Free Attunement


A free attunement as a nice gesture

In recent years, in the period 2011-2016, I have given free attunements. Often an attunement that was available for 6 months and then changed to another attunement. 4 years long I gave this attunement for every person individually. The last year I did that, due to a lack of time, only as a Group Attunement. The intention of the free attunement was to give people the possibility to get acquainted with the Aquarius Energies, that attunements are. People from around the world have taken the opportunity to receive a free attunement. Below in the table you can see which ones I have given during that period.

Table Free Attunements March 2011 – January 2016

 2011 March Violet Ray / Violet Flame / Violet Fire
 2011 September Love for Mother Earth
 2012 March Gemstone Jade
 2012 September The Mone
 2013 March Archangel Michael
 2013 September Star Sign
 2014 March Star Sign (all 12 Star Signs during 1 month each)
 2014 September (from now on only as a Group Attunement) Grounding
 2014 December Surrender
 2015 March Compassion
 2015 June – 2016 January Love Relations

As of January 2017 return of the free attunement

5 years I found a nice time, and a good opportunity to do things in a different way. But still I found it a nice gesture. That’s why after 1 year without free attunements, it comes back, but in a slightly different form. Per January 2017 I will again offer a free one. This time, however, to people who also have placed an order. As a nice gift when buying attunements. Where you will receive a special free attunement as a present to the ordered attunements.

*Prerequisite for the free attunement

Now there is a prerequisite for this free attunement. You will  receive it for free, but only when you order other attunements. To be precise: *when ordering for an amount of 87 Euro or more. That’s equal to at least 3 attunements, which don’t have a discount price or come in a package (these have a reduced price). The first free attunement I started with in 2017 was Archangel Michael. The second one for 2018 is Dolphin Spirit. Dolphin Spirit is available as a paid attunement too. The third one for 2019-2021 is Love for Mother Earth.  Love for Mother Earth also is available as a paid attunement.

Love for Mother Earth

Dolphin Spirit

Archangel Michael