Energy Changes, a good teacher in Working with Energies


Being aware of your energy during Energy Changes

In Part II of Working with Energies we are going to talk about Energy Changes. Because before you can start Working with Energies, it is important you first get aware of your energy. Of that what you could call your Energy Signature. Which shows itself in the energy your aura radiates. But also in the energy that flows through your body, and can be sensed in for instance your chakras. When you succeed, it helps you learning to become aware of the changes in your energy. Of the moments your personal energy changes.

The best indicator of your energy is how you feel

How do you actually feel? How do you feel when you are in a good mood. And how is it when you are in a bad mood. How do you feel when you’re doing something you love to do, your passion. And what happens to you when you have to do things that you don’t enjoy at all. Important is not only that you recognize your mood, or that you find certain work unpleasant. Also important is: What is now my energy? How does my energy feel in this moment: high or low, positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant.

Try to get clarity about the following. How did my energy feel when I still was in a good mood. And how does my energy feel when getting into a bad mood. For instance when you meet someone you don’t like. Or because you were just doing something enjoyable, and now you have to do a tedious job. What happens at that moment? Which Energy Change takes at that moment place in me?

Energy Changes and the value of Energy Awareness

During meditation, you can try not to be guided by a thought, but merely perceive it. With Energy Awareness you can do exactly the same: be the observer of the Energy Change in yourself. The moment of getting into a bad mood, and the moment of getting back into a good mood, are the easiest to recognize. Because then your energy is changing the most.

Or take the energy that can arise within you when you have been to school or worked a full year. And now starts your holiday. The energy of freedom then van make you very happy. Or even euphoric. Finally, you may spend your time exactly as you like it best.

If the situation differs, then your energy differs

Or take these two rather different situations: a funeral and a wedding. When you go to a funeral or cremation, your energy will be rather subdued. You might feel melancholic, sad, depressed. When you have a wedding your energy will be much more expressive. Probably you will be elated, happy, delighted for the two lovers that they have found each other. And, if they are very close to you, you may feel happy because they feel happy.

You can also notice this difference in energy very well when you are not a part of it. But nevertheless are affected by it. When you encounter a funeral procession, you will likely automatically dampen and subdue your energy a bit. But when you see revelers on the street, singing and dancing, you probably tend to become cheerful as well, and get into a festive energy. You even might feel like joining in and start singing and dancing too.

Or take the big difference between a child who is in school and a child who is free. In class, it has to sit on a chair all school day and listen to the teacher. The energy changes greatly when school is out. Witness the elation of school children when they come out of school and how that increases their joy.

Choosing better energies when Energy Changes occur

There are many situations in your life in which your energy changes. It is very valuable if you become well aware of your energy. Because then you also learn to adapt your energy to what feels best for you. Awareness, connected with choosing well, is then the key to change for the better. You could use this scheme for that:

Awareness – Assessment – Adaptation

Adaptation them follows when you are aware of a Energy Change. If you judge that change of energy as negative or undesirable, then you will want to improve it.

Part III of the series Working with Energies is about Emotions. What is the influence that Emotions have on your energy?  

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