The Spirituality Attunements, because your Spirit has so much to offer you


The Spirituality Attunements, because we are all spiritual beings

With the Spirituality Attunements you can give different aspects of our spirituality some extra attention. So we can develop ourselves spiritually more easily. The Spirituality Attunements help you to get aware of who you are, and the many possibilities you have.

We are a threefold being, consisting of Body, Mind and Soul. The Body stands for Doing, the Mind for Thinking, the Soul for Being. Soul or Spirit is the immortal part of our threefold being. Our Spirit has brought forth Body and Mind. So that we not only can be our Self, our Inner Being, but also experience our Self. So we are a spiritual being having a physical experience here on earth. This physical experience, however, becomes much more joyful and meaningful when our spirituality receives enough attention. Therefor giving us a lot more possibilities. The Spirituality Attunements like to help you with that.

The more spiritual development, the fewer worldly problems

This world is almost entirely focused on satisfying our physical needs and wishes. And whoever says world, in fact says economy. Economy has changed from a means into a goal. It has become the dictator of human action, generating many depressing experiences. As a result, 1% of the world’s population owns more than 90% of the world. An enormous abhorrence.

Many people still support this world, by their own choice or by force. But with many a light starts to light up. This world doesn’t work for the vast majority of people. And that 1% doesn’t have that intention either. The answer to many of the world’s problems cannot lie in yet more economic dictatorship. And even more deprivation of liberty and democratic erosion, by politicians and governments supporting that 1%. Problems arise because of a lack of spirituality. So solving problems can only be achieved through more spirituality.

The Spirituality Attunements, supporting your life goals

Our Spirit chose a physical life. Therefore it created a physical body with a personality. Exactly as was the intention to have the best possible experiences that it desires. So both are welcome. But if we live only from our body and personality, we become very sensitive to our ego. And with that to the illusions of this world. If we are a threefold being, all three parts should work together harmoniously. With Spirit as the guiding principle. That is, when we like to be able to live a meaningful life.

An important spiritual lesson to remember often is therefore: I have a body, but I am a soul. For whoever neglects his soul also neglects his life goals. The very purpose for which we started this physical life. The Spirituality Attunements are there to help you achieving your life goals more easily.

Meaningfulness, spiritual growth and Self-realization

Light Master Jesus said: Be in the world, but don’t be of this world. Freely translated: Don’t let the world dictate your experiences, stay your Self. Life on earth is particularly challenging and complex. But it also makes a lot of different experiences possible. And with that, great spiritual progress. If you live from your soul, then there is always respect for your body and personality. Then your whole being is in harmony. Then you feel you are valuable, and your life is meaningful.

A meaningful life means exploring and experiencing all your spiritual possibilities, in a physical context. Meaningfulness does not come about through doing (body), but through being (soul). The soul longs for the highest experience of itself. The goal of your Spirit is to be, to express and to experience Who You Really Are. In other words: Self-realization.

Grounding your Spirit with the Spirituality Attunements

It is very important that we will be really spiritual again. For sure now we are doing this ascension process. Let your spirit be really here too, grounding it fully. Let’s build this Golden Age, that will bring us so much joy and happiness. And a honest and enjoyable world that works for all. The Spirituality Attunements can be your help with that.

Like Consciousness, in fact the basis of every spiritual life. Or Grounding, Let Go and Let In, Compassion, and the unsurpassed Violet Ray (see also the Spiritual Package). Very important for your spiritual development is the cooperation with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self, together with your I AM Presence, is your divine help and support in all your physical lives. This cooperation is even easier with the Higher Self Package. The Spirituality Attunements offer you several beautiful and valuable attunements. No doubt you will find some nice ones for your spiritual development, too.

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