The Healing Attunements, back to your Divinity

The Healing Attunements: back to your Divinity, back to Oneness

Come into contact with your Self, with the Healing Attunements

The Healing Attunements help you to seek the connection, to feel the Unity or Oneness and to integrate that into your life. In the verb to Heal you can hear the word Whole. Healing not only means restoring one’s health, but also making Whole or One. Healing is also related to words like hail, that was used to wish someone a good health, and prosperity or happiness. And to the word holy. Concepts that express Health, Wholeness, Invulnerability, Purity, Perfection and Excellence.

The Healing Attunements are made to reconnect with different aspects of your Self. With What You Really Are. And therefore also with the possibilities that you have in you, so that you can live what you are. Your Wholeness. Because the more you can be your Self, the more satisfaction you will feel about who you are and what you do.

Separation calls for healing

When Healing is meant, the opposite of Unity or Oneness is separation. Separation means that you do not recognize yourself in the other person. Or what is in some way different than you. Separation may be caused by differences in gender, age, culture, religion, ethnicity, social status, beliefs and much more. Overly emphasizing differences is exactly why separation occurs. By classification into different groups. By seeing yourself as better, worthier, more righteous as the one you so to speak pushed away from you. With whom you no longer feel One, with whom you lost the connection.

By separation, a whole loses its order. And it creates something that has lost its cohesion. It can become a form of disorder or chaos. And be the cause of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, aloofness, quarreling, discord and illness. Healing tries to bring back the cohesion, that keeps everything in harmony. Just like the Healing Attunements do that, each in their own field.

Illusions and separation, a close couple

Separation is one of the biggest illusions. An important form of separation is caused by our body. Because of the space between our body and the bodies of others. Where the soul includes all there is, the body is something that feels separate. It can give you the feeling that it is in danger, and should be protected. Our body may not get what it needs (hunger, thirst etc.) and is mortal.

Another important illusion is that we are our body. Instead of being a soul having a temporary physical experience. Or that there is not enough for everyone. So it is justified to harm others to protect yourself and to keep yourself alive. Or the illusion that some of us are better than others (superiority). But also that there is death, that life is finite. There are many illusions. They are all created by our ego and they are the cause of innumerable problems. This is where my attunements, including the Healing Attunements, try to give a good answer to.

Seeing the illusions in the right light, with the Healing Attunements

The Healing Attunements are made for reducing separation, and seeking the connection. To see the illusions in the right light so they can dissolve into thin air. And to transform blockages so that the life energy can flow optimally again. The Healing Attunements help to give our ego the subservient role that it should have.

Make your soul again the center of your being, the soul that you always are and always will be. The only constant in all your lives, and the one you can always fall back on. Would you live from your soul, then you would know that we are all One. And that there is only One of us, that we call God, Allah, The Source etc. Then many fears, like the fear of death, will disappear from your life. And healing would no longer be necessary.

The Healing Attunements, healing different parts of yourself

The Healing Attunements offer healing for several aspects of ourselves. Kinds of Healing are for instance making the parts of our energy system function and work together better. Empowering your personality, so it will become less sensitive to your ego. Helping you to do the things in life you came here for. Or to let the playfulness and joy of your soul flourish again through your Inner Child.

Also very important: to recognize that what you think, just like what you say and do is important for your life. After all the Law of Attraction tells us: the energy you give to the world you will get back as experience. That thoughts, words and actions that are healed will lead to better and therefore more pleasant experiences. Healing is nothing else than going back towards your divinity. And that is always a good idea to work on.

Energy System Healing

Healing Thoughts

Healing Words

Healing Actions

Inner Child Healing

Personality Healing

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