Karma, using the universal law of cause and effect positively

Karma, the nice universal system that accelerates soul evolution

What is karma and how does is work

Karma, what is that exactly? Karma you could call a universal law that brings back to you what you give to the world. Although for many people it has a rather negative charge (punishment, recurrent suffering …), it is actually a very nice system. Because it ultimately creates a better you and a better world. It brings consciousness growth, love, harmony, balance, responsibility, better choices…

It is a term from Hinduism and Buddhism that tells us that what you think, say and do has consequences for the experiences you will have afterwards. You could also call it the law of cause and effect or the law of attraction. For of everything you cause in your life, you will eventually experience the consequences. Positive and negative.

Karmic consequences and where they occur 

Karmic consequences occur in many areas of your life. The most important form in which you can experience karmic effects is in your personal life. That is closest to you. It is possible that you will see it in the situations you often find yourself in. Just like in problems and weaknesses that seem to belong to you.

One area where you will certainly see them often is relationships. After all, relationships are an excellent opportunity to repair karmic problems. To accelerate soul growth. But karmic relationships are not only personal. Besides personal karma, you may also have to deal with family karma, land (and earth) karma, and group karma (gender, culture, religion, race, etc.). In fact, each group has karmic bonds that want to be healed.

The time factor and the relation between karma and reincarnation

Besides, we are also dealing with time as a complicating factor. You would understand more quickly how karmic relationships work if you immediately experienced your actions consequences. But cause and effect are often far apart. In addition, some consequences will only become apparent in following lives: reincarnation.

If you think about karma more deeply, you’ll understand that not every effect can be limited to this life. You will play every role at least once: male-female, teacher-student, money bag-pauper … So that you not only experience the positive aspects of something, but also the negative ones. Because suppose you’re a man, being not always nice to women. Then sooner or later, according to the law of karma, you will reap the consequences. And what better way to do this than when you are a woman in the next life, and are now being treated unkindly by men yourself?

The roles of perpetrator and victim that we all play 

So you can imagine a lot of roles, power relations and problems, where you will play both the role of perpetrator and victim. Karma and reincarnation ensure that you become aware of cause and effect. Experiencing both sides of the coin makes everyone spiritually stronger. The karmic harmony model means: as you sow you will reap. And on the basis of how undesirable or unpleasant you find that harvest, sooner or later you will learn to adjust your sowing positively. This will create harmony and balance in your personal life. And, as far as your share is concerned, that of the groups to which you belong.

Because the karmic system applies to everyone, at any time and in any situation. So it is a completely fair system. Only for the purpose of keeping / bringing the universe into complete harmony and balance.

What can I do to diminish negative karma?

Karma brings you in time to the conclusion that unpleasant behavior leads to unpleasant experiences. And because pleasant experiences are so much nicer … You will one day become aware of that and then choose for pleasant experiences. But how do you do that?

What always helps is consciousness growth: what is my karma, how do I prevent negative karma and promote positive karma. Also important: love, for example in the form of loving choices. Other attunements that can help you are: Violet Ray (transformation) and Let Go and Let In. And off course the 3 attunements of the Healing Creation Package (Healing Thoughts, Healing Words and Healing Actions). But whatever attunements or other ways you choose: consciousness work and love work is necessary, every day. Are you planning to do that, then lots of success!

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