Ego Needs and Soul Desires, one gives sadness, the other joy


Looking at Ego Needs and Soul Desires

You can see Ego Needs and Soul Desires as 2 ways to make your life more pleasurable. The first caresses your ego, the last is enjoyable for your soul. Ego Needs and Soul Desires give a good impression of how you walk through life, what you find important and how you try to achieve that. They are in a sense 2 extremes. 2 very different ways of shaping your physical life. In this post I try to compare these 2 life paths with each other. To get a better idea of how they differ. So that you can become aware of their consequences. This will help you determine which of these 2 life paths serves you better: your Ego Needs or your Soul Desires.

About Needs and Desires

It is always good to consider that you are a soul, that occasionally has a physical experience. That your body is what you have, and that your soul is what you are. And that there is a big difference between having and being. This way we better understand what is really important. However, neglecting your body and personality isn’t advisable.

Needs and Desires aren’t the same. Needs belong mainly to our personality and ego, Desires belong more to our soul. Where Need is felt like a necessity, Desire is more of a preference. Solving a Need feels like reducing a deficit. Solving a Desire feels more like an expansion or addition. Needs cannot be satisfied permanently, Desires can. Therefore, consider: the more you change your Needs into Desires, the more peaceful and happy your life becomes.

 How you can recognize Ego Needs and Soul Desires

There is a clear difference between Needs and Desires. Which makes it easier to differentiate between the two. Needs indicate deficiency, Desires are at the root of growth. Where Needs can make you unhappy when they don’t get satisfied, Desires represent only an extra. They are no necessity, they only add extra pleasure and happiness.

You can recognize Needs because they almost always serve only yourself. Offering at best short-term benefits, such as pleasure or stress reduction. And tend to be meaningless in the longer term. Moreover, they are often at the root of new problems. They keep promising you happiness but never give it. At least no lasting happiness.

You can recognize Soul Desires because they serve yourself as well as others. They are a long-lasting source of joy and stress reduction. And are even after this life of worth. Soul Desires resolve problems and karma. They give you good feelings about yourself. And they are unifying to everything that lives. Because everything that lives is soul.  

More distinctions

Another distinction between Ego Needs and Soul Desires you can see by the degree of struggle in your life. People with many Ego Needs often experience their lives as an ongoing struggle. A struggle that they try to diminish by fulfilling their Ego Needs. People who prioritize their Soul Desires instead see the struggle in their lives diminish. Because they focus on things that itself won’t bring forth struggle.

The more you are still attached to Ego Needs, the more your life will be a struggle. And the more often you will suffer from disappointments, frustrations, fears and the like. The higher you have developed your consciousness, the more you will see a shift of Ego Needs to Soul Desires. And the more often you will have experiences of love, joy and happiness. In the table you can clearly see how different they are.

Table Ego Needs and Soul Desires

Ego Needs Soul Desires
Security Love
Safety Freedom
Invulnerability Beauty
Having Enough Joy
Social Status Happiness
Honor Wealth and Abundance
Appreciation, Respect Trust, Confidence
Regarded As beautiful Peace
Fame Truth
Being Rich Wisdom
Being Powerful Perfection

How to get from Ego Needs to Soul Desires?

First make a good distinction between Ego Needs and Soul Desires. Then ask yourself: Where does it originate from? Ego Needs originate from your head: thoughts, or belly: emotions. Soul Desires always originate from your heart. The next question is: How does it feel? If it feels oppressive, coercive, irritating, then they are Ego Needs. If it feels light, pleasant and good, we can recognize Soul Desires. Another question: How does it affect your energy? Ego Needs have a low energy, Soul Desires a high energy. Just as the table confirms.

Then comes the big question: How do I get from Ego Needs to Soul Desires?

  1. Be whenever possible in a high energy. Source attunements like Source of Love, Source of Trust and Source of Peace are helpful for that.
  2. Monitor your heart energy. Heart and Soul helps you to feel your soul, and thus feel and understand her desires.
  3. Choose well. The better your choices, the better your experiences. Love Choices helps you to discard your Ego Needs and choose your Soul Desires.

This way you can cope well with Ego Needs and Soul Desires and enjoy better life experiences.

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