The Outer World, using the mirror to improve your inner world and your life

The Outer World, seeing in the mirror who and what you are now

Looking in the mirror, looking at the outer world

The Outer World often feels as a source of frustration and grief. A troublemaker who doesn’t know when to stop. But although it seems the cause of much misery, it is an effect, a mirror of ourselves. Because it mirrors our consciousness, our inner world. Where our collective consciousness reflects our mutual world, our personal consciousness mirrors itself in your personal world. Our personal world is therefore different from how every other person experiences his world.

Because every person is unique and has his own outside world, with his own experiences. This outside world is the perfect reflection of your inside world. This post, the last in a series of three, totally focusses on the Outer World. What use is this mirror? And how can you use this mirror to your advantage? The previous two messages are: Inner World and Outer World and Inner World.

Making yourself beautiful, recognizing yourself

Imagine the following situation. You are a very young girl and you are in the bathroom. You have a stool so you can access the stuff on the shelf. They seem interesting to you. Because you saw that mom uses it to make herself beautiful. And that’s what you want too. Suddenly you see someone in the mirror. A nice girl. When you smile at her, she smiles back immediately. You grab a hairbrush and start brushing your hair. Now you suddenly see that the girl is brushing her hair too. So funny, you have to laugh about it … and so does the girl. Suddenly something starts to dawn. That girl in the mirror, is it maybe me …?

The world we see reflects our mood

We are in a similar situation to this young girl. We are beginning to realize that the world as we see and experience it is not separate from us. But that this is the result of what we think, say and do. Representing the reflection of our consciousness. Slowly but surely we begin to become aware of the relationship between ourselves and our Outer World.

We are beginning to realize that these two have a direct relationship with each other. For example, we notice that our own inner dissatisfaction manifests itself as conflicts in the outside world. Or we notice that on days when we have a bad mood, the world also looks less beautiful. This makes people react more negatively to us than when we cheerfully step through life.

Use the Outer World for improving your Inner World

Just like the girl you see in the mirror that your hair is a mess and you comb it until it looks nice again. The consciousness mirror also shows you what is not beautiful about you. You could choose not to react with judgment, aversion or other negative emotions to what you don’t like. But to accept that this says something about you. And then use this mirror positively to improve yourself.

Table Consciousness and Outer World

What do I see in the Outer World What could this Consciousness Mirror tell me about my Inner World
People ignore me I ignore myself, I ought to give my Self more attention
I am being harassed sometimes Would I accept myself fully, others wouldn’t feel the need to act that way.
Nobody is nice to me, nobody loves me It seems I am very kind for my ego, it is time that I am nice for my Self (Self Love).
Occasionally I am confronted with aggression Am I suppressing my anger, triggering others to react on me with aggression?
People so often feel the need to judge me Are there many judgements in me I’m not aware of, do I really accept myself and others?
I seem to be a magnet for bad men / women There are unwelcome urges in me. My relationships help me to get aware of them so I can transform them.
People abuse me or always want to benefit from me Are others inclined to abuse me because I abuse my inner goodness, I just don’t listen to it and don’t act accordingly?
It happens so often that people ask for my help Very good that you help people. But do you really help them? Or do you solve the problems they should solve themselves, so that they can learn from them?
Again and again I run into the same problems Lessons keep coming back until I have learned them. Learning to Let Go and Let In and transformation is badly needed for me.
People just don’t trust me I am very suspicious, of myself, of other people and of the world. Let me have confidence in the goodness of people, also in my Self.
My relationships often end in disappointment Can it be that I have far too high expectations, and that I have relationships so others can solve my problems? Is disappointment the answer to my disappointing intentions?

Working lovingly on your Self

What do we see in the mirror, what do we see in our world? We can then use this as feedback to our Inner World. The table above gives a small selection of what you may encounter in the outside world. And what the meaning of that could be. Try to deal with this flexibly. Hopefully it will help you to look at your own situation lovingly and without judgment. And from that to distil how you could work lovingly on your Self.

Also read the message about the Inner World. This has the same goal, self-realization, but follows a different approach. Both approaches can be valuable, especially if you use them side by side. However if you don’t choose for both at the same time, then working with your Inner World is the most valuable.

Inner World and Outer World

Inner World

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