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Daily Energy Work, consciously keeping your energy high

Being aware of your energy daily

This final episode of Working with Energies is about Daily Energy Work. In this series we have seen several aspects of Working with Energies. Like the influence of emotions, your ego and relationships on your energy. In this last part of this series I try to highlight some more aspects that you may daily encounter regarding your personal energy. How to be aware of your energy and how to keep it in harmony. And, when necessary, to bring it back to harmony or even uplift your frequencies. I will also give you some ideas that may help you with that.  

Monitoring your energy during the day

Try to make it a habit to feel your energy regularly throughout the day. Doing this will give you a good energetic impression of yourself. And makes it more easy to recognize and guard your energy.

  • How is your energy during the day. Is it different in the morning than in the evening.
  • Does the type of day make much difference. Is for instance your energy during the weekend clearly different than during the week.
  • Do your thoughts have a big influence on your energy.
  • And what about your emotions.
  • Are there perhaps other things that have a big influence on you. Like the person you are with, or the situation you are in.
  • Do you notice that certain rooms don’t feel good, that you don’t like to be there.
  • Or that you feel at home always at your best and that other places tend to weaken your energy or make you feel less good.

Being aware of the energy of others

Another form of energy awareness is paying close attention when you are with someone. To notice what happens with you and your energy. In this way, you can use relationships and contacts with other people as a mirror. What is their influence on your energy, and what is your influence on their energy. The latter is also interesting. Because that can help you adapt your energy in a way that is as beneficial as possible for both sides.

This is for instance a wonderful approach in relationships. Especially if this is reciprocal. Because you help each other with it. And you give to each other in this way, so to speak, energetic love and energetic care. Also, as you gain more experience and mastery in it, this will be very beneficial in yet another way. Namely, it will prevent many quarrels, conflicts, and underlying irritations. As a result of acceptation of and adjusting to each other’s energy, it just won’t come to disagreements.

With other contacts this will be beneficial too. Such as with fellow schoolmates, work colleagues, fellow students, neighbors, acquaintances and the like. The difference, however, is that these contacts may be less frequent and often have less emotional impact. Which may make energy attuning at bit more difficult.

Help, I am overwhelmed by the situation

However, it can be the case that you lose yourself in a situation. That you become overwhelmed by what someone says or does. Or by what happens in the place where you are present. For example, you want to cross a busy street, and right in front of you at that moment a nasty accident happens. Or you witness insane police violence against a clearly confused person. And likewise, a fire in which people run from their homes in panic can make you very unsettled.

Things that make you unsettled have always to do with your energy flowing in all directions. This energy you have to take back. You need your energy. Not the situation you are part of. Only if you can look at the situation with love, your love is able to help here. Only if you can stay in harmony, you can lessen the disharmony of a situation with your harmony.

Tips for Daily Energy Work  

Every form of spirituality, Working with Energies included, takes time to learn and to integrate. And as with everything, practice makes perfect. Here are some tips for Daily Energy Work. That can help you practice energy awareness and energy work on a daily basis. And to get better and better at this.

  1. Try every day to practice your consciousness (the attunement Consciousness can help you with this). A good method can be, for example, to in your mind go through the day just before going to sleep. Going back for a moment to what you all experienced today. Without judging yourself, others or the situations you have experienced. In this way you learn to become very aware of what is happening in you and with you.
  2. Try to find out which persons, situations or circumstances have a big influence on your energy.
  3. What happens exactly with you? Why have these persons, situations or circumstances such a big influence on your energy? For example, can you extract out of this what your weaknesses are so that you can make them stronger?
  4. When this influence is undesired, try the next time to practice yourself to better be aware of your energy (energy monitoring). This virtual exercise can actually help you in reality.
  5. Do you manage to improve the situation, even if it is only a little bit each time, then feel love for yourself. After all, you’ve taken steps in the right direction. You have done useful work with your energy. And also feel gratitude for this improvement. Gratitude is the magnet that brings ever more improvements towards you.

This ends the series Working with Energies. I hope it was worthwhile for you and that it helps you Working with Your Energies. Questions and remarks are welcome and you can share them with me here.

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