The Light Master Attunements, working together with our divine friends


Being connected with Heavenly Beings: the Light Masters Attunements

The Light Master Attunements are very special attunements. Because they give you the possibility to be connected with spiritually highly evolved creatures and their wonderful energy. You could call Light Masters or Ascended Masters Heavenly Beings. They became Masters of Light (and Masters of Love) by spiritually developing themselves further than we did. The Light Master Attunements give you the possibility to mirror their wonderful energy. Something that can be very valuable for anyone who takes their spiritual development seriously. And allowing your spirituality to mature much more thoroughly, but also much faster. Because the more you are connected with their high energy, the more easily you can incorporate it.

The Light Master Attunements are very useful when you would like to use the inviting hand of our spiritual friends. Because Light Masters like to share their Light and Love with anyone who seeks their help. They give healings and help you with many aspects of your spiritual life. These highly evolved beings are called Light Masters because they spread their Light (Consciousness), and often cooperate with each other. Like in the Great White Brotherhood. The female Light Masters or Lady Masters like Lady Nada and Mary Magdalene, are also part of the Light Master Attunements. Light Masters are also referred to by various other names:

  • Ascended Masters
  • Enlightened Masters
  • World Teachers
  • Spiritual Teachers
  • Masters of Wisdom

The Light Masters and the conditions on earth

Light Masters are Heavenly Beings that almost all have lived on earth. This makes that they know the earthly conditions very well. Therefore the Light Masters know the difficulties and pitfalls. That you can easily get lost, however good your intentions were when coming to earth. You are coming here for your soul, but so often get caught up by this world of ego. Forgetting your soul, in spite of all your good intentions.

The Light Masters know all that. They themselves often have been incarnated here several times. The Light Masters have had lives in which they were very well known. And they also may have had lives we know very little or nothing about. So in the Light Master Attunements you may see more than one earthly person in the same Light Master. Like Djwhal Khul, who was also Laozi and Confucius. Or El Morya, who was Abraham, King Arthur and the humanist Thomas More. And Saint Germain, who was Joseph (married with Mother Mary, father of Jesus), Christoffel Columbus and Francis Bacon (William Shakespeare).

Our most important spiritual task: ascension or awakening

The name Light Master tells us that Light Masters have already achieved what we still have to do: our personal ascension or awakening. We are now going to do this important spiritual task in a very special way: as a group and in our body. So without dying first. With the help of the Light Masters, Archangels, our Higher Self and I Am Presence. Therefore we have to learn to transform our ego world into a love world. The Light Master Attunements will help us with that.

The Light Masters have given their ego the supporting role for which it was always intended. So they were able to develop their soul, making ascension to the higher dimensions possible. To this they own the name Ascended Master. They have achieved mastership and work from the Light World. The Enlightened Masters transformed their carnal body into a Light Body. Which gives them many spiritual possibilities. As a result, Light Masters can for example be connected to and help many people at the same time. Wherever we are located. Or be at more than one place at the same time (bilocation).

The spiritual nobility of the Ascended Masters

What Light Masters make so attractive for many people is the spiritual nobility that they represent. They give us the feeling we are fine just as we are. They welcome everyone who likes to make spiritual progress. In them we see the beauty and magnificence we will develop ourselves too. So it’s a great pleasure that we may use their experience and possibilities. For our personal and shared spiritual development and manifesting a better world. For the ascension process we are now involved in. And for our return to full consciousness.

But also in the transformation of our ego. The development of positive character traits like Love, Gentleness, Grandness, Empathy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Wisdom … When we start to develop our Light Body or Merkabah. For physical and other forms of healing. In fact all a Light Worker and Love Worker serves. In the Light Master Attunements you will find the Light Masters and Lady Light Masters that will love to help you with your spiritual development.

The Light Master Attunements, the welcome help from the divine spheres

The Light Master Attunements are a very attractive way to get divine help. They who know so much and are so good at what they do, what we still are learning. Their very welcome help can make that process much easier for us. That’s why I can highly recommend the Light Master Attunements.

So the question is: what would you like to learn? And what would you like to change about yourself as a person? In what way do you like to grow spiritually? Very important for your choice is: to whom do you feel attracted? Your heart will whisper it to you. And who knows, maybe you will build up a very nice friendship and love bond with the Light Master(s) of your choice. Just regard them as our beloved Divine Friends. Because their heart will be warm with Love for everyone who asks their help. And the more you are connected to the Light Masters, the more blessings will come your way.


Djwhal Khul

El Morya



Kuan Yin


Lady Nada

Mary Magdalene

Mother Mary

Saint Germain

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