Inner World and Outer World, read more about how they are related to each other

Inner World and Outer World, an exciting relationship

Two entirely different worlds: Inner World and Outer World

Inner World and Outer World are two worlds we both have to deal with. Although not everyone is fully aware of that. Because the Outer World is so intrusive that the Inner World can get completely out of sight. That’s the reason why many people are their entire lives occupied with the Outer World. And may be totally forgotten who or what they are. As children who are so absorbed in their play, that they totally forget Home. Nevertheless, Inner World and Outer World have quite an exciting relationship. A relationship that deserves our awareness.

The mirror as the reflected world

When we are talking about Inner World and Outer World, we can very well call it the reflected world. It always seems to be the case that something in the Outer World happens, which subsequently has a certain effect on the Inner World. Or at least on the shell that is between Inner World and Outer World: our personality. (With our ego, who together can negatively affect it.) We notice this in our feelings and emotions, in our choices, attitude and intentions.

However, nothing at all can happen in the Outer World, when not something happens in our Inner World first. Because the Outer World is the mirror of our Inner World. And mirrors don’t make a habit of doing anything of themselves, they only show the visible.

Experiencing the Inner World and Outer World relationship

So how can it be then that we experience this so differently? That’s because of the noisy Outer World that outcries the Inner World. Which makes it seem as if that’s the cause of everything. While the Inner World works so subtle, that it’s much harder to be aware of. (That’s the purpose of meditation: to silence the Outer World and get in touch with our delicate Inner World.) But when an energetic change occurs in the Inner World, sooner or later, without exception, it becomes visible in the Outer World. So if we as a personality and ego react negatively to something, this also causes negativity in our Inner World. Then this subsequently provokes something negative in the outside world.

The Outer World as the Inner World made visible

This becoming visible in the Outer World is therefore much more noticeable than the changes in our Inner World that preceded it. The complicating factor is time: what happens today in our Inner World can show itself months later in the Outer World. This makes it very easy for us to see the result as the cause. That is why a vicious circle was born: the Outer World as the assumed cause of stress in the Inner World. Another illusion is the we all share the same Outer World. While how you look at it and experience it is for every person unique. But how exactly are Inner World and Outer World related? A few eye catching differences are shown in the table.

Table Inner World – Outer World

Inner World Outer World
Cause Effect
Truth Illusion
Subtile Overwhelming
Cohesive Chaotic
Friendly Repellent
Modest Obtrusive
Safe Dangerous
Reliable Inconsistent
Persceptible Visible
Timeless Time-dependent
Spiritual senses Physical senses

Improve the world…

More and more people are seeing that this world is not working. And want that to change. But too many people still want the Outer World to improve, so that they feel better in their Inner World. And that’s what holds change back. Placing the blame on others (Outer World) is very tempting, but just doesn’t work. Only changing our Inner World (cause) for the better, can bring a more positive world (effect). Improve the world, start with yourself is still the right way.

A good intention would be: start a Love Relation with your Inner World and the Outer World. For what can dissolve illusions, reduce chaos, transform negativity and move mountains? Love! With love the Inner World and Outer World not only can have quite an exciting relationship, but a wonderful one as well. That invites the Golden Age. We’ll have to do it ourselves. Preferably with love.

Inner World

Outer World

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