Man Woman Love, for living in the duality and New Age Relationships

Man Woman Love

Man Woman Love: 3 attunements for living in and with the duality Man Woman Love: the 3 Man Woman Attunements In the previous months I have added 3 new attunements, Read More
The Spirituality Attunements, because your Spirit has so much to offer you

Spirituality Attunements

THE SPIRITUALITY ATTUNEMENTS, USING ALL YOUR INNER POSSIBILITIES The Spirituality Attunements, because we are all spiritual beings With the Spirituality Attunements you can give different aspects of our spirituality some Read More
The Light Master Attunements, working together with our divine friends

Light Master Attunements

THE LIGHT MASTER ATTUNEMENTS, THE LOVING GIFT FROM HEAVEN Being connected with Heavenly Beings: the Light Masters Attunements The Light Master Attunements are very special attunements. Because they give you Read More
The Healing Attunements, back to your Divinity

Healing Attunements

The Healing Attunements: back to your Divinity, back to Oneness Come into contact with your Self, with the Healing Attunements The Healing Attunements help you to seek the connection, to Read More
The Love Attunements, to give several aspects of yourself more love

Love Attunements

The Love Attunements: experiencing the brilliance and glory of love Love, the superb diamond with the thousand facets The Love Attunements help you to better let your love flow in Read More
The Brainwave Attunements, for health, wellbeing and mental peace

Brainwave Attunements

The Brainwave Attunements, mastering your brain activities Brainwave Attunements, brain activity and state of consciousness With the Brainwave Attunements you can influence the activity of your brains, and therefore your Read More
The Feel Good Attunements, for a good and spiritual life

Feel Good Attunements

The Feel Good Attunements: feeling fine and enjoying your life The Feel Good Attunements: Spiritual Wellness With the Feel Good Attunements you have a group of Attunements to help you Read More
The Chakra Attunements, when healing and developing of your chakras is important

Chakra Attunements

The Chakra Attunements, for Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing Develop your chakras, with the Chakra Attunements The Chakra Attunements help an important part of our energy system to open, develop Read More
Attunement Packages, the good way of working on your spiritual life

Attunement Packages

ATTUNEMENT PACKAGES: SPIRITUALLY WORKING ON YOUR SELF Attunement Packages: attunements that belong together Besides single attunements there are also Attunement Packages. The Attunement Packages come in two forms. First of Read More
The Source Attunements, the wonderful Divine Energies

Source Attunements

The Source Attunements, for anyone who likes coming Home Accessing the basis of all good things, with the Source Attunements The Source Attunements are something very special, for they give Read More