The Love Attunements, to give several aspects of yourself more love

The Love Attunements: experiencing the brilliance and glory of love

Love, the superb diamond with the thousand facets

The Love Attunements help you to better let your love flow in various areas of your life. To give various aspects of your life the necessary positive energy and freedom of action. With the Love Attunements you can let your love flow there, where it doesn’t do that enough now.

Love is in fact the energy we feel when we live at our peak. If everything runs smoothly and we feel great about ourselves and about the world around us. Love knows many aspects, many forms in which it shows itself. It is a diamond with a thousand facets, and every facet is equally magnificent. When you give a certain aspect of yourself plenty love, this aspect feels totally welcome. And because love works contagiously, you also help others to give more love to this facet of themselves.

The Love Attunements: giving Love, receiving Love

The love you give someone else gives that person the feeling to be totally welcome. The love you receive from someone else gives you the feeling you are just good as you are. That is why love is so valuable, because love only knows winners. And that’s why it is so good to pay attention to Love. And where in your life it could grow a bit more.

The Love Attunements can help you to give some aspects of yourself some extra love support. To let some aspects of your Love Diamond shine and sparkle some more. Love gives to everything it touches brilliance and glory. Are there facets of your life that could use some extra radiance? Then you might see if the Love Attunements have some nice Love Energies that could help you with that.

Lovelessness … or do you prefer Unconditional Love?

How different is that with the opposite of love. Lovelessness only knows losers. It doesn’t work and it cannot work. Some losers who still fancy themselves winners, only need more time to get aware that lovelessness does not work. That a lack of love brings yourself and the persons you come in contact with only unpleasant experiences.

Love knows only winners because it always gives: the receiver as well as the one who gives. In fact this is really magic: when you give love, you yourself feel that love as well. The love doubles. It doesn’t take away anything from anyone as lovelessness, in whatever form, does do. Moreover, love is the greatest feeling there is. Love embraces, connects, empowers, acknowledges, lets free and makes One. Love is unlimited, love doesn’t need anything, and love is the most natural thing there is. And real love naturally is Unconditional Love.

The Love Attunements, when you are looking for several forms of love

Are you looking for love in general, than the attunement Source of Love would be the best option. This is the Mother where all these Love Attunements are made with. But are you looking for love in a certain area of your life, then with the Love Attunements you are exactly right.

Self Love is a recommendation for every person, it gives you a wonderful feeling and makes you also stronger. Self Love is also part of the Higher Self Package. Love Relations is a gift to yourself, your partner and your other loved ones. Anticipation Love is a jewel that you can use in 1001 situations. Do your choices and decisions often cause unpleasant experiences, then Love Choices is the one for you. And what would you think about Love Touches … Doesn’t that one sound wonderful? Give yourself a beautiful present, give yourself some Love Attunements. And please share love generously with everyone you meet.

Anticipation Love

Feminine Energy Love

Love Choices

Love for Life

Love for Mother Earth

Love Relations

Love Touches

Self Love

Yin Yang Love

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