Group Attunements, receiving attunements together

Doing an attunement as a group: the Group Attunements

Group Attunements (GA) are attunements for more than one person. So for a group of people that will receive the attunement at the same time. Group Attunements are an addition to the regular attunements. They are meant for people who prefer a lower price. (Because these are over 60% cheaper.) And take it at face value that you have little choice. You will have to wait and see which GA’s are offered at the time of your choice. For choosing date and time you have less choice as well. Do you have one er more preferred attunements, then the regular ones are probably the better choice.  

When it concerns a Group Attunement, you see the name followed by (GA). For instance Alpha Brainwaves (GA), or Yin Yang Love (GA). You will find here only the short description. If you want to read the long description too, you can find it at the regular attunement.

The differences compared to regular attunements

So what are the differences between Group Attunements and regular Attunements? A regular Attunement could be called the more luxurious form. You are the only one who receives this attunement at that moment. And you can decide as much as possible when you want to receive the attunement. So you are more free in your choice. And it may feel a little more luxurious when a spiritual energy is given exclusively to you.

In the table you can find the most important differences.

Table Attunements vs. Group Attunements

AttunementsGroup Attunements
You can freely choose between all available attunements.Limited choice, only the attunements offered temporarily are possible.
Regular attunements have no addition to the name. Such as Love Choices or Violet Ray.Group Attunements have the addition (GA). Now you see them as Love Choices (GA) or Violet Ray (GA).
You can buy regular attunements at any time.Group Attunements are only temporarily available.
You may choose your preferred day and time  (provided I am available at that time).You can only choose a limited number of days/times.
The attunement is only given to you.You receive the GA together with other people.
If you have purchased an attunement, then you don’t have to rush the appointment.Group Attunements have fixed days/times, other days/times are not possible.
You receive the free Attunement Guide.You don’t receive the Attunement Guide.
Price: 29 Euro each.Price: 11 Euro each.
Group Attunements, together with others enjoying attunements
How do Group Attunements work

On the shop page of a Group Attunement (GA) you see the dates/times that are given. You will by e-mail receive a confirmation of your purchase, again with these dates/times. You can answer the e-mail by letting me know your preferred date/time.

After your purchase I will send you all info you need by mail. Together with the Group Attunements Instruction (Pdf). If you haven’t already let me know your preferred date/time for this GA, we do this now by mail.

Please let me know in time (at least one day for the given date). If you are too late to let me know, you will not be included this time. But of course you may choose another day/time. Or choose another GA with your preferred day/time. Then mail about your choice.

Which Group Attunements do you prefer

In the form Choosing Group Attunements, all attunements that I offer are shown. If you fill it out, I’ll try to take your choice into account. Maybe your choice will soon be available. However, please keep in mind that most votes count. Does it take too long for your choice to come up? Then it would probably be wise to buy the regular and more expensive attunement.

Would you like to do a GA with family, friends, acquaintances, or as a larger group (Meditation Group, Spiritual Group, Children Group, Workshop etc.) then contact me about it. And we will make a separate appointment for you.