Working with Energies, the series about Energy Work and Energy Awareness


What Working with Energies is all about

Why is Working with Energies, or Energy Work, important for us? In fact your energy determines how you experience your life. Therefore energy work, the positively changing of energy, is valuable work. By being aware of your energy as often as possible, and positively adjusting it whenever possible and necessary, you will naturally improve your life. You can use this as a general rule: the better you feel, the higher your energy. So Working with Energies also means: taking care of a high energy to make sure you feel good. And this is just as important as, for example, taking good care of your body.  

This is the first part of a series about Working with Energies. The subsequent parts will deal more with concrete situations. About how you deal with your energy on a daily basis. This introduction mainly gives a general picture of Energy Work.

Energy as the basis of life

What exactly do we mean with Working with Energies? Before we can answer this question clearly, it is good to tell you a few things about energy. So that we know what we are talking about. Energy is the basis of all life. It is both life itself, and what happens in or through life. Everything is energy, and energy is always there, it never runs out. It only changes form, but not its essence. All physical life is also energy, but energy in a frozen form. In which the atoms have such a low vibration or frequency, that they so to speak almost have come to a standstill. And in this way has got a tangible form, which our senses can perceive.

What do we mean when we talk about energy work

Back to our question: What do we exactly mean with Working with Energies, also called energy work? If we take the word work a little broadly, we can say that everyone works with energies. Every day, every moment. Life is in fact Working with Energies.

But this form of working happens largely unconsciously and automatically. We don’t have to learn to breathe. We use our senses without instructions as soon as we have “opened” them. And we also move automatically. Although it takes effort to master the fine-tuning of it as a baby. We learn to walk by trial and error. Also, every thought we have changes our energy a little bit. Life is truly a constant form of energy change, made by our choices, conscious or unconscious.

Getting aware of energy changes

This series is mainly about consciously Working with Energies. So we get to know more about the energy changes we are undergoing. Energy changes that constantly happen in our life. With Working with Energies you can ask yourself the following questions: When do you do this. How and in what situations do you do this. How can you learn to work more consciously and effectively with energies. And what is the benefit of doing so.

Conscious forms of Working with Energies

Working with Energies is consciously paying attention to your energy in a given moment, and when needed to adjust it. But it can also concern the positively changing of a certain energy. Or actively avoiding that your energy will be negatively affected. Learning to attune yourself to the right energy is a characteristic of the Fifth Dimension.

Think of things like protecting your aura, positive thinking, working on your chakras, grounding, yoga, chi gong and tai chi. Or think about meditation, attunements, activations and the like. Just as the use of healing colors, healing scents or singing bowls. Or to the various forms of Reiki or other ways of spiritual energy transfer. In this sense every form of real healing is also energy work. Energy work is in fact all you do to holding your energy high or raising it back to a high level. 

Part II of the series Working with Energies is about energy changes. How do you become aware of this and what if your energy changes negatively? 

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