More info about attunements

On this page you will find more detailed info about attunements. This information connects to the text box in the Footer (bottom right of every page). The first question for people who are not familiar with attunements is: what is an attunement? An attunement is a spiritual energy, similar to an initiation or activation. This spiritual energy will be given as a remote energy transfer to you: from my Higher Self to your Higher Self. It feels like an energy shower, flowing through your entire aura and body. And which helps you to have spiritual developments or it increases spiritual possibilities. During an attunement there also will be a healing. There are attunements in several areas, like Love, Spirituality and Light Masters. An attunement can be actively used after receiving it as well. Then it will give you even more benefits.

Activating an attunement

Because after receiving it, you can activate the attunement. Just say the name of the attunement in your mind or aloud, and it will start to flow again. This also is explained in the Instruction Pdf (see below). My Higher Self will give you the attunement, your Higher Self will temporarily let it flow again when you ask it to. So you can in an active way work with the attunement. And activate it whenever you like to, or whenever it would help you. Or just because it feels great. So you can (re)use it as often as you like.

The price of single attunements, packages and ordering

Single attunements cost 29 Euro. Packages are relatively cheaper. Every month there are attunements with a discount price. And usually there is also an Attunement Package cheaper (and sometimes two). Especially for people who have signed up for the free newsletter there are also some Coupon Codes. All prices are VAT included.

You will find all products in the Shop. On all Product Pages you will see a short description. And you can order: with Pay Pall (and several credit cards), Multisafepay (several methods) and bank transfer. Down the page you will see a detailed description of the attunement. After ordering, I will ASAP contact you by email. Together we make an appointment for when you will receive the attunement(s) you ordered. Are there in any way problems with the ordering, please let me know.

Instruction Pdf

With your order you will receive an Instruction PDF. Here you can read how exactly receiving an attunement works. What you need to do to receive an attunement in the best possible way. Think of things like avoiding to be disturbed and being in the right mood. So that you are receptive for receiving the attunement. That’s for you comfortable when receiving it and pleasant for me while giving the attunement.

Attunement Guide

With every single attunement and every Attunement Package you will also receive an Attunement Guide. This is a small reference book in color and with pictures, with the short description of the attunement and the long text. In addition, there are tips for using an attunement, so you have even more benefit from it. An Attunement Guide from single attunements usually is 3-4 pages long. From Packages 8-30 pages. Both the Instruction PDF and the Attunements Guides are free. Do you have any questions about my attunements, ordering or some other issue, do not hesitate to contact me.


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