Expectations, the fine recipe for disappointments and relationship problems

Expectations, mistrusting the creations of the universe

The negative and the positive form of expectations

Our expectations are directly related to how we feel, and to our attitude towards life. Whether we are disillusioned or have a joyful and meaningful life. Therefore: expectations, what can you expect from them? And here we primarily mean the negative form. The form that also occurs the most. And which almost everyone, to a greater or lesser degree, allows himself or herself to be guided by. Unfortunately we can expect little good from this negative form. Expectation sometimes comes from hope, but more often from your will (ego). It is then based on fear or one of its derivatives, such as distrust. It is a form of control because you do not unconditionally trust that you will receive what you desire. Expectation therefore (Law of Attraction) becomes a blockade of desirable experiences.

When are we talking about the positive form? When you believe in the good. And if you have the intention to serve the Highest Good of all with it. Where you do not determine in detail what it precisely should look like. After all, in that case you leave the universe free to produce the best outcome for everyone. Moreover, that gives much more freedom: personally, in relationships, and for our world as a whole. And it will considerably reduce the times when you feel unhappy, because things do not go the way you want them to.

Getting in the way of the creative process

Expectations, which are related to our desires, disrupt the flow of creativity. They determine that reality may only take place in a certain way. They are hoped-for or planned outcomes, or even a kind of enforcement of a certain outcome. Compare it to a stream of water that is forced to flow through a narrow channel. As a result, the water loses its liveliness and fresh energy. And it can only, extinguished, arrive at a certain spot. The creative process is thus deprived of its most vivid energy and most positive manifestation.

Actually, you tell the universe with negative expectations that you do not trust the creation process. That you do not believe that the creation process will bring you the best possible outcome at this moment. Expectations are therefore actually based on distrust, on the distrust of the universe and the creation process that is accomplished by the universe.

The relationship between expectations and experiences

Expectations normally take place as a result of previous negative experiences. These negative experiences are often no longer clearly present in your consciousness. They are then repressed, banished to your subconscious. With all the negative consequences of that. It is important that you become aware of these negative experiences again. So that they can no longer disturb your creativity, and the universal creation process. And bring you experiences that you do not want.

So the special thing about expectations is that they usually arise from an already disturbed universal creation process. Sometimes also because you just don’t see what is positive for you. That your ego brings you to other, wrong thoughts. Through this disturbed creation process, or the interference of your ego, you then get unwanted experiences. And in order to prevent them you try through expectations, determining how the creation should take place, to get better results the next time.

Expectations, a fine recipe for disappointments

Expectations also have a very negative influence on relationships. They cause all kinds of relationship problems, and ensure relationships won’t last. Expectations are also an excellent recipe for disappointments. The higher they are, the deeper the disappointments. Expectations that repeatedly don’t come true often lead, besides disappointments, to grief and frustration. And can eventually lead to despondency, despair and depression. (The midlife crisis is also an example of this.)

So the strange thing is that something you expect not only often follows a negative experience, but also produces it at the same time. Of course you might know that you are not as good at creation as the universe. And that by interfering, by setting conditions, you will only have lesser experiences. Therefore, choose to let the creativity of the universe completely free. Leave suspicion, doubt and coercion behind. Love, trust and awareness of the process are also here the spiritual solutions to better experiences. And more joy in life.

Examples of positive expectations

As said this post is mostly about negative expectations. To get aware of who and how we have them, and which unpleasant consequences they may have. But you can also expect in a positive way, and in this way attract delightful experiences. Here are some examples:

  • Every experience is my own creation, carried out by the universe.
  • I concentrate completely and exclusively on my desires.
  • I recognize positive desires because they are always accompanied by positive emotions.
  • It is my intention that each of my creations serves the Highest Good of all.
  • I expect only the best, but leave the universe free in the way how to bring it about.
  • If something does not go as I hope, I try to adapt my creation in a positive way.
  • I then am not disappointed, but see it as a challenge for improvement.
  • That which I expect in full faith will manifest itself.
  • When I fully concentrate on what I wish for, my experience can only be fine.
  • I am grateful for everything the universe brings me.  

In this way you can truly expect positive results. Because you know that the universal creation process can only manifest optimally in freedom. And your desires, as long as your intentions are good, can give you the most beautiful and best experiences.

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