Man Woman Love, for living in the duality and New Age Relationships

Man Woman Love: 3 attunements for living in and with the duality

Man Woman Love: the 3 Man Woman Attunements

In the previous months I have added 3 new attunements, the Man Woman Love Attunements: Feminine Energy Love, Masculine Energy Love and Yin Yang Love. Three nice Love Attunements all around important themes: Man (Yang), Woman (Yin), Duality, Identity, Love, Relationships and Sexuality.

In the physical world in which we live, our body, especially during our puberty and adult years, has a great influence on our identity as a person. Influencing who we think we are, how we feel. Especially because of our gender, and with it our sexuality and sexual feelings. The fact that we are born as a man or a woman creates duality. And this in turn creates differences in identity. This identity again has a significant influence on how we experience our relationships, our lives and ourselves.

Identity and the illusionary fight between men and women

Nevertheless, it is important to determine this identity entirely by yourself. Fill in who or what you are, at any time. Also in relation with other people. Although we have a physical gender, we have as much masculine energy as feminine energy in us. And can therefore determine our own experiences.

The masculine energy represents the Divine Father, with all his wonderful qualities. The feminine energy represents the Divine Mother, with all her wonderful qualities. Every moment we can use from that whatever we like. Man Woman Love, love for the masculine and feminine in ourselves, conciliates opposites. In ourselves and outside ourselves. What we have suppressed in ourselves, through education, persuasion etc., we then project and fight outside ourselves. It is the illusions that the other (often the other sex) causes your problems, frustrations and feelings of discomfort. Love destroys this illusion.

Experiencing, understanding and loving each other’s energy

It isn’t only important to balance the masculine energy and the feminine energy outside ourselves (relations, contacts, outer world), but also inside ourselves. Although our physical gender is one-sided, the Kundalini with its masculine (Pingala) and feminine (Ida) energy channel indicates that our life force is two-sided. The feminine energy and masculine energy are sexual energies. But here the concept of sexuality is much broader than physical sex only. They are energies that play with each other, penetrate and encapsulate each other, change each other and together create something new.

That is why it is very important that each of us lovingly embraces the qualities of the other gender. Without neglecting the good qualities of his own gender. Become as a woman aware of your masculine energy. Become as a man aware of your feminine energy. Try to understand each other, try to love each other.

Table Masculine Energy – Feminine Energy

The table gives a number of examples of Masculine Energy (Yang) and Feminine Energy (Yin). It gives you an idea of how they relate to each other. This also makes it clear that everyone uses both energies. And that they form a unity together. You always choose when and how often you use the energy of the other sex or that of your own. Most people use the energy of their own sex the most. Nothing, however, prevents you from playing with these energies. Experience them in every detail and in every desired mix.

Masculine Energy – Yang Feminine Energy – Yin
Electric Magnetic
Outer World Inner World
Inhaling Exhaling
Thinking Feeling
Individuality Unity, Oneness
Motion Silence
Giving Receiving
Detail Whole
Form Essence
Logic Creativity
Power Wisdom
Stability Flexibility

Stepping over the threshold of gender and duality

There is a New Age arising for this world. There is a New Age arising for relationships. For how we interact with each other and with the masculine energy and the feminine energy. Step over the threshold of gender and duality. It is important to understand that when you join all good masculine and feminine energies, you are a God / Goddess, a Divine Being. So: don’t fight against the good qualities, because they are from the other side. Love them! Don’t be tempted to find the other side bad in any way so that you can feel better. Separation causes problems, love solves them.

As a woman, it is important to take responsibility for what you want. So that your masculine energy can bring it about. As a man, it is important that you experience what you have created with your feminine energy. So that you draw wisdom from it for improvements and future creations.

Man Woman Love: it is time for New Age Relationships

The New Age Relationships no longer have the intention to need each other and to take as much as possible from each other. New Age Relationships have the intention to give: love, trust, strength, protection, admiration… To support each other with the creation your soul desires. Giving in love, receiving in love.

When you feel love for the other outside you, you will also feel love for the same that is suppressed inside of you. What so much would like to be liberated. Then something beautiful can arise: Harmony, Love, Oneness. Feminine Energy Love helps to love all that is female. Masculine Energy Love supports and loves all that is male. Yin Yang Love gives love to their togetherness, allowing both sexual energies to function optimally and to play together deliciously. The Man Woman Love Attunements: 3 beautiful, complementary New Age attunements.

Feminine Energy Love

Masculine Energy Love

Yin Yang Love

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