Faq’s about attunements

Frequently asked questions or FAQ’s about attunements

On this page you see a number of FAQ’s or frequently asked questions about attunements. When you have any questions yourself, I hope they will be answered here.

What is an attunement exactly?
Answer: You can see an attunement as a way to connect with a certain energy. In our busy world, it isn’t very easy to keep our energy sound and clear. Because of all the influences with which we have to deal every day. But it can also be that your connection with certain energies isn’t as good as you would like. And that’s exactly where an attunement could help you.

The attunement is an energy transfer that will take place over distance (remote attunement). It feels like an energy shower that fills your entire body and aura.

Question: What happens after my purchase?
Answer: After your purchase you receive my e-mail with all the information you need. Including the free Instruction Pdf, which explains exactly how everything will proceed. For receiving the attunement you ordered we have to make an appointment. We will do that via e-mail. During this appointment you will then receive the attunement. After that you are connected with the attunement, and you can activate it as often as you like. This is: let the energy of the attunement flow again. (How you do that you can read below.) So the energy of the attunement can be re-experienced as often as you like.

After the attunement you will also receive the Attunement Guide. This document contains the text of the attunement, and many tips. So you can have even more benefit from the attunement you bought.

Question: Why does an attunement have the name attunement?
Answer: In fact it is just a name, but it does tell where this is all about. During an attunement there is made a connection with an energy. This attuning just means taking care of a good and harmonious energy connection. And making sure you are receptive so the energy will integrate better in your energy field and do its work. It can be compared with the tuning button of an old radio. Sometimes people talk with each other but do not understand each other. Then they are not at the same wavelength. The better you attune to each other, the better you get along. This is the same with energies. Attuning well to the energy enhances the quality of the energy and its use.

Question: Is there a difference between an attunement and an initiation?
Answer: There are more names for the same process. Names used are attunement, initiation, activation, empowerment and spiritana. All describe more or less the same activity: connecting with an energy.

Question: What is the benefit of receiving attunements?
Answer: Although not everyone is equally aware of it, each of us is made up of energy, and everything we perceive does. In fact, everything is energy, and matter could not exist if it were not made of energy. We are always working with energy: a thought is energy, an emotion likewise, breathing is energy, moving is energy… Only it is much more advantageous if you can work with energies in a focused way (energy work). And if you can precisely find those attunements that are of benefit for you. Therefore I have made a variation of attunements available. So you can pick those that help you the most.

Question: What are generally spoken the experiences with receiving an attunement?
Answer: As a rule, receiving an attunement is experienced as a soft energy, which can be felt as a stream, flow, warmth, a cool gentle breeze, a soft touch or tingling. It can be felt in your aura and in your body. Many people feel it come in through the chakra that is best developed. Where the energy can come in the easiest, there the energy will flow.

Mostly the experience of the attunement is peaceful and loving. Sometimes it is felt as coming home. Making you feel more your Self. The attunement can make you feel more grounded, stronger, more in the Now and more attached to your soul. Often you have that feeling of happiness. Because every person and every energy field has its own unique character, its own finger print, an attunement will have a personal touch. So your personal experience may be unique.

Question: What should I do before and during the attunement?
Answer: When ordering you will receive an Instruction Pdf. It describes precisely what you should do before, during and after the attunement. This will help you to receive the attunement as good as possible. So you will benefit from the attunement optimally.

Question: How long does an attunement take?
Answer: An attunement takes 25 minutes. But with preparation and quietly coming out of the attunement it may take 35-40 minutes in total. It would be good to be present at least 5 minutes before the attunement starts. This makes you more receptive to the attunement. And after it stops, it may be wise to also take some time to relax. So the energies get time to integrate well. (In the free Instruction Pdf you can read all the details.)

Question: How can I let the energy of an attunement flow again?
Answer: That is really simple. All you have to do is activating the attunement, by saying the name of the attunement in your mind (or aloud if you like that better). Then the energy will flow again as if it never has been away. In general this flowing of the energy won’t be as strong (and long) as during the attunement. But it will grow stronger by practicing. As a result, the energy of the attunement becomes more and more anchored in your energy system.

Question: Does an attunement work just like a Reiki Initiation, and can I let it flow from my hands?
Answer: An attunement serves mainly to optimize your own body and energy system. And in addition, for example, to promote certain spiritual matters such as Love, Trust, Positivity. You can always let the energy of an attunement flow into your body and aura, but normally not out of your hands*. However, people you are together with can benefit from the good energy flowing in your aura.

* But I have developed a Reiki form out of my attunements, called Soul Reiki. (At this moment I don’t have an English version. But when there are enough people who like to work with Soul Reiki Energies like Love Hands and Violet Ray Hands, I will consider an English website. Feel welcome to contact me about it.) In Soul Reiki you work together with your Higher Self. This not only makes working with energies rather easy, but also gives you many more possibilities. Since our Higher Self is not limited by time and space as we are.

Question: What can I exactly do with the energy after the attunement?
Answer: You can use it at any time whenever you feel like it, or when it would in any way do you good. Use it at least in the way it is intended. For instance activate Emotional Harmony any time when you are experiencing unwanted emotions. Use Source of Peace whenever you feel irritation or anger. Try also to get a feeling for it. In this way you will develop yourself more and more as an energy master. And that is very valuable in this Aquarian Time where we are entering the Golden Age and the Fifth Dimension and above.

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