What are Attunements

Attunements are spiritual energies. When receiving them they flow as an energy shower through your body and aura. They are Aquarian Energies, precisely tailored to the New Age in which we live now. Attunements are similar to other forms of energy transfer, such as initiations, empowerments and activations. Spiritual energy works through resonance: are you well attuned to an energy, then there will be a good and clean connection. Just like with an old radio when you used the tuning button to exactly attune to the station of your choice. Without that disturbing noise.

Attunements ensure that you are receptive to this energy and that there is a good integration with your energy system. After that, you can let this energy flow over and over again, and thus make permanent use of its benefits.

How do you receive an attunement and what happens then

All my attunements are remote attunements: they are remotely transmitted to your energy field. From my soul to your soul. Spiritual energies, after all, do not suffer from the limitations of time and space. They immediately flow at the time of the appointment. And continue to do so until your entire body and aura have received enough of this energy. This has the advantage that you can stay at home and very relaxed receive this attunement. Afterwards you can activate the attunement as often as you like.

Receiving an attunement feels very loving and peaceful. You then feel the fifth dimension. There just is an appointment needed for the time of receiving it. For that I will contact you by e-mail after your order. The free Attunements Instruction (Pdf) that you receive when ordering one or more attunements, explains all the details.

What kind of attunements are there and what can I do with them

Attunements raise the energy of your entire being: body, soul and spirit. You will find them in groups such as Chakras, Healing, Love, Source Attunements and Spirituality. Now you may wonder: if I receive an attunement, what will it do for me? Life in fact as a spiritual evolution. Light and Love that are becoming ever greater and in this way are enriching and enlarging the Source (Creation). Therefor it is important to consciously and lovingly work with Higher Energies, the Aquarius energies.

Attunements make it possible to ever more raise your personal energy to the level of the fifth dimension and higher. But also activating the attunement frequently after receiving it will help. When, why and how you do that you can read in the free Attunement Guide you receive with every attunement. 

Attunements: developing yourself spiritually and simultaneously manifesting a beautiful world

The dawn of a New Age and the ascension process

We are at the dawn of a New Age, the Age of Aquarius. Since 2012 we are going to the Aquarian Age. We live in a time of big changes. Energetic changes. Our subtle energies will change, and the energy of the world we live in too. This Ascension or Ascension Process is an increase in energy and consciousness. It is the ascent of the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension. Also called Awakening or Enlightenment.

Physically we will experience big changes and improvements. Our body will become younger and more beautiful, and almost free of diseases. And we will live much longer. That is why this is a great time to start to use these Aquarius Energies. Because with attunements you automatically will raise your energy and consciousness level. Helping yourself and this world. The Archangels, Light Masters and our Higher Self will lovingly support us.

Fascinating journey into the Golden Age

This Ascension Process is our life goal. So it’s important to raise your own energies, and that of our world. For instance by doing meditation and energy work. Or by becoming a Light Worker or Love Worker. Attunements are a wonderful help for that. There now lies a fascinating journey ahead. With a treasure box of wonderful possibilities and new chances. The other name for this Age of Aquarius or New Age is not without reason called the Golden Age. Long ago there has been decided that the earth in this time would make her journey to the fifth dimension. And that then endless opportunities would arise and a wonderful time would come.

It is my intention with my attunements to help the visitors of this website to make ascension easier. So we together can build this Golden Age. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to join this fascinating and very rewarding journey?