Daily Energy Work, for everyone who cares about spirituality

WWE VI: Daily Energy Work

Daily Energy Work, consciously keeping your energy high Being aware of your energy daily This final episode of Working with Energies is about Daily Energy Work. In this series we Read More
Relationships and how to keep your energy positive

WWE V: Relationships

Relationships, and the big influence on your energy level Relationships and your energy Part V of the series Working with Energies is about relationships. Every relationship entails energy changes. For Read More
The ego, how does it influence you, how does it deteriorate your energy

WWE IV: The Ego

The ego, or how your good energy becomes bad energy Working on your ego In Part IV of the series Working with Energies we look at how our ego influences Read More
Emotions and how they can negatively affect your energy

WWE III: Emotions

WWE III: Emotions and the rollercoaster of your energy Your energy during emotions In Part III of the series Working with Energies we try to understand what emotions can do Read More
Energy Changes, a good teacher in Working with Energies

WWE II: Energy Changes

WWE II: ENERGY CHANGES, STEP 1 IN WORKING WITH ENERGIES Being aware of your energy during Energy Changes In Part II of Working with Energies we are going to talk Read More
Working with Energies, the series about Energy Work and Energy Awareness

WWE I: Working with Energies

WWE I: WORKING WITH ENERGIES, HOW DO YOU DO THAT EXACTLY? What Working with Energies is all about Why is Working with Energies, or Energy Work, important for us? In Read More
Free of Blockades you see how good your energy flows, and how beautiful that looks


BLOCKADES: HOW THEY ARISE, HOW THEY DISAPPEAR How you can imagine energy blockades This post is about blockades, energy blockades. You could see them as energy congestions. Areas where your Read More
Kundalini Awakening, understanding what energetically happens in your body

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening Awareness in 5 important questions What is Kundalini and what is Kundalini Awakening To understand Kundalini Awakening it’s important to first know more about the Kundalini and its Read More
Patriots and Matriots, together working on a world that works for all

Patriots and Matriots

Patriots and Matriots, together manifesting the Golden Age Our hope in difficult days: Patriots and Matriots This world needs Patriots and Matriots. For what is a world undermined by an Read More