Free of Blockades you see how good your energy flows, and how beautiful that looks


How you can imagine energy blockades

This post is about blockades, energy blockades. You could see them as energy congestions. Areas where your life energy, the Prana, cannot or can no longer flow fully. Imagine a fast-flowing stream with many bends and twists. Now after a storm, several trees have fallen into the stream at a certain spot. These trees block the water stream. The water must now find another way to continue flowing.

We know that water, like energy, always follows the path of least resistance. So now water will try to find a way to most easily avoid these fallen trees. To still be able to flow through. However, that means that the flow of the water is impeded in its progress. That the water no longer flows optimally. The same principle works in our bodies. When an energy blockade reduces our energy, we need to optimize its flow for our welfare. We then need energetic healing.  

Recognizing energy obstructions in our body and energy system

In a similar way blockades in our body arise. Here the storm is some form of stress, blocking a healthy energy flow. The more intense the stress, the greater the blockade probably will be. It may also be that a little stress, occurring more frequently, can cause that the same blockade will slowly grow bigger. So you can have many small blockades, as well as few big ones. Or a mix of them.

But what makes that you develop small or big energy blocks? It works a little bit the same as with diseases. One person never has anything, and then suddenly has a serious illness. The other has many minor complaints that keep coming and going, but never gets anything serious. It depends on the person and their life path.

The area where energy obstructions arise also depends on what kind of person you are. But places where they are common are the chakras. Because chakras represent development. Therefore avoiding developments and challenges can cause energy blockades. In addition, they are common in our joints. Joints enable movement and change (of direction). For this reason blockades here often mean you resist a certain way of moving through life. You then not only need physical, but also other forms of flexibility.

Types of blockades

You also have blockades which manifest themselves in different areas. In addition to physical, blockades can also be emotional, mental or spiritual. Combinations of these are also common.

Physical blockades

Physical disturbances can include a blood clot in a vein or artery. Such as in a heart attack or stroke. But also an intestinal blockage. Or a pinched nerve. Sometimes stones formed in the body block an exit. Like a gallstone that clogs the outlet from the gallbladder to the liver. A kidney stone that gets stuck in the ureter. Or a bladder stone that makes urination impossible. Although these mechanical blockages may seem entirely physical, there may be energetic causes for such blockages. Gallstones, for example, may indicate bitterness and harsh thoughts. Kidney stones can signify unresolved anger. Bladder stones could mean that you are having great difficulty letting go of emotions.

Emotional blockades

Also on an emotional level you can develop blockades. You recognize this by not expressing your emotions in a healthy way, and not being able to let go properly of what has been.

Example 1 Anna

As a child, Anna is a rather angry type, who makes no bones about her heart. As a result, she notices that she hurts others and they turn away from her. Because Anna, like other people, also longs for love and to be seen and heard, she chooses to swallow her anger. Later in life, her blocked anger may express itself in a sour or bitter attitude. In which she comes to regard the whole world as her enemy.

Example 2 Nick

Nick is not exactly the prototype of the womanizer. But now he is dating anyway. When his girlfriend Jasmine does not stop herself from regularly talking to other boys (flirting, Nick finds), Nick becomes possessive and jealous. When Jasmine has enough of his jealousy and breaks off the courtship, it hurts him a lot. This pain later blocks his normal kindness and open-mindedness toward women. Women cannot be trusted for him.

Mental blockades

Mostly mental blockades are about thoughts or beliefs that obstruct some form of harmony in your life.

Example 1 Michael

Michael has trouble getting going in the morning. Even when he has to get to work, getting up seems like quite a tough job. When he has to start a new project, it sometimes seems like a writer with writer’s block: getting the beginning on paper is the hardest part. Once he gets going, however, it comes naturally. At one point, he recalls how, as a little boy, he often wanted to try all sorts of things. But there was always some reason why his parents wouldn’t let him: no money, too dangerous, it only makes a mess… Michael suddenly realizes: his own belief that his initiative will be frustrated again is why he has this problem.

Example 2 Naomi

Naomi is a very cheerful and positive woman, except when it comes to love. She does not like women, and she is difficult with men. When Naomi becomes acquainted with a very beautiful young man, Rick, and they become more and more intimate with each other, she feels how warm her heart becomes for him. The moment he puts his arms around her and wants to kiss her, she hears herself say to her own bewilderment, Get away from me, you men all want only one thing. Lying on her bed at home, she tearfully says to herself, You’ve done it again, Naomi! When will you finally let someone’s love in? Is Naomi blocking love because she does not love herself, is her cheerfulness only superficial?

Spiritual blockades

Spiritual blockades can arise in many ways, but mostly they are caused by negative experiences. Often emotional or mental painful experiences and traumas are the underlying reason.

Example 1 Rose

Rose is a vulnerable girl who has had to deal with many disappointments throughout her life. Both in social contacts and in love. As a result, she has built a wall around her heart so that life hurts less. In the course Working with Chakras she has to try to feel her heart chakra. Most students manage to feel at least something, but with Rose, there just doesn’t seem to be any energy flowing. Her wall around her heart is bricked up so firmly that her heart feelings are blocked as well.

Example 2 Jack

Jack is a big and strong man and afraid of nobody. A girlfriend manages to persuade him to join the workshop Trust and Surrender. During the workshop one of the participants lies down in the middle. The other participants sit around it and place their hand on his or her body. Then they try to let their love flow for the person lying down. When it is Jacks turn he feels particularly uncomfortable under their touch. Eventually he feels the love of the others and his tears begin to flow abundantly. His blockade of aloofness and not wanting to be touched begins to dissolve through their love.

Energy Blockades and the problems they can cause

From the examples above, hopefully you’ve gotten a pretty good idea about the problems that energy blockades can cause. Maybe you look at your own life and you see things which might indicate energy blockades. Or maybe you have certain problems and the same energetic cause could underly it.

When it becomes clear what kind of problems energy blockades can cause, you may want to take a look at your life.

  • Do I have problems that might indicate energy blockades?
  • Do I perhaps know of something that happened in the past that could be the cause of my current problem?
  • Are there maybe automatisms in me that trigger in the same situation the same problem? 

A small selection of problems that can indicate underlying energy blockades:

  • A lack of self confidence
  • Annoyances and arguments that always follow the same pattern
  • Not willing to show your vulnerability
  • Relationship problems that show itself in several relationships
  • Having no confidence in other people
  • Fear of change
  • Finding it difficult to understand your emotions and way of behaving
  • A wounded Inner Child
  • Shielding yourself from the outside world
  • Always struggling financially

How you can remove blockades

You probably like to remove energy blockades that cause problems. But how to do that?

  1. Firstly try to get well aware of the problem.
  2. If this is caused by an energy blockade, try to find out how this manifests itself.
  3. Next, it can be very valuable to go back in your memory. Did something occur that caused this blockade? Or can you clearly see that after a certain point in your life the problem began, and has been present ever since?
  4. Be aware that a problem always is a chance for spiritual growth. Solving it can make you spiritual bigger and wiser.
  5. Now try with love to release this blockade. It’s not needed anymore. Now that you are aware of the reason for this problem, love can help you eliminate it once and for all. You have then learned your spiritual lesson.

If you find it difficult to do this all by yourself, you may be able to find a healer who can help you with this. You may be able to accomplish something with affirmations, yoga, acupressure, Reiki or some other healing method.

I also have some attunements that may be of help:

 I wish you much success with healing your blockades!

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