Feeling: for spiritual communication and development indispensable

Feeling: the most important tool for spiritual communication

A wonderful spiritual tool: feeling

Feeling is the most important tool we have in the physical world. In this message I would therefore like to highlight this beautiful instrument. So that you will understand why this spiritual tool is really important. In the hope that you will use it much more, and much more consciously as well.

But just to be clear: with feeling we do not mean the sensory feeling. Like your fingers feeling the freshness of running water or the softness of your skin. But here we are talking about our heart feeling. That which we feel in our hearts. Our heart feeling comes from our soul, which wants to let us know something. So it is the energy that starts to flow in our heart. In response to what you’re experiencing. But sometimes apparently without a direct reason too.

About feelings and emotions, sensitivity and vulnerability

I also distinguish between feelings and emotions here. Which are often seen as synonyms. However their source is different. Feelings are the language of the soul, palpable in our hearts. Emotions are the language of our personality and body, palpable in our body. Emotions tell: this is what I find as a person of what I experience. You can read more about this in the attunement Emotional Harmony.

And maybe it is also a good idea to consider the concepts of sensitivity and vulnerability here as well. Sensitivity often has to do with the extent to which you use feeling. Your energetic finesse. This sensitivity can be on the plane of your body: are you sensitive to touch, or don’t you notice a light touch at all. It can also be emotional sensitivity. Do you easily get unsettled when someone else is irritated or angry. In addition, there is energetic sensitivity, as in HSP’s who can feel the energy of others in their aura. And have a rich emotional life.

Sensitivity means that your feeling works very well. However, if it works too strongly, it turns into vulnerability. Vulnerability is physical, emotional or other hypersensitivity, which causes complaints.

What do we mean with feelings?

So we are talking about the energies flowing from our hearts, which we give the collective name feelings. But what kind of energies are they? Think of sensing things like love, thankfulness, compassion. Or friendship, understanding or empathy. But also intuition and inspiration flow from our hearts. And can in a certain sense be considered as heart feelings or heart energy.

In addition, you can also think of the little bumps or spiritual encouragements you sometimes feel. If it is good to do something. Like when you encounter the love of your life. And you need some encouragement to make contact with him or her. Or a heart energy that causes a kind of restraint. Which lets you know when you are in danger, such as coming too close to an abyss: it is better not to do this.

Making active use of your feelings

Feeling is the most important instrument for contact with your soul. It is the direct connection to your Higher Self and I Am Presence. Your inner experience, the communication with your Inner World. Feeling with your heart means that your soul is telling you something. About what you are experiencing, about what is good to do or not to do. And to help you develop spiritually.

In everything that is important to you as a personality, your soul will guide you spiritually. So it is communication on a soul level. The highest communication that exists. And at the same time Inner Guidance. For who can you still believe in a world that depends on lies? Not the outside world. Therefore, focus on your own truth. Your inner world or soul that knows all your lives and knows exactly what is good for you.

Let your heart speak

Therefore let your heart speak, because it will bring you into balance. It is the golden mean between thinking and emotion. It is love that reduces the disharmony in your emotions and thinking life. So listen to your heart as often as possible. Make use of what it tells you.

Making use of your heart feelings has even more advantages:

  • Being centered or bringing you back to your Self
  • Being more in the now
  • Living more inspired
  • Feeling better about who you are
  • Becoming more intuitive
  • Brings order to your life
  • Reduces problems
  • Stimulates your self-development / self-realization
  • Brings you wisdom

Sounds good, but does it seem hard to you? Are you looking for an easier way to listen to your heart? That’s exactly why I designed an attunement. An attunement that not only helps you to be alert to your feelings. But also to understand your feelings better, and to make use of them. This attunement is called Heart and Soul. Heart and Soul is also part of the Higher Self Package.

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