Kundalini Awakening, understanding what energetically happens in your body

Kundalini Awakening Awareness in 5 important questions

What is Kundalini and what is Kundalini Awakening

To understand Kundalini Awakening it’s important to first know more about the Kundalini and its energy. The Kundalini is part of our energy system, present in our physical body, though totally energetic. You often can feel it in or around your spine and chakras. But also in other parts of your body. It consists of 3 channels or tubes, called Light Snakes. The middle one is the biggest energy channel, surrounded by 2 smaller ones. The middle one (Sushumna) has a neutral energy. The 2 smaller Light Snakes have a masculine (Pingala) and a feminine energy (Ida). This threefold energy channel is found in Chakra 1, at the end of our spine. It surrounds our backbone and subsequently has clear similarities to the DNA helix.

When your spirituality develops itself enough, the before sleeping Kundalini energy starts to rise through the main chakras. This energy is also called prana, ki, chi or qi, or simply life energy. It is our main life power. This process is called Kundalini Awakening, and also known as Kundalini Rising or Kundalini Unfolding. It is also the way from Duality going to Unity.

What does the Kundalini do and is it important for us

As mentioned, the energy in this channel is our life energy or life power. Therefore, this energy channel is extremely important. For no energy, no life. Within our energy system the Kundalini forms our energy source. It passes its energy on to our chakras, which then provide energy to the other parts of our energy system.

To understand the Kundalini Awakening better, it may be helpful to first tell more about our main chakras. The main chakras are as it were, energetic levels of spiritual development. The more we develop these chakras, the more they open themselves. And give their energy to all kinds of aspects of our spiritual life. Because the main chakras 2-6 have a front and a back, they are crossed by the Kundalini. Are these chakras blocked, as is often the case, then the Kundalini energy can collide with these blockages. As a result, all or part of these blockages start to resolve.

In itself a good thing. But not always a pleasant experience. Because blockages often arise when you for some reason don’t want to experience something consciously. Think of a trauma that you have hidden away deeply to avoid feeling its pain. Does this trauma free itself during the Kundalini Awakening (letting go), then you will become aware of it again. However, if you have not yet reached the spiritual level that you can handle it, this might lead to psychological problems.

Why should I try to develop this Holy Fire

One of the names for the Kundalini energy is the Holy Fire. This shows us how powerful this prana energy is. This power is creative, purifying, awareness raising, transforming, healing and life giving. If in someone the Holy Fire is extinguished, it often means that a person’s creative abilities or zest for life are exhausted. And that this Holy Fire is life giving, not only applies in a metaphorical sense. Like when you use masculine and feminine energies for creation and manifestation. To bring ideas to light in a physical form. In a literal sense, both energies are needed to conceive a child too, to bring forth new life.

Looking at it esoterically, Kundalini Awakening is welcome because in this way you can tap into a life giving source. In doing so, it gives you many more creative and spiritual possibilities. That can even lead to feelings of bliss and experiences of Oneness, because the masculine and feminine energies unite. It can also be a great help in our ascension process. Because ascension symptoms and Kundalini symptoms can be very similar. For they involve the same consciousness raising process.

However, it is good to be aware that you must be ready for Kundalini Awakening. Because of the blockages that may free itself. You have to be strong enough to be able to transform them. Therefore I recommend that you develop your chakras first, before you do the attunement Kundalini. So the transformation of the blockages is already going on. In this way Kundalini Awakening will be much safer. In short: if you are psychically and spiritually strong, there is no reason for fear. However, caution never hurts.

Has Kundalini Awakening anything to do with sexuality

As explained above, the Kundalini consists of 3 light channels. A channel with neutral energy, a channel with masculine energy, and a channel with feminine energy. So it has a lot to do with sexuality. But not necessarily with physical sexual activities. It is primarily about the capabilities of the masculine energy and feminine energy. (See also the post Man Woman Love.) These are stimulated and brought to a higher level through the development of the Kundalini.

In the daily use of these sexual energies you will see much more often the things that are not related to physical sexual activities. Such as decisiveness (m) and caring (f), or logical thinking (m) and creativity (f). So either man and woman can make use of both energies as needed. Nevertheless, you can use the Kundalini Energy very well for physical sexual activities. Especially to make your sexual experience more spiritual and fulfilling.

Kundalini Awakening is for this reason an important part in many tantra forms. In which uniting your masculine and feminine energy can lead to a unity experience or Oneness. Together with a partner, or just for yourself. Kundalini Awakening can be very interesting for people who feel within intimate relationships and sexual experiences: Is this all, isn’t there more? Or when you just like to have a more wonderful sex life.

What to do when Kundalini Awakening occurs spontaneously

We have already talked about unlocking and developing this energy channel. But what if this sleeping snake, this Holy Fire, begins to develop spontaneously. When the Kundalini Awakening or Kundalini Rising manifests naturally? You may assume that this is a good thing. Because your energy system won’t do by itself things that you aren’t yet ready for. So it is important that you know what is going on. And that this is part of your development.

The symptoms that occur can be so different, that it would be too much to list them all here. (But you can find enough websites that give an overview of this.) Because every energy system is unique, you will probably also have your own unique symptoms. However, we can say a few things about them.

The following applies for spontaneous Kundalini Symptoms:

  • Symptoms can be highly variable in intensity and location
  • They can alternate quickly as well
  • But can also be long absent between intense periods
  • They are usually annoying rather than dangerous (and sometimes pleasant)
  • You can have many common symptoms in addition to for you unique symptoms
  • Kundalini symptoms can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • They can be confused with psychological problems and diseases
  • And can resemble ascension symptoms
  • Kundalini symptoms are usually different from classic disease symptoms
  • So it usually doesn’t help to visit the doctor because of them
  • An energy therapist or healer may be better able to help you
  • Try not to resist them, because they raise your vibration

In conclusion, I would like to add: Kundalini Awakening or Kundalini Rising seems difficult, but is also very valuable. It even can be very pleasant, feeling like a kind of liberation too. Therefore it’s a good idea to actively develop your Kundalini, but not before you are spiritually ready for it. Preferably if you’ve already done the necessary chakra work. But please do not try to force anything. If you think you are ready for this, then I have the attunement Kundalini available. As well as the Chakra Package, to do first if desired.

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