Inner World, getting aware of and communicating with your Inner Being

Inner World, getting more aware of who and what you are

Dealing positively with your Inner World

The Inner World is formed by everything we are deep inside. It is our soul and salvation, formed by our Higher Self and our I Am Presence. It contains all our feelings and inner stirrings, our intentions and everything that makes us unique. This message is a sequel to the message Inner World and Outer World. Which is mainly about the correlation and relationship between the two.

This also explains how we can get aware of our Intimate World and how we can deal positively with it. Because living in a physical 3D world makes us sensitive to illusions. We quickly forget who we are. This brings ourselves very easily out of the Now, to get us entrapped in the outside world. That’s why focusing on your Inner World is very important for your journey to 5D.

The soft and loving nature of our Intimate World

Our Inner World has as a characteristic that it isn’t intrusive, like our Outer World. It is soft, loving and peaceful. Our Intimate World will never be noisy in the communication with us as a personality. On the contrary, it is subtle, nuanced and friendly. It has the nature that is characteristic of the higher spheres.

Therefore it is important that we as a personality strive for this same softness and love. For we are not only a temporary personification of our soul, a heavenly energy in earthly form. But for the functioning of our earthly form and for fulfilling our life purpose a good communication with our Inner World is very important. And of great benefit. Let us therefore be constructive and strive for a good spiritual cooperation.

The fruitful collaboration with our Higher Self

So how can we make a fruitful cooperation more easy? We do this by being receptive and by focusing on our Higher Self. Because our Higher Self isn’t only the part of our soul which is there especially to help us during our incarnation. It has therefore, in collaboration with our I Am Presence, also the wisdom and possibilities. For people who are willing to really invest in this collaboration, the Higher Self Package is recommended. This helps you in a thorough way to build a good relationship with your HS. Resulting in a pleasant collaboration, and very valuable for your ascension. But the collaboration with your Inner World can be tried in other ways too.

Tips to communicate with your Inner World

For example, by applying these tips:

  • If your feeling clearly says that something is not good for you, please follow that advise.
  • Welcome and try to feel love for your Higher Self, I Am Presence, Guides, Guardian Angels …
  • Do you come into a negative energy, then quickly learn yourself to return to love, peace, trust …
  • Learn to recognize your intuition and to use it.
  • Try to be aware of the little nudges, when your HS, Guides, Guardian Angels … try to protect you from danger.
  • Follow them too if they want to help you make better choices.
  • Spend more time in nature (the quiet Outside World).
  • Be open for contact with animals, trees, plants, Mother Earth …
  • Learn to meditate, it makes spiritual communication more easy.
  • This will also make it easier for you to be open to inspiration.

The Inner World, for rapid change for the better

In this post you have been able to read what the Inner World is. Why it is important to be aware of this and to be in contact with it. And how you can get that done. Learning to communicate with your Inner World is not only the best, but also the most thorough and fastest method for change for the better. And for increasing your energy, needed for our journey to 5D. But in addition to that, there is nothing against working with your Outer World as well. As long as you don’t fall for her illusions. The next message (and the last in this series of 3), the Outer World, tells you how you can use that too.

Inner World and Outer World

Outer World

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