site of Beta then Gamma Brainwaves. The Beta Brainwaves is connected with the western lifestyle of haste and lack of time, where many forms of stress are daily practice. During Beta you are focusing full on the outside world. With all the problems that come with that.

Beta Brainwaves we produce when we like to control every stimulus from the outside world. When we are ready for action, ready to fight or flee, during fear and panic. With Alpha Brainwaves however you are with one foot in your inner world. This creates a shift in your consciousness state, making you less sensitive to external stimuli.

Quiet consciousness state to get back to yourself

Because of the Alpha Brainwaves we are no longer full of adrenalin. Our respiration is quiet and deep, and our blood pressure is normal. Our immune system has again the time and energy to do its work properly. Then our total system is out of the alarm zone, and the green lights are burning again.

You can compare this state with when you close your eyes, and the peace that comes over you. With a walk in nature or by breathing deeply and quietly. Or when you are lying in a bath. Circumstances for relaxation, when all tension and stress is falling away. In the alpha state you regain the opportunity to come to yourself. Then you are relaxed but you can still respond promptly on what is happening. You just do not see danger everywhere, and aren’t as prone to anxiety and restlessness.

Alpha Brainwaves: stress release and help for your immune system

Alpha Brainwaves work very de-stressing. We know that stress is one of the most important lifestyle diseases. For sure for people who are stress sensitive anyway, and too much focused on the outside world. When you are already sensitive to all external stimuli. Or sensitive to the noise of traffic and other human activities. And always alert for danger. Because we know that stress, in any form, is eventually a sick maker.

That is why Alpha Brainwaves, and also Gamma, Theta and Delta Brainwaves, all have benefits for our health. Besides stress reduction, Alpha Waves have a beneficial effect on our immune system. Because our body is less busy with the outside world and all its dangers. So it has more energy for basic tasks that keep you healthy. This creates a relaxed feeling which makes you less worried and being more in the now.

For relaxed concentration and working well

Alpha Brainwaves also helps for more specific forms of stress. Like for people with stress related to their job, who feel much performance pressure. Alpha Waves make you relaxed and centered, so you don’t respond immediately to any impulsive of the outside world. You use the information you need, but don’t get overwhelmed by it. You are alert but distinctive, and more creative. And no button that when pressed brings forth an automatic response.

Alpha Waves give you focus and concentration on what you are doing. With an increased problem solving ability. Your work just goes smoother, easier and faster. In addition, you feel much more satisfied about doing your job and its results. This also applies to study, sports, hobbies or other achievements you have to or want to perform. Because Alpha gives you focus and reduces stress, you are less likely to suffer from nerves, failure or anticipation fear.

Learning to meditate with Alpha Brainwaves

What is true for working, also helps with studying. With Alpha Brainwaves information integrates better and there is an increased memory recall. So for instance with a test or an exam the information will come to your mind more easy. During exams you are more centered so that you do not easily mess up due to nerves or panic.

So Alpha Brainwaves are suited for many things. They give you a positive attitude and an optimistic mood, often making things going easier. Additionally, you can use it with fear, distress, nervousness, doubt, worrying, mood swings and depression. For learning problems and concentration problems. And when you are too much in your head. Or use Alpha Brainwaves to learn to meditate. It gives you peace of mind and reduces the thought flow. So you’re less distracted by external stimuli. Alpha is also a good one before doing Theta or Delta Brainwaves.